darkseid's elite

My Take On Darseid's Elite

With this group finished that marks the end of my DC art project. I wanted to end with something big and so I went with Darkseid.


There’s not much need to change Darkseid’s design. My only real changes were giving him trousers instead of shorts and coloured his belt gold (the influence here being the Amalgam universe’s Thanoseid).


A very drastic redesign. I altered his origin to work better as a follower of Darkseid so I took a different direction with his design. While drawing his bones I decided they looked cooler as an exoskeleton, then having decided this I took some influence from the Armoured Titan from Attack on Titan.

Granny Goodness

Mixed a few of her designs together. Her darker skin tone comes from a few images of her when she was younger (and bald).


I mixed a few of his comic designs with his DCAU design. I drew his eyebrows like Flash Gordon’s Ming the Merciless when I started noticing similarities between their designs.


Most of his costumes are similar but with different colour schemes. I modeled his face after Orcs (Elder Scrolls and Tolkien film Orcs to be exact).

And that’s all of them. A smaller group than usual but most of Darkseid’s followers have pretty boring designs so I went with the main ones and added Doomsday. That is also the end of this project, I’ll draw more DC characters again but for now I’m going to focus on a new project and a few more pieces of art without a theme.

Art Projects

My Take On DC
1. Super Family
2. Bat Family
3. Amazons
4. Flash Family
5. Rogues of Gotham
6. Titans
7. Justice League
8. Legion of Doom
9. Justice League International
10. Rogues of Metropolis
11. Future Bat Family
12. Green Lanterns of Earth
13. Green Lantern Corps
14. Sinestro Corps
15. Blue Lantern Corps
16. Red Lantern Corps
17. Star Sapphire Corps
18. Orange Lantern Corps
19. Indigo Tribe
20. Outsiders
21. Birds of Prey
22. Justice League United
23. Darkseid’s Elite


Granny Goodness: Surrender, Amazon. 

Wonder Woman: Barda! 

Gilotina: Surrender now, or the bitch dies. 

Big Barda: No, Diana, let them kill me. Never surrender. 

Granny Goodness: Imagine how pleased Darkseid will be. Why settle for some girl who fell to Earth when I can deliver to him the champion of the Amazons.

-”Superman/Batman: Apocalypse”