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For my fiancée, and the other half of LikeHell Design, I surprised Jordan with a drawing of her Mini Cooper S for Christmas.

She’s real pleased with it, as I am too. Drawing black cars requires a different approach with using fills of colour and focusing on the shines and reflections to stand in replacement of hard key strokes.

Its been a tough one but I’ve learnt a lot for future black cars.

Shout out to Ben at Ben MacRae Photography for the reference photo to draw from.

The new IWGP Intercontinental Champion, Kenny Omega (w/ The Young Bucks)
[February 14th, 2016]

Today at NJPW’s The New Beginning In Niigata, Kenny Omega was crowned the new IWGP Intercontinental Champion. With a little help from The Young Bucks, Omega defeated Hiroshi Tanahashi in a near-half hour battle to win the gold. The Young Bucks posted the following photo, along with the caption: We always got your back Kenny. Even if we have to hide under a ring for 25 minutes.

My Selection Series Reread Plan:

The Selection -> March 14th - March 22nd

(March 23rd - day to cry)

The Elite -> March 24th - April 1st

(April 2nd - day to cry)

The One -> April 3rd - April 11th

(April 12th - day to cry)

The Novella’s -> April 13th - April 21st

(April 22nd - day to cry)

The Heir -> April 23rd - May 1st

(May 2nd - day to really really cry)

The Crown -> May 3rd

(May the 4th be with us all because I’ll be crying for the rest of my life)

ok but reincarnation soul mates, who when you meet, or at certain points in any lifetime you get glimpses of memories from other lives so like you’d just be walking home from some party late at night with calum and his arm would be gently draped over your shoulder he’d laugh at something you said, and looking up at him with his head thrown back and suddenly you’d catch a glimpse of calum in your first life together, entertaining a group of men at some large, extravagant party, throwing his head back with the other men while you simply watched him for a moment before turning back to your friends and your drinks. But you’d just smile because these moments never seem to ground you back to why you love him.

for blazedmike and ashtonsflannels (squad up am i rite ladies?) soulmate!5sos night