darko the dark one


Betty put a palm to her forehead, pressing down hard, trying anything to ease the pain that was radiating through her skull. Nothing seemed to be working and her head felt like it was being smashed by a dozen hammers.

This morning her mother had upped her dosage of the ADHD medication she took regularly and apparently the sudden shift into higher dosages was not settling well in her head. She had gotten a C+ on a physics exam and that was not something Alice Cooper was going to stand for. Resting her forehead against Kevin’s back, she inhaled the familiar scent of fabric softener.

“You sure you don’t want any Advil Betty? You really don’t look too good.” Kevin adjusted himself on the common room couch, allowing Betty to lean on his shoulder as he glanced down at her concerned.

She smiled weakly “I’m okay Kevin, just a headache.” She answered squeezing his hand.

“Maybe you should go home B. Get some rest, it can’t be good for you to be sitting through all your classes if you don’t feel good.” Veronica added softly from across the couch, perching on the edge of Archie’s lounge chair. Archie nodded

“Yeah Betty, you won’t get an absence since you’ve already checked into first period, you could use a day off.”

Betty closed her eyes tight, going home was definitely worse than being at school, her mother was working on an article for the gazette at home and she would much rather suffer through the pain than hear her mother go on again about her weight again.

“You can just take a nap during free period, I set up the couch for you in the Blue&Gold office. You just have to make it through one more period.” Jughead had noticed the way she stiffened at the mention of home and assessed that it was clearly not a place she wanted to be.

Betty couldn’t help the way her heart fluttered at the beanie wearing boys thoughtful gesture and genuine knowledge and insight of her emotions.

“Thanks Juggie” she whispered softly throwing him a genuine smile before wincing at a throb to her temple. He just nodded back, raising an eyebrow at her pain and giving her a look that let her know they would be talking about it later.

“If it isn’t the Brady bunch and their psychotic neighbor Riverdales very own Good Charlotte.” Reggie Mantle jabbed, coming in from the hallway, his football goons following close behind.

Jughead rolled his eyes, pulling out a book from his backpack and blatantly ignoring the immature teenager.

“Knock it off Reggie.” Archie warned, moving so Veronica was closer to him, he had always been a little territorial over the raven haired beauty and he had heard that Reggie and her had gone clubbing.

“What’s the matter carrot top? You got a thing for Donnie Darko too? So I guess it’s the dark haired ones you like. I’ve gotta say, I didn’t take you for a guy who likes them so freaky.” Reggie snorted, throwing a paper airplane at Jughead, Jughead simply flicked it off his book.

Just as Archie was about to respond, Betty cut in.

“Oh get off it Reggie, why don’t you go play with your balls or something.” She said with a dismissive wave and a hand to her temple.

Veronica gasped slightly as Archie snorted out loud, Kevin turned to gape at Betty and jughead was smirking at the gorgeous blonde.

“I mean come on” she continued “you’re always going on about how Archie’s gay, or Jugheads gay, but you’re the one who walks around naked in a locker room filled with teenage boys as you wrestle in the grass for some type of ball. You really have to start thinking of some new insults. Read a book or something.” She finished her rant by closing her eyes and resting her head back against the couch.

Everyone had gone silent and the football team was slowly making there way out of the common room, wanting desperately to avoid Betty Coopers wrath. She never said a bad thing to anyone, always sunshine and rainbows, so to hear her sass Reggie Mantle so blatantly was enough to shake the bulky boys

Reggie scoffed indignantly and mumbled a
“Whatever, you’re a freak too” before slamming out the doors.

The gang was staring at Betty as she slowly opened her eyes, she looked up and sighed

“What? I have a headache I don’t have time for stupidity today.” Her words were final and they brought a smile to everyone’s face.

As the first bell rang, everyone grumpily made there way to class, leaving Jughead and Betty behind.

Jughead grabbed the blondes hand as they headed to her chemistry class

“Care to explain.” Jughead said softly, brushing a strand of her ponytail out of her face.

Betty sighed leaning into his side
“I’m just tired of everyone picking on people because they’re different. No ones perfect, but we just have to let people try and change us because that societies norm, its acceptable to say hurtful things because we allow it. I’m sick of people not accepting people.”

Jughead nodded and squeezed her hand, he knew there was more to the story and he knew she would tell him when the time was right, standing in front of her classroom door, she dropped her head to his chest and moaned
“This stupid headache”

Looking around quickly to make sure no one was watching, Jughead dropped a quick kiss to her forehead “I know. Just hang in there, you’ve got a long nap waiting for you next period.”

She smiled at the amazing boy

“Thanks Juggie.”

He smiled as he walked backwards towards his own class, flicking his nose and winking.