darkness was at his left hand


Running Home to You

She lifts the hem of his tee, untucking his undershirt from his pants with skill. She’s not sure what exactly she’s expecting, they had only been apart for seven days, but she’s nonetheless relieved to find the same navel splashed with dark hair, the same pale freckled skin, the same slim hips just as she had left them, just as he had always been.

She feels his chuckle under her palms before she hears it leave his throat. As she skirts her hands across his abdomen, upwards to his chest, intending to pull both garments over his head, she’s taken aback by the sudden motion of him sitting upright and flattening her back against the mattress instead.

“Not so fast,” Barry teases, sliding the sleeves of her dress down, unveiling one shoulder at a time. “I’ve missed you too, you know.”

While he’s bent over kissing her collar, she squirms beneath his weight, desperate to resume her previous activity, longing to make up for a lost week of touching him. She can sense his smirk stretch wider against her skin the more she twists under him.

“Give up,” comes his raspy, satisfied voice midway through kisses.

One thing Iris knows she won’t ever do is that, not especially after she has him back in her arms again, has the promise that he’ll keep running home to her still ringing in her ears, has the symbol of his devotion wrapped around her finger, has supposedly only months left to be with him.

So she takes a deep breath before slowly plunging a hand below his waistband, finds where he’s already stiff between his thighs.

That halts his kissing, replaces it with a sigh of warm breath into her neck.

“Iris…” he croaks, and it’s her turn to feel satisfied, to edge him to give up.

When he cups her cheek and coerces her to look at him, when she meets his earnest, pleading eyes, the satisfaction wanes.

“Please,” he whispers. “Please let me make it up to you…”

You already have. She wants more than anything to make him believe it, make sure he knows that it doesn’t matter to her anymore who’s right or who’s wrong, who left or who stayed. What does matter is every possible hour of theirs that remains, that every minute of his is spent with her or running back to her.

Still, she relents, for his sake.

She withdraws her hand from his length, out of his pants to link her fingers with his, making sure he can feel the silver of the ring she wears, a ring that graced the fingers of the Allen women of the past, that assures her she may live to become an Allen herself, that she will live to marry the man gazing down at her, the way no one else ever has.

“Alright then,” she murmurs, raising the hem of her skirt, bringing his hand to her thigh. “I guess it’s my turn to sing.”

Homecoming Series

“I leave for thirty minutes and already you’ve taken over my blog!” Scribbles yells, throwing her hands up.
Anti leaps over a table and scoops her up into a hug.
“Scribbles is back!”
Dark huffs impatiently, “You left me with these imbeciles for too long, Scribbles. Next time at least take gearbox with you.”
Gear’s jaw clicked and his red eye flared.
“If you have a problem with me, we should settle it now.”
“NO!” Scribbles yells, tearing herself away from Anti. “No fighting on my blog!”
A chuckles, “like you could stop us weakling.”
Scribbles opens her mouth to speak and then shuts it.
“Fine,” she sighs. “Knock yourselves out.”

film noir scene

written using a predictive text interface

source: screenplays for ‘the maltese falcon’ and ‘the big sleep’

method: 12 word options for the user at each step. stage directions used to write the stage directions. dialogue for the dialogue. arranged and formatted in final draft.


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It’s in the details.

It’s the coffee in Cas’ hands, dark, steam swirling, placed with a light pat on the coaster beside where Dean is working. Dean asked for milk, one sugar. The coffee has milk, and one and three quarters. When he drinks it, Dean will smack his lips and say, mmm, just right.

It’s in the quiet way that Cas says, I lost my book, and Dean says, it fell off the arm of the chair. They don’t use words. Cas tilts his head left to right, slowly, looking around the room; Dean catches his eye and raises his eyebrows towards the hiding place.

It’s in the hand sanitiser that Cas carries in his pocket. Original scent, nothing too prissy, because Dean’s not a germophobe, he just likes to be clean after touching other people’s stuff.

