Steven has some serious trust issues and has done some serious drinking at the bar. 

Emily, his girlfriend, has unknown whereabouts and won’t respond to any of Steven’s alcohol-fueled and accusatory texts.

George Packard, an ex-government engineer and fellow bar patron, claims to have the solution: a machine that promises to link the couple in a permanent, unconventional way. 

Steven isn’t sure that Emily will agree to his selfish designs. Though, if they truly are soul mates, Steven’s sure he’s allowed to take some liberties …

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the method to monarch programming

“2. BETA -This is a combination of Alpha ; "logic” programming and Beta primordial (primitive mind) sex programming. This programming eliminates learned moral convictions and stimulates the primitive sexual instincts devoid of inhibitions. This training Program (usually for women) is for developing the “ultimate prostitute”…a sex machine. This is the most used (by the abusers knowledgeable of the Project Monarch) program. Children of knowledgeable persons are being preconditioned through incest and “sold” into the conspiracy for additional Beta conditioning to eventually satisfy the bizarre perversions of politicians, bankers, drug lords, or anyone deemed valuable to the conspiracy.“

about to go get some darkscience and smoke a cigar that i got from sandusky bay cigars yesterday

work sucked today, first truck was late, so i ate lunch later than what i like to, then my second truck was way earlier than normal so that was good, then at like 1:30 we had 300+ veterans stop in and eat, that was hell. by then it was time to go. 

so i’m gonna try and find long island ice tea mix so i don’t have to buy all of the liquors and smoke this cigar