Considering how “Old Markiplier” could actually formulate an original joke in his head, didn’t rely on memes and dick jokes 90% of the time, was humble and didn’t waste everyone’s time kissing his muscles and his own ass for 60% of video run time, and never bailed on a promised charity livestream to go hang out with his girlfriend, I’d say to watch your mouth and give “him” the respect he’s due.

You keep bullshitting on about how you don’t understand what people are talking about when they say they miss “Old Markiplier”, and that they’re complaining just because they’re “the haturz”, but I keep seeing detailed and well thought out grievances against the derailment you and the channel have gone through, which leads me to the conclusion that you’re willfully ignoring what they say because a re-alignment would require you to take the channel off of autopilot and actually give a shit about the games you play and the people who spend time, talent, and money on your spoiled, lazy ass.

Close your mouth, open your ears, and fix the shit you knocked over while you were traipsing around and worshiping yourself.

…Oh…oh I think I’m going to be sick.

…Is he?…

EDIT: Nope, false alarm. My avatar’s not going to be changing. For a split second, there was hope.

I’ll need to watch that again to try to figure out what he was talking about.

First he used everyone as a personal job hunt for Jess, then Tyler, and I’m betting Amy’s next. He won’t give the fans the time of day, but expects them to be a personal army to bail his friends out of trouble at the drop of a hat. I’m sorry, Mark. That’s just not how having a community works.

It’s Class-S cringe because the fangirls have gone above his head and are interacting with her directly, and she with them. Everyone knows about her, and she has actively put herself in the spotlight to be known, as well as directly talks about her relationship with him, but he’s still pretending nothing is going on.