“Well yeah- that’s the point. Honestly that’s all ya need to know. I’m Ichigo, I’m 19. What else do ya want from me” He crossed his arms childishly “Anyways, Who care’s let’s get you to the police station to get to the phone booth or somethin’ hm?”

“Eh? Why? They’re not gonna be able to help me, ‘less they’ve got a phone that crosses dimensions. I’ll get home some way or another, it usually sends me back at some random time.” She linked her hands behind her head, spinning around and deciding a direction to go explore. “Might as well look around a bit. Thanks for the concern, though.”

“uh— sure I suppose,” He frowned “just don’t almost-get-ran-over-by-a-car again okay?”

She grinned, “What, you think I can’t protect myself? The only reason you got that close is ‘cause my guard was down, anyway.”

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"Yeah, the K.. I wanna see what I got" He smirked cheerily.

9: Jawline Kiss.

Nelliel just happened to be regulated in her adult form just for a single-utmost moment. Having her fingertips trace against her lips she thought about why her mun chose this certain kiss… She shook her head until prompting herself forwards with a soft lean the woman’s cavity tapped lightly just beneath the strawberry shinigami’s chin. Holding the warm-tone of her lips against the man’s chin until leaning back slapping her palms over her face. That didn’t count as a first kiss for Nelliel… . Hopefully.

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[Insert you're five favorite blogs and why then pass it into your next five favorite blogs]

Outofcrowns; Pfft easy.


Why: Very enjoyable Nero I love rping with the mun! I can’t wait to see where the thread goes!


Why: I love the spin on Ulquiorra Cifer. The persona is well done and love talking with the mun too!


Why: Mun is a sweetie pie and love the way she writes, I think her Ichigo is well rounded and well developed.


Why: Bolin is flirty and adorable! Each thread I’ve made with him was quite dramatic and opens up a new side to Bolin you don’t see often! And the Mun’s obsession with my shins XD

5. Wheatgrasswarrior

Why: Love his Jet and rped with him as Asami once and loved it! So glad to rp with him again and portrayal is spot on!