It’s the turn of Dean’s body towards Cas, and the resulting turn of Cas’ body towards Dean. The way that they converse before they speak, beginning as soon as they’re in the same room. The way that each flick of a smile and raise of an eyebrow is meant for each other, even if they’re not in the same conversation.

It’s in the details. They know how they feel about each other - but they trust it, they relax into it, because of the details.

sibling bonding time with the nohr family (❁´▽`❁)*✲゚*

inspired by this fluffy fic by @twiexmachina​!

Two hundred three years, forty-one nights filled with the threat of screaming darkness. Two hundred three years, forty-two mornings where if he fell asleep, he would have awaken covered in sweat so thick it felt as if his body was covered in blood, her blood. So many mornings where the echoes would still scream at his heart reminding him of his failure.

He awoke at dawn warm, rested and holding a small scared hand to his chest. Two hundred three years, forty-two days he had been drowning in darkness, his heart encased in solid ice. Fifteen days ago his darkness didn’t seem as dark as he learned of her darkness. He had no idea what this was, but one thing was certain, she had chased his eternal nightmare away. He had no idea what was left of the boy he had once been. Because that was what he was then, a boy, and two hundred years had passed.

He walked the familiar hall leading towards the kitchen to assemble a breakfast tray for Aelin, it was then that the realization that she had come so close, too close to burnout. He had almost failed her, but he did not, his magic pulled against every push of hers. Their magic sung a song so old that he was sure he knew what it meant. That would just be another thing for them to figure out as they crawled from the darkness that surrounded their beings.

Last night he meant every word, he had every intention of procuring a cot. This morning he knew that her soul was made of fire and that fire kept the darkness that always crept in at bay. If he allowed it she could melt his icy heart. Maybe a cot would not be the answer that either of them needed.

First Time

Anon Requested:  Can I get J-Hope smut with 17 and 25 please? 💚💚💚

Okay so I have to give HUGE HUGE HUUUGE PROPS to @kpop-cutie17 because she basically set this whole thing up because I couldn’t think of a plot. So THANK YOU. Plus holy hell look how long this shit is I went overboard.

Originally posted by hohbi

Pairing: J-Hope (Hoseok) x Reader

Word Count: 2291

“It’s okay I couldn’t sleep anyways.”

“You make me crazy.”

You brought your hand up and lightly knocked on the door, getting no answer you decide to walk into the room.

“Nammie, are you in here?” You asked as you opened the door. Your brother nowhere to be found us usual, you haven’t actually spent time with him in what seems like forever. You shrug and turn to walk out of the dimly lit room and just as you were about to turn around a voice breaks through the darkness.

“He’s at the studio. He left a while ago.” Hoseok says rubbing his eyes slightly causing his nose to wrinkle which you always found cute about him.

“Did I wake you up? I’m sorry, I should’ve been more quiet when coming in.” you apologize and walk to Namjoon’s bed plopping yourself onto it, your body sank in the mattress and it spelt like your brother. You missed your brother, you’ve only seen him about four times since you arrived in Seoul and you’ve been here for a good three months. Jesus I’ve seen Hoseok more than my brother. You thought to yourself, you had to admit the two of you grew closer, and you’d never seen Hoseok as anything more than a friend up until recently.

It’s okay I couldn’t sleep anyways.” His voice breaks you from deep thought. “Hey, I know you miss Namjoon, he said he’s sorry that he’s always busy and that he’ll make it up to you if that makes you feel better.” he chuckles attempting to lighten the slowly saddening mood.

“It’s whatever, I’m used to it, it’s been like that since we were younger.” You shrug, you really were used to it. Ever since you both were little Namjoon would always be doing his own thing. “Listen I know this is going to sound weird, but is it okay if I sleep with you tonight?” you ask sitting up on the bed and fumbling with your fingers.

“Um, I don’t know if that’s too good of an idea (Y/N) what if your brother comes home?” he says eyes widening with worry, “You know how he gets about you, and I don’t really want to die anytime soon.” You thought some more. Why did you have to be the leaders younger sister? Why couldn’t you be just some friend of theirs?

