Leap of Faith 2005

Any part of an individuals system of beliefs (religious, spiritual, scientific or otherwise) can be argued back through a supportive chain of reasoning, like climbing down a set of stairs, each step supporting the ones above. At some stage you come to the last stair, a point where there is no argument (logical or otherwise) to support this embryonic belief.
At this point a Leap of Faith must be made. -  Garth Knight



Old school B&W darkroom photography at its finest!

The comparison images reveal the enormous amount of attention that Pablo Inirio, the master darkroom printer who works at Magnum Photos‘ New York headquarters, gives to photos in the darkroom.

The lines and circles reveal the printer’s strategies for dodging and burning the image under the enlarger, with numbers scattered throughout the image to note different exposure times.

Let’s hear it for gorgeous, wonderfully contrast-y OG photos!


Photoshop Master - Michal Karcz aka Karezoid

Michal Karcz aka Karezoid (featured previously) born in 1977 in Warsaw, Poland is a photographer and graphic designer who graduated from the High School of Art in Warsaw and then from Advertising School. It was at this time that his interest for photography grew. He therefore studied all the techniques: traditional, darkroom, negative developing, analogue printing. He currently works successfully as a freelance photographer and graphic designer in his own studio.

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