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quite simple (jon snow au)

smdh where are all my jon snow babes???? have this cute college!au ;) (w: naked jon but not w too much description but still naked jon)

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“I let you have a few sheets of darkroom photo paper, to pay me back you offered to model privately for my Studio Photography assignment” ft Jon Snow (@dailyau)

“Thank you so much for the photo paper, Y/N,” Jon smiles at you and your heart almost bursts out of your chest at the rare sight.

“I’m happy to be able to help out a fellow photo student,” you chuckle and his heart melts, the pitter patter loud enough to deafen him.

“And I am happy to help you. How would you like me to pose for you?” He stands in the corner of your studio where the sun hit his perfectly curly locks and he had to close his eyes to maintain his eyesight.

“Preferably a way that you could keep your eyes open,” you tease him and he blushes, turning back to you with a smile on his face.

“Is this better?” He walks over to a slightly shadowy part of the room where the sun just barely missed him but he could still bask in its glow.

“That’s perfect, love, thank you,” you walk over to him and hand him a robe. “Are you ready to change out of your clothes?”

“Yes,” he nods, barely able to keep the blush off his cheeks.

“If you’re ever uncomfortable or need a break or get a cramp or something, please tell me. I’m here to help you as much as you are here to help me, yes?” You look up at him and he nods, a gentle smile on his face.

“Yes, ma’am. I’ll be right back,” Jon nods at you and makes his way to the portion of your studio that was hidden from the public eye.

You take a second to collect yourself, readying your camera and reminding yourself that Jon was doing this as a favor to you, nothing more. You remind yourself that Jon is one of the few good friends you have and you can’t–

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“I’m ready when you are, darling,” you hear Jon whisper from behind you, taking his spot and readying himself.

You take a deep breath and try to prepare yourself for the sight of his nude body. You, of course, have perfect timing because as soon as you look back, he takes off the robe. You feel your breath hitch in your throat and you know that nothing you could’ve done would have prepared you for the sight before you. Everyone knew Jon Snow was a handsome fucker, but tonight you get to experience it first hand.

“I-is everything okay?” Jon whispers, his cheeks a bright red now as you clear your throat.

“Sorry,” you chuckle and pull yourself together before making your way over to him. “You’re a lot more handsome than I anticipated.”

“Thank you. You’re quite beautiful yourself, love,” he smiles at you as you push his hair out of his face and tilt him in your favor.

“Tonight is all about you, we’ll worry about me another time,” you wink at him and graze your fingers down the side of his face, an odd bit of confidence surging through you. “I want to capture your elegance, your rugged features, your beautiful mess of locks, your pretty distracting abdomen. We’re gonna make the world fall in love with you.”

“And you?” He whispers, turning his head to face you as he momentarily forgets the project.

“What about me?”

“How does one go about making you fall in love with them?” He stands up, brushing his bare chest against yours.

“It’s quite simple really. You have to be Jon Snow.”


Untitled by Lotta Valente
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Contact print from rollei 112 silver gelatin paper negative.

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kc+ “I let you have a few sheets of darkroom photo paper, to pay me back you offered to model privately for my Studio Photography assignment” AU

Let’s treat this one as being in the same universe as the previous one that I just wrote. Rated M, consider yourselves warned.

“Hey.” She goes up on tip toe to press a gentle kiss to her boyfriend’s jaw line.

Klaus smiles at her, wrapping an arm around her shoulders and pressing his lips into her hair. He’d been staring moodily at the corkboard filled with his photographs for a solid five minutes now and she still couldn’t figure out what was wrong with him.

“What can I do for you?” He asks quietly, turning his gaze back to the board.

“Can I borrow a few sheets of photo paper please?” She asks innocently as he turns that intense gaze on her. She loves it when he’s in the zone like this.

“Let me guess sweetheart, you chose your rent over photography supplies again.” Klaus quips knowingly as she rolls her eyes. “There’s some in my bag. Take whatever you need.” He adds with a kind smile.

“Thanks. Is there anything I can do to pay you back?”

Usually Klaus waves her off with a smile and a no but the strange look on his face is one that usually spells out trouble for her.

“Actually there might be something that you can help me with.” He begins hesitantly. “But only if you want to.”

“Of course.” She replies immediately.

Klaus takes her hand, running a thumb over the back of it.

“I have an assignment for studio photography. It’s fairly open to interpretation, but the theme I was given was ‘ecstasy’” Klaus pronounces lightly.

“Okay. What does it involve?” She asks curiously, because Klaus was nothing if not creative when it came to his assignments.

Klaus presses a brief kiss to her lips.