“You and I both know my brother lives in the studio, that’s why I never see him, just answer the question Hoseok.” You say firmly hoping that your tone of voice would persuade him.

“Fine, but only tonight, and don’t tell Tae, you know how much of a gossiper he can be.” he says chuckling once again. You moved slowly trying to hide your excitement, you walk to his bed with a straight face and get into his bed. Slipping under his covers you wrap your arms around his torso, laying your head on his chest. “What are you doing?” You notice how stiff Hoseok is now.

“I’m cuddling with you, what does it look like?” You say in an almost teasing tone.


“Just cuddle with me.”

“You know what (Y/N), you’re so demanding just like your brother. Is everyone in your family so damn bossy?” he says pulling you closer to him. Unintentionally you let out a small almost inaudible moan of content. Your heart began to race. Did he hear you? Probably not, hopefully not. Quite honestly a side of you didn’t care if he did but you didn’t think he’d actually comply to this request because he made such a big deal about you getting into his bed. Slowly you drifted off, you loved the thought of someone especially Hoseok holding you while you slept, you found comfort in him. Just as you were about to fall asleep his voice brought you back to your senses.

“God, you know you make me crazy, right?” As soon as the words left his mouth your head snapped up and looked at him in the eyes.

“What did you just say?” you questioned, eyes wider than the moon, you were elated at his sudden confession, but also wondering if he was half asleep and didn’t mean the words he just said.

“Huh? I didn’t say anything.” his face turning bright red and even in the dim light you could tell.

“Jung Hoseok, what did you just say? There’s no one else in this room except me and I don’t sound like a man.” your heart nearly jumping out of your chest. Silence. It was so quiet you thought you could hear the blood flowing through your veins.

“I think you’re hearing things (Y/N). I said nothing!” He argues with you, not wanting to admit his sudden confession.

“Well then I guess I’ll just go back to the guest room.” you say getting up from the bed huffing, you felt the sudden rush of cold go over your body. Just as you were about to reach for the doorknob his voice broke the silence that followed you

“Fine!” he says crossing his arms over his chest like a child, “You want me to admit it? Well fine! You make me crazy. You know how hard it is to look at you every day and know I can’t have you because of your brother? It drives me fucking insane!” He says getting off the bed and walking towards you. Those words send chills down your spine, but you don’t move. You’re still facing the door. You can’t even think about what to say. You’re lost in him, in his words.

“I-I-” you couldn’t even form a sentence.

“Please just don’t say anything, I don’t want to hear it. You think I don’t notice how you look at me?” he says embracing you, “I notice everything you do. Like how you try to hide the fact that you snort when you laugh, or that you don’t like it when your food touches so you had your mom send you divider plates.” he says into your neck softly kissing the skin. “I notice everything and it drives me mad.”

“Hoseok I-I don’t think we should be doing this.” you say to him, but you know you’re lying and so does he. You’re loving every minute of it. You never knew someone’s lips could be so soft.

“You’re lying, I know you are. You always tense up when you lie.” he’s sucking at the skin now and you let out a soft moan, “I know you so well (Y/N).” He moves his hand down your stomach. “You know, you sound so pretty when you moan. I hear you sometimes, when you think everyone is asleep.” Your knees begin to buckle but his hand soon grips your waist and pulls you against him holding you up. His hand slips under your sweat pants but just before he can do anything you blurt out.

“Hoseok, I’m a virgin.” Your face flushed and your body on fire.

“I know, and by the way I heard you earlier-“ His fingers slip under the thin layer that separated his fingers from your heat and he lets out a groan. “-God you’re so wet already.” At this point you’re bright red and numb from the amount of sexual tension in the air. In an instant his hands pulled away from your heat and grabbed your hips, turning you quickly and slamming your back against the bedroom door. His lips don’t hesitate and find yours. His hands go back to the hem of your sweats and slips his hand back in.

