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Books that inspired Batman V Superman!

This is coming way too late but this post is just a couple of books that I noticed have similarities to scenes in BVS. These books are in chronological order from when they were released.

I always recommend this book to first-time comic fans.  I read it when I first started reading and I barely knew any of the characters but once I saw them I knew which ones I wanted to learn more about.  I’m including this book because of Barry Allen’s cameo where he appears to be time-travelling to give Bruce a message.  In this book there is a similar scene (Barry time-travels and Bruce sees him).  Also this book is just such a classic and essential reading for any DC fan.

It should be obvious by now that Zach Snyder is a big Frank Miller fan.  The whole concept that Batman is older (40 years old) is a nod to this book (in the book he’s 50, in main continuity he’s 30).  There are many shots that are recreations of panels from this book.  Some of them include; Batman holding that rifle that shot a tracer at the docks; Batman jumping to avoid getting hit by Doomsday’s heat vision looks exactly like a cover to one of these issues; Superman turning sickly after being hit with a nuke only to heal after sunbathing; And of course the big fight between Batman and Superman.

These two books are essentially the last 30 minutes of the movie.  Not much to say here except Dan Jurgens is honestly one of the best Superman writers at DC.  He just really understands the character.

This is the Dawn of Justice part of the movie.  Mainly just Cyborg’s new origin though.

This story is insane and so glad it’s not canon to main continuity.  Despite how outrageous it is this is still a good story.  I’m including this because of Bruce’s nightmare where he dreams that Lois dies and Superman rules over the wasteland that once was Earth.  Also Darkseid might actually be ruling and Superman might just be a high-ranking general. Who maybe is also under the influence of the Anti-Life Equation.  I don’t know that scene was very vague.  The premise of the book is that Lois dies and Superman takes over the world where his world government is referred to as “the Regime”.  I am loving this series and I can’t recommend it enough.