“How about you come around tonight and I’ll talk you through it? If you’re willing we can start then.”

“Okay.” She remarks with a laugh. “Do you need me to bring anything?”

Klaus looks thoughtful for only a second before replying.

“Just your gorgeous self. And some sexy lingerie.”


It’s with some trepidation that she knocks on the door to Klaus’ place. Similar to Bonnie, he was renting out a gorgeous loft space with plenty of space and light.

Klaus opens the door, pulling her into a kiss immediately.

“Hi beautiful. Thanks for coming.”

“Of course.” She replies, letting him help her with her coat. She smiles at his sharp intake of breath as he spots the tight silk and lace dress that she’s wearing, the heels that she’d paired it with making her legs look a mile long.

“You look gorgeous. Can I get you something to eat or drink?” Klaus asks, tugging her gently towards the lavish double bed. She blinks in surprise at the crisp white sheets, used to seeing blue plaid or even black.

“I’m good. Now tell me, what did you have in mind for your shoot?” She asks coyly, walking her fingers up his chest. He catches them with a somewhat regretful smile.

“Not a lot if you keep doing that sweetheart.” He says with a soft laugh. He takes a giant step back, putting some distance between them.

“Tell me.” She commands, perching on the edge of the bed and crossing one leg over the other. Klaus’ eyes widen as her dress rides up at the movement.

Klaus clears his throat and begins to talk. Her eyes widen slightly at what he has planned, tasteful shots of her in the throes of passion, dressed in lingerie and stretched out on his bed.

“Will anyone see these?” She asks, because yeah, it’s sort of a legitimate question.

“Just Meredith.” He replies immediately, referring to their lecturer.

She arches a single eyebrow but nods her assent.

“And how do you propose to capture me ‘in the throes of passion’ if you’re behind the camera?” She asks curiously.

“With this actually.” He produces the mini vibrator and the remote control from his back pocket.

Being with Klaus had sort of been like a sexual awakening for her. She had a vibrator in the bottom drawer of her nightstand, and used it regularly enough, but it had been Klaus that had introduced toys to their sex life, and she hadn’t complained a bit.

He’d used dildos and vibrators on her, and she’d explored her wilder side with some roleplay and some more daring lingerie. It had made her more confident, both in bed and out of it.

“Are you game?” Klaus asks challengingly, and her lips curl into a smile as she stands, sauntering over to him and plucking the mini vibrator from his hand.

“Hell yeah I’m game.”


She eyes herself off in the mirror, unzipping her dress and letting it pool at her feet. She contemplates taking her heels off but decides against it. They do make her legs look amazing.

She’d decided on red and black lace, embracing her vampier side with a plunging cleavage and barely there panties. She had several more sets in her bag, in case Klaus decided that he wanted another colour on her.

She fingers the mini vibrator gently, shivering in anticipation at the possible pleasure that it might bring. She and Klaus hadn’t experimented with this particular type yet, Klaus preferring to be more hands on when they’re in bed together.

Without a second thought she nestles the vibrator in her panties, making sure that it pressed up against her clit.

She gets to witness Klaus stunned into silence when she finally steps out of the bathroom and back into the loft. It’s not often that he’s caught off surprise, and he swallows audibly as she crosses the short distance to perch on the end of the bed.

“Where do you want me?” She asks with a wicked grin as she perches on the edge of the bed once more.

“Laying back against the pillows.” Klaus replies roughly. “Shoes off.” He adds, almost as an afterthought.

She does as she is bid, kicking off her black heels and arranging her hair over Klaus’ pillow. Klaus hops up onto the bed next to her, kneeling over her as he holds a light meter next to her head. She nips at his wrist playfully as he smiles at her.

“Perfect.” He murmurs to himself as he stares down at her. “You look amazing.” He adds.

“Well you better hurry up and take these photographs.” She remarks playfully, yawning into her fist. “Your bed is so comfy I might just fall asleep.”

Klaus just shakes his head.

“Oh sweetheart. Trust me, there’ll be plenty of time for sleep once we’re through.”


“It begins with a gentle but insistent buzzing against her clit. It’s not enough to make her hips rocket off the bed just yet, but it’s still pleasant. She stretches her arms over her head and lets out a content sigh, totally ignoring the soft click of the camera.

“Spread your legs for me Caroline.” Klaus murmurs. She complies, running a gentle hand over her breasts, toying with the lace and silk covering her mounds.

Another two clicks.

“God you look gorgeous. All spread out and waiting for me.” Klaus murmurs as he points the lens of the camera at her torso, clicking away. He reaches into his pocket and fumbles with the remote.