“Hoseok.” You moan out, his lips quickly latch onto the skin of your neck leaving love bites along your throat. Without hesitation Hoseok slipped two fingers in easily, your head fell back against the door and a loud moan escaped your lips. It felt good, his fingers pumping into you, it didn’t hurt either. You’ve fingered yourself plenty of times so this wasn’t anything new to you other than the arousal that was dripping from you. He slowly added a third finger and suddenly you felt the burning in between your legs. His hands were still but you could still feel the pressure in between your hips. Your body tensed up and your eyes screwed shut.

“Hey, hey, hey. Look at me.” His voice was low but it had a comforting tone to it. Your eyes fluttered open, tears brimming your eyes lightly. “I’m not going to hurt you okay, but if something hurts you have to tell me.” His eyes were full of worry that much you could tell. His fingers slowly began rocking up, a groan escaped your lips but you didn’t stop him. “(Y/N).” His voice was stern but his fingers kept moving.

“I’m fine, keep going.” You breathe out.

“Are you-“

“Yes I’m sure. I want this and most importantly I want you.” You interrupted him, eyes locking onto his.

Once hearing the last words leave your mouth Hoseok pressed himself against you and pressed his lips to yours, his fingers rocking faster. The pressure was still there but the burning sensation subsided with pure arousal.

“God you’re so beautiful (Y/N), I just want you all to myself.” Hoseok mumbled against your lips. You slowly pulled back and looked at him.

“Then have me, I’m all yours Hoseok.”

His fingers stilled and slowly removed themselves from you. Hoseok stood up straight and you just now noticed how he loomed over you. “Are you sure?” A simple nod answered his question.

“I want you to be my first.”

Before you knew it you were placed down on his bed and he was soon hovering over you. His lips found yours and hands made their way under your shirt. Your hands soon mimicked his actions and a groan escaped his lips. You couldn’t help but laugh slightly at that, the effect you have on him.

Your hands tugged on the bottom of his shirt signaling him to take it off. He quickly sat up and pulled his shirt off throwing it on the floor. “So demanding.” Hoseok shook his head, a big smile spread across his face. His hands tugged on your shirt now, sitting you up and slipping the shirt off of you. You gasped as the cold hair hit you, his eyes grazed down your body. “God you’re so beautiful.”

His lips found yours again, deepening the kiss. Everything about Hoseok had been gentle with you, to his kisses and touches. You grabbed his hand and brought it down to the hem of your sweats.

“Off?” He asked between kisses, to which you nodded. His hand slipped into the waistband of both your sweats and panties and pulled them down slowly before tossing them into the bedroom somewhere. His hands ghosted up your thighs, he took a long look at you, hands resting on your hips. His eyes slowly made their way up to meet your eyes. His eyes showed multiple emotions. Nervousness, Fear, Trust, Love. It was all there, he showed it all to you with a simple look.

You just nodded, grabbing his hand in yours and smiling up, reassuring him. “It’s okay.”

With that he slowly slipped out of his boxers and brought himself over you once again. He smiled, reaching over to the bedside table and pulling out a condom. He rolled it on quickly before lining himself up with you. He grabbed one of your hands and moved it up by your head, lacing his fingers with your and squeezing it gently as he began to push into you. You knew Hoseok was big but he seemed to be bigger than you thought. You bit your lip to stop you from crying out but the tears welling up in your eyes caused panic to rise in him, he came to a halt stopping once he had pushed his whole length in. “Oh god, do you want to stop? Am I hurting you? You have to tell me if it hurts.” Your hand was squeezing his at a tight grip. You took in a deep breath and nodded slowly.

“I’m okay, you can keep going.”

“Are you sure? We can wait-“

“Hoseok, I promise you I’m okay. Now please can you-“ His lips cut you off this time. He began with small thrusts. Your eyes closed again and you whimpered. After a short amount of time, Hoseok sped up, increasing the length of his thrusts.

