Comfort In The Dark

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Comfort In The Dark

Peter Parker X Reader

Written by: Hannah

Prompt(s): Hey! Can you do a Peter Parker imagine where the readers parents are out of town and there’s a really bad storm and the power goes out and the reader has a HUGE fear of the dark, and then Peter comes over and they just chill and have fun?? Thank you <3 <3

Notes: Peter is a bean who makes scary things fun c:

Warning(s): Slight use of language.

When it started storming (y/n) had to remind themselves that they were fine. It wasn’t the storm that they were afraid of, they were just afraid of the power going out. And to make matters worse (y/n)’s parents were gone for the weekend, leaving their teenage child at home alone. The neighbors would check in throughout the day, making sure that (y/n) was okay.

There was a loud boom and suddenly the lights in the living room went off, as did the wifi. (y/n) was NOT Okay.


Peter was watching TV in his room, lazily throwing a ball against his wall. At the same time that there was a loud boom in the distance he got a frantic text from (y/n), one of his best friends and long time crush. Raising an eyebrow, Peter picked up his phone and read the text.

[To Peter: Hey Pete can you come over? Like right now? You know how I am with the dark and the power just went out and my parents aren’t home and-]

That wasn’t the end of the text, but it was enough for Peter to type a reply, grab his raincoat, and practically fly into the spiderman costume. He was at (y/n)’s in a matter of five minutes.


“What should we do?” Peter asked. He had ditched the costume under (y/n)’s lattice porch, mostly raved from the rain. He now sat with (y/n) in the livingroom, his friend practically curled into his arms. They had the flashlights of their phones on and candles around the livingroom. It was beginning to smell like a forest in there, with all the flowery scents.

“I don’t know…” (y/n) mumbled. Peter frowned with a hum before taking (y/n)’s hand as he stood up.

“Let’s go to your room and grab some pillows and blankets. We can make a pillow fort in the living room and peek our heads out the opening. Maybe we can make finger shadows on the blankets.” (y/n) had to smile at the thoughtful idea. They gave a shaky nod and clung close to Peter as they went.


“Rabbit, duh.” (y/n) said. Having calmed down, they sat inside the pillow fort. The candles cast an orange glow onto the blankets and the flashlights they found in the kitchen helped to illuminate the fort. Peter had one positioned behind them as he set down his hands.

“Okay okay, hot shot, what can you do?” He teased. (y/n) grinned and made a cat, to which Peter got easily. On his turn he somehow managed to make a dog. (y/n) snorted and said so, to which Peter frowned at the extent of his finger-shadow knowledge.

(y/n), having a little more experience, made a turtle. Peter had to take a few minutes and a few different guesses before he got it.

“Lizard? Iguana? Oh shit- Turtle! It’s a turtle, isn’t it?”

“Haha, yup! It’s a turtle.” Peter scoffed and shook his head. He leaned back into the extra pillows on the floor and sighed.

“…..I can’t guarantee they won’t smell, but should we roast marshmallows over the candles?”

“YES HOLY CRAP!” (y/n) practically yelled. They took Peter by the arm and scavenged the kitchen for utensils needed for s'mores.


Peter decided that candle roasted s'mores weren’t that bad. They had a slightly weird tang and scent but they were still pretty good. (y/n) agreed in return, swallowing the rest of theirs.

“Not bad. Could be better.”

“Haha, yeah! I was afraid the toothpicks we used were going to catch on fire.”

(y/n) snorted, “Nah, I doubt it. The jumbo marshmallows practically cover all of it.”

“Well still! I don’t want to accidentally set your house on fire!”
“You won’t set my house on fire, Peter!” (y/n) laughed. They punched him on the shoulder and got one in return.

The two stayed up pretty late into the night, having fun and roasting multiple candle s'mores. It was around one at night that the two of them fell asleep, snuggled together in the blankets. It was around two that the lights came back on and the roaring of the AC scared both teenagers back into consciousness.

“….Well then.” Peter mumbled. He nuzzled his face back into the pillow he had in his arms. (y/n) grumbled and got up to turn off the lights. They came back into the fort, the candles long since then blown out to prevent fires. They shuffled back into the covers and smiled at the feeling of Peter pressed against them. They both slept easily after that, and (y/n) knew who to call when the power went off next time.

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