“Well you better hurry up so you can join me.” She gasps out at the change of rhythm against her clit, legs snapping shut as she arches her back.

“Soon.” Klaus promises. “are you okay?” He asks gently.

She nods, unable to form a coherent sentence over the sensations the toy is pulling from her.

“Rest a hand over your stomach.” Klaus instructs, snapping away as she does so. He pauses for a moment looking back over some of his shots and adjusting the settings of his camera.

“Klaus come on.” She almost whines, so close but not quite there, vibrator thrumming quite insistently against her clit, keeping her near the edge but not quite tipping her over just yet. It’s exquisite and excruciating all at once, and the heat in Klaus’ eyes as he watches her writhe and moan makes things worse rather than better.

“Just a few more shots sweetheart.” Klaus promises as he bends over her once more.

She doesn’t even see him press the remote, but all of a sudden her hips are rocketing off the bed and she’s letting out a long moan as she bites her lips at the new sensation.

Her orgasm comes over her suddenly, and the insistent clicking tells her that Klaus has captured every single frame of it. She’s curious to see what it’ll look like on film.

The vibrator stops suddenly and Klaus is on her, ripping her panties from her hips and shrugging off his own clothes. She watches him roll on a condom, hitching her leg over his hip and plunging into her to the hilt, seating himself fully.

He doesn’t give her time to recover from the sudden intrusion, after effects of her orgasm still washing over her as she buries her head into the crook of his neck.

He sets a punishing pace, thrusting into her just this side of rough. She likes it though, digging her feet into his butt, urging him on as she chases a second orgasm.

The tell tale tension builds in her stomach, and she arches her hips off the bed, chasing that feeing of nirvana that he always gives her.

She sees stars as she falls apart in his arms, and the sound of his name seems to urge him on as he adjusts his angle and slams into her, gripping her hips tightly and impaling her on him with every thrust.

One orgasm rolls into two, and finally, Klaus’ body stiffens for an instant as he murmurs her name against her skin, ragged moan vibrating against her collarbone.

She cards a hand through his sweaty hair as he comes back down to Earth, pulling out and rolling onto his back.

He winces as he reaches down and pulls off the condom, planting his feet on the ground as he disappears into the bathroom to clean up.

To her disappointment when he reappears he’s got on a fresh set of boxers and his face is regretful when he bends down to pick up her now ruined panties.

“Sorry. I liked these ones.”

“I can always get some more.” She allows with a tilt of her head, unclasping her bra and accepting the shirt he brings her from his wardrobe.

Klaus looks slightly disappointed when she pulls it on over her head, watching as the hem settles around her thighs.

Klaus moves to snatch up his camera.

“Do you want to see how they turned out?” Klaus asks curiously as she shakes her head, sauntering towards him.

He lets her pull the camera from his grasp, gently setting it down before pushing him back towards the bed.

He sits down on the edge of it, eyeing her off somewhat warily as she kneels before him and peels back the hem of his boxers.

“Later. Right now I’ve got plans for you.”

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So will you do more than one cause these are so great? If so here you go, if not just pick one: "A mutual friend of ours has this whole vision for their Black and White Photography final and we volunteered to be their models without knowing how sexual this shoot would turn out" or/and "I let you have a few sheets of darkroom photo paper, to pay me back you offered to model privately for my Studio Photography assignment" (have fun writing it, im so excited to read it, like i need it now lol)

oh dear i didn’t expect to actually get one but you’re so sweet i’m gonna try and do one right now and i hope to squeeze the other one by tomorrow. The title is from OneRepublic’s “Come Home” because i am trash like that. I hope you enjoy it! The other prompt’s going to be the continuation to this and will explain the title, so please bear with me if it doesn’t make any sense.

also: the one where Clarke and Bellamy broke up three months ago and were set up by Octavia and Lincoln because they suck without each other and it’s getting ridiculous.

this was supposed to be cute but i turned it into an angstfest with a happy ending

send me a prompt and i’ll write you a bellarke au!

“Lincoln, what is he doing here?” she asks apprehensively. Behind her friend stands a tall guy, with tanned skin and curly hair: her ex-boyfriend, Bellamy Blake. Their relationship ended not three months ago, and it still hurts a lot little to see him, to see the man she loves loved so calm and detached when she’s still trying to figure out how to put back together the pieces of her broken heart. “You didn’t tell me he was gonna be here.”

“What, would you have refused if he had, Princess?” he says, venom in his words. It’s so unfair that he gets to treat her like she didn’t want the relationship anymore but, in hindsight, it was her who ended it, so maybe she deserves it.

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