Old school B&W darkroom photography at its finest!

The comparison images reveal the enormous amount of attention that Pablo Inirio, the master darkroom printer who works at Magnum Photos‘ New York headquarters, gives to photos in the darkroom.

The lines and circles reveal the printer’s strategies for dodging and burning the image under the enlarger, with numbers scattered throughout the image to note different exposure times.

Let’s hear it for gorgeous, wonderfully contrast-y OG photos!


Tokyo, home

Print washing in my kitchen.Half size series.






This is a particularly special print/ image for me as it was the first time I really understood light, and the second time I got to shoot Melissa - who should be a model in the art world. She’s so open, effortlessly beautiful and sensual, and has the most beautiful smile and heart. I feel really fortunate to have been able to photograph her at such a point in my photography, and this image changed the way I shot and who I chose to photograph.

Thankyou again, Melissa, for being such a bright human. I hope we get to shoot again.

Because of the fact that I love this image so much and it’s my only one, I’m jacking the price. That’s right, I’m jacking the price on emotional attachment to the print.

$220, free shipping anywhere.

It’s printed on 8x10 paper
measurements of image 6 ½ x 9 ½

email me@meagansample.com 

boosts appreciated


Darkroom print #451

Lomo LC-A, Ilford Pan 400
Ultrafine VC Elite 5x7 by colourful life

These are the few pictures from the 2 test rolls of the LC-A I bought.  And soon after developed, I found the camera has  light leak problem.  After quickly tested 2 rolls in one day.  I have returned to the owner and got the refund fortunately.  I ordered another one from ebay this time.  Should received my 2nd LC-A very soon.