❄ --hair troubles.

Being told that she’d be taking part in an ‘ice-breaker’ program definitely spiked Yue’s curiosity. She hadn’t really met very many people from Ouran, so the fact the two schools were going to get together to do some sort of Math competition seemed like fun. Not that she was particularly keen on Mathematics, Yue was mostly pleased that she’d be able to meet new people. Establishing friendships was important, especially upon her long awaited return to Spica, but also making connections in the other school would greatly benefit her. It also pleased her that it was certain classes being picked to take part in this activity, and she felt lucky that hers had been chosen to be part of it all.

She made sure to arrive early. With a soft smile painted across her lips, she located the classroom in Ouran that she needed to be at. It wasn’t hard finding her way around the different school, especially when there were also a few others from Spica with her. They found that the room was almost empty, only holding a few Ouran students in their lemon yellow dresses and chalky blue suits. Interesting enough, each desk had a name card, as if people had been carefully selected to sit in certain seats. It took a short while before Yue spotted her own name, and she sauntered over to the desk. It was near the back and slightly to the middle of the room.

Upon taking her seat, Yue took out a notebook, pen, pencil, ruler and eraser. She’d come prepared as usual, eager to know what exactly they’d be doing. Her teacher had mentioned a quiz and some problems you’d have to figure out in pairs, so safely assumed that it would be really just a great way of getting to know whoever she teamed up with. Again, typical of her nature, Yue was hopeful that her partner would be someone nice. She guessed it would be the person sitting on the desk at her right, as there were two desks in the row to her left. It didn’t really occur to her to check their name cards as they’d probably introduce themselves to her later on.

Finally the classroom was filling up. It was a mixture of dark uniform against lighter colours, mingling quite awkwardly with each other. Two people, a Spica student and an Ouran, sat on her left but her assumed partner still hadn’t shown up. The white haired girl tried not to worry about whether they would be in or not as there were still a lot of empty spaces in the room. Perhaps she had just been that early?  All she could really do now was be patient and try not to feel nervous. It would be natural to though, especially since she was still quite new to the idea of being back around lots of people.