it hurts like nothing
has ever hurt before.
your hands
shake as you open
the door. your
heart a heavy weight
in your chest,
your mind too full
to feel any less.
you breathe in too
then find you can’t
sometimes you
wish you could put
your heart on sale.
you’re so numb
you think that you’re
because that’s
easier than admitting
defeat to the
it hurts like nothing
has ever hurt before.
and you can’t
take it anymore.
you can’t
take it anymore.
—  sometimes // r.e.s
The Dark Ballad of Love

My creation. Please do not copy.  

The Dark Ballad of Love

All was quiet, all was dark.
Dawn was here, but still too far.

Some time remained for it to come home.
The lullabies echoed in silence,
as they hit the darkened dome.
The fingertips of sunlight
just waiting to caress the earth,
And then linger and brighten
and transform into a new birth.

Although all was quiet and all was dark.
And Dawn was not all that far.

The present sung of the Night’s heroics,
With moon as the silent herald,
Memories of the violence still hung in the air
Vicious, dark and feral.
All too ready to be softened by the light
Mingling with the wind and breeze
and together singing a new lullaby.

Yes, all was quiet and all was dark.
And dawn really was not that far.
But then the fog, Night’s Soldier, stole upon the land
and fought the sun for earth’s embrace.
Taking advantage of the lover’s tiff
caused by the Moonrise, an uninvited guest.
Lying upon the earth, complacent in its seduction,
The fog called a retreat and sank in the woman.
Unaware of its inevitable destruction.

For Dawn is here, Dawn is now,
Piercing the fog with a furious scowl.
For enveloping it’s beloved in his arms,
And then laying in its bed without any qualms.

Dawn is a silent warrior.
A victor worthy of its love,
Whose beloved welcomed it with open arms and a sigh
And bade the Night a reluctant goodbye.

But the Night will rise again,
From the dusky shadows of its curse.
Take what He wants and mark it as his,
Darkness being a sanctuary for lovers.

                                                   ~by TheChicPoetess