Scarabaei II

I had planned on doing some printing today but ended up staring at the wall instead not particularly in the mood for anything else but being depressed. Then, I started roaming through my shelves and found a book with flower pedals I collected, pressed and dried two years ago before life had me distracted.

Recycled Lith-print slighty hand-tinted & complemented with pressed flower pedals


Old school B&W darkroom photography at its finest!

The comparison images reveal the enormous amount of attention that Pablo Inirio, the master darkroom printer who works at Magnum Photos‘ New York headquarters, gives to photos in the darkroom.

The lines and circles reveal the printer’s strategies for dodging and burning the image under the enlarger, with numbers scattered throughout the image to note different exposure times.

Let’s hear it for gorgeous, wonderfully contrast-y OG photos!


Tokyo, home

Print washing in my kitchen.Half size series.







Darkroom print #451

Lomo LC-A, Ilford Pan 400
Ultrafine VC Elite 5x7 by colourful life

These are the few pictures from the 2 test rolls of the LC-A I bought.  And soon after developed, I found the camera has  light leak problem.  After quickly tested 2 rolls in one day.  I have returned to the owner and got the refund fortunately.  I ordered another one from ebay this time.  Should received my 2nd LC-A very soon.