darkskinned model


Beautiful unedited shots from my shoot with Hawa’s Boutique

You guys always ask me where to find wraps so feel free to visit https://www.etsy.com/shop/HawasBoutique

Photographer ( instagram ) @willpowerphotos
My personal instagram @_locstarrr

My first job was working at Ralphs Grocery.. When I would go in my break I would get food from the service deli. A beautiful woman named Ms.Sharon worked there & would always tell me “You know dark chocolate is good for your heart.” We would share a laugh & a smile every time because I knew she was talking about my skin color 🖤 I don’t think I’ve been more in love with my skin color than I have these past few years!
Also shoutout to the fact that this is film so there is no editing this just me sitting in the shade & skin looks like the little boy from moonlight. Happy about that, wow. Photo by @jorgannelsen ! Happy Blackout Guys! Instagram: Jessiridescent ✨