I’m happy to finally have the time to finish the second half of my tribute to the next chapter of the Star Wars saga: Episode VII! This time I have created the work after watching the film (a hundred or more times by now), and I’m glad my first design might appropriately fit some themes that might be explored in the these movies.

My concept for the “Awakened” series is all about balance. Both characters have powerful ties to the light side and dark side of the Force. I’m very excited to see both Rey and Kylo’s story arcs and what will happen in the next two episodes, as well as all the great things to come from Star Wars!  


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“Hi, this is my story. Not a happy one but hope you’ll. Once upon a time thete was a girl. A beautiful, absent-minded, always happy girl who was my best friend. I met her at kindergarten and we immediately became friends. We had minor arguments sometimes but I felt fantastic with her even in those moments. She lived in my town so we could meet whenever we wanted to which meant almost all the time. She knew everything about me and understood me and so did I. Those years were the happiest of my life and I didn’t even know. One day she felt so sick her parents had to take her to the hospital. Something very bad was going on, I knew it when they told me to visit her immediately. We were both 16. I spent all my time with her in the hospital. She looked tired and ill and I was sure she felt horrible but she never told. Finally, they let her go home and I was happy as hell. One year later her condition worsened from one day to another. She got into the hospital again and stayed there longer than ever before. She was ill - my best friend had a very serious, very rare illness and I couldn’t visit her. The last thing she told me was “I’m eating”. She went to finish her dinner but never could. She got stroke. They couldn’t save her. Her mom called mine who told me the bad news. I was just sitting there and couldn’t even move. Couldn’t look at mom and couldn’t breathe normally. I felt my heart breaking and heard a loud voice in my head telling me “ This is not happening. It can’t be. It’s not true. She’s lying.” Suddenly mom hugged me and I felt nothing. It was my hollow body she was hugging, my mind was far away in the hospital with the girl who was cheerful all the time and loved me for who I was. And since then I still don’t feel anything. It happened almost 3 years ago and I couldn’t make any friends, I can’t tell my thoughts to anyone just her grave, not sure if ahe hears me or not. And I’m still thinking about why it all happened. And I have no idea why.”