Dark Destiny (Dark Brothers Book 4) By Bec Botefuhr

This was a powerful read, it touches a subject that a lot of people do not understand unless they themselves have gone through darkness in any form or way.  It touched me as I have experienced the darkness and reading the opening words by the author it evoked a deep sensation to know that there are people who truly understand.

Darkness, you never truly understand the full meaning of it until it consumes you.  It’s just a word, it’s just a place you hope you never have to go.  Once it takes you, it’s not something you can be freed of easily.

I loved reading this series Jagger and his gang, Willow and her girls.  After the last book I thought they had reached a happy ever after.  I was pleasantly surprised by this book it is about how Jagger is affected emotional and deeply after leaving the island remembering doing and seeing all the things he had.  But it’s not just him who suffers its all the people around him that suffer too.  Willow is lost as to how does she get her husband back from the darkness how does she fight this.  But Willow is a strong character she will do whatever it takes to fight for him I absolutely loved her.

I’ll do whatever it takes no matter what I will fix us.

The relationship between all the characters is  truly amazing friendship and love there is so much to this book it’s not light and fluffy its filled with raw soul deep emotions, but there is hope and always light at the end of the tunnel and a wonderful just deserved ending.  Looking forward to Ace’s book.

Thank you Bec for writing this wonderful book, life is not always a walk in the park, its hard work but with the right love and friendships it can be beautiful journey.