The Queenmaker

Arianne Martell arrived with Drey and Sylva just as the sun was going down.

Garin had arrived a few hours earlier, and the knight Gerold Dayne called Darkstar the day before.

“It is lovely here,” Drey observed as he was helping Garin water the horses.

“My uncle brought me here, with Tyene and Sarella.” The memory made Arianne smile. “He caught some vipers and showed Tyene the safest way to milk them for their venom.”

Arianne watched Darkstar warily. If there was a handsomer man in Dorne, she did not know him.

"Forgive me, princess,” said Garin softly, “but I do not like that man.”

“We need his sword and castle,” Arianne reminded them.

Dayne stepped forward.

“Crowning the Lannister girl is a hollow gesture. She will never sit the Iron Throne. The lion is not so easily provoked.“

"The lion’s dead. Who knows which cub the lioness prefers?”

“You don’t start wars with a crown of gold, but with a blade of steel”, said Darkstar.

They were interrupted by the arrival of Ser Arys and the Princess Myrcella.

Drey went to one knee before her. "Your Grace.”

“My lady liege.” Spotted Sylva knelt beside him.

“My queen, I am your man.” Garin dropped to both knees.

Confused, Myrcella clutched Arys Oakheart by the arm. “Why do they call me Grace? Ser Arys, what is this place, and who are they?”

Arianne moved forward. “They are my true and loyal friends, Your Grace.“

"Why do they call me queen? Did something bad happen to my brother?”

“He fell in with evil men, Your Grace,” Arianne said, “and I fear they have conspired with him to steal your throne.”

“My throne? You mean, the Iron Throne? He never stole that, Tommen is …”

“… younger than you, surely? That means the Iron Throne by rights is yours,”

The moon had crowned the Moonmaid as they set out from the dust-dry ruins of Shandystone, striking south and west. Drey had wanted a larger party, but that might have attracted unwelcome attention, and every additional man doubled the risk of betrayal.

They found the boat half a league downstream, hidden beneath the drooping branches of a great green willow. Arianne saw no one. Where is her crew? she wondered.

The door on the poleboat slammed open. 

Out into the sunlight stepped Areo Hotah, longaxe in hand.

This was not supposed to happen. “Away!” she cried, vaulting back into the saddle. “Arys, protect the princess—”

“Yield, my princess,” the captain called, “else we must slay all but the child and yourself”

Ser Arys Oakheart put his horse between Arianne and the crossbows.

"You will not take her whilst I still draw breath.”

Suddenly, Darkstar turned horse against his own people, riding towards Myrcella. Arianne saw is sword moving to the girl’s face….

Arys rode headlong for the poleboat, his white cloak streaming behind him. Arianne Martell had never seen anything half so gallant, or half so stupid. “Noooo,” she shrieked. 

But Arys struggled to his knees beside his dying horse …

…and found Areo Hotah standing over him.

She heard Areo Hotah roar, “After Darkstar. He must not escape. After him!” Myrcella was on the ground, wailing, shaking, her pale face in her hands, blood streaming through her fingers. Arianne did not understand.

It was all over. Areo Hotah came to her. “Your father said I must bring you back to Sunspear,” he announced. “I am sorry, little princess.”

George RR Martin: A Feast for Crows Chapter 21 (The Queenmaker)- shortened

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So my Philosophy professor cancelled class today so we’d go and vote, but since I can’t (not American), I did this in the meantime.

In the past there have been many perfect Wonder Women, in my head at least. Lynda Carter of course, but also dream picks like Lucy Lawless. I partnered with the amazing rickcelis to create my perfect Wonder Woman cast for right now. Check it out!

Lupita Nyong’o as Diana Prince / Wonder Woman

For the main role of Diana I wanted someone likable, beautiful beyond belief, and resilient and that for me is Lupita. She’s young, charming, and won’t back down from any task, no matter how difficult. The majority of script believability would be handled with this one piece of casting. (alt.: Gugu Mbatha-Raw or Danai Gurira)

Viola Davis as Queen Hippolyta

I came thiiiiiiis close to going with Gina Torres, especially once Viola was cast as Amanda Waller, but Viola just exudes regal to me - and a dreamcast doesn’t have to have cinematic universe continuity. She has the warmth needed as a mother and the ferocity necessary as a warrior queen, and to see her go toe to toe with anyone I would dare write into her scenes would be the ultimate pleasure. (alt.: Gina Torres or Erika Alexander)

Quvenzhané Wallis as Donna Troy / Wonder Girl

For the choice of Diana’s sometime-sister and most-of-the-time-whatever-the-writers-need-her-to-be, I picked the luminous Quvenzhané Wallis. She is (like the others) a fantastic award-winning and Oscar-nominated actress and not only can she sport her natural hair and make it appear as the crown it was rooted to be, because of her continuing evolution as an actress who is so rooted at her young age, it will be fantastic to see her cinematic journey from Wonder Girl to Troia. (alt.: China Anne McClain or Amandla Stenberg)


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