“Fuck (Y/N).” Hoseok groaned, his head fell on your shoulder, speeding up even more. You gasped and began to meet his thrusts. The sounds of skin slapping skin and your moans were the only sounds to be heard in the bedroom.

“I-I..Close.” Was all you were able to gasp out. You felt the knot form in your stomach and Hoseok’s thrusts became erratic. Slurs of swear words and names were sent flying out of both of your mouths. After a few more thrusts you came un done around him moaning out his name. Your walls tightened around him and soon after Hoseok joined you. His thrusts slowed down as you two rode out your orgasms. He soon pulled out of you and got up to toss the condom before coming back over to you and taking you in his arms. You were still breathing hard and you felt the slow throbbing begin to pain you.

“How was that? Are you okay?” You nodded, snuggling up against him. He pulled the sheets over the both of you, kissing the top of your head.

You were content in his arms. Happiness filled your whole body while you laid there in his arms, nothing could have ruined this moment.

“Hoseok? Have you seen (Y/N)?” Your brother’s voice called out from behind the door.

Except that.

I’m so sad that Dan is like “Everyone called my sweater a potatoe sack” when i …loved it.

Like it made him look so soft and i love that he can hide his hands with cute sweater paws and i don’t understand how can people hate it when it is so cute. I understand if you wanted to meme it, i did it too but in my dark deep heart i truly loved his potato sack sweater and i dont understand how could people really dislike it

Surprise Visit

Y/N sighed as she filled out another paper. 499 left to go…. She was working in her office, which was pretty small but at least it was secluded from everyone. A knock on the door startled her and made her scratch a line down her paper. Her heart was pounding. Was it her boss? Who could it be? With shaky hands she turned the doorknob and stepped back, only to find a shady looking man there. He had foundation on his face and hands, and his hair was a dark, obviously just dyed, brown. Before she could slam the door in his face, his hand caught it and pushed it open with ease.

“I know you don’t like me being here, so I went through so much work-” Y/N rolled her eyes.”-Just to come visit my girl.”

“Maybe if you weren’t a danger to society- Put that down!” He had grabbed a snow globe and started shaking it, and while it looked harmless she knew he had a knack for dropping things after he’s done with them. She was right, he tossed it over his shoulder and moved on to the next thing that caught his eye. Y/N made a football dive to catch it, and angrily huffed as she put it back. J picked everything up and made sure to not put it back in it’s place. This is what she dreaded, him coming to her work after her complaining how boring it is. At least he took the time to disguise himself, though. He grabbed her computer and pouted when he saw it was locked. Y/N grabbed it and yanked it away from him.

“Password protected, stay in your lane. Can you leave? I have work to do.”

“What do you think I came here to help you with?” She tried not to roll her eyes. Knowing him, he would fill in wacky information just to make himself laugh.

“No, leave.” He growled and gestured towards his lap. He’s been trying to make her more submissive lately, but unfortunately for him she never takes anything he says seriously.

“Leave. I’ll call the cops.” J scoffed. The phone rang, and before Y/N could stop him, J answered.

“Y/N’s residence.” He  put a hand on her chest, keeping her away from him.

“No, she’ll be leaving shortly.” Y/N felt her heart stop. He’s been telling her to quit her job for months.

“No, thank you.” He said it seductively and Y/N groaned. When he hung up, he caught her fist before she could hit him.

“You jerk!” He started laughing, and she covered his mouth. Everyone knew who that laugh belonged to, she didn’t want the SWAT team bursting in her office.


J sat down- finally- and started singing when he realized she wasn’t paying him any attention.

“J I swear I will publish your address to every source I know if you don’t shut up.”

He laughed his weird laugh and started wiggling on the couch.

“Will you move in with me?”


J growled and walked over to her. She didn’t look up, so he pushed her chair back and sat on her lap.

“Why not? And quit this job. You can work for me.”

“I’m not killing anyone.”

“You don’t have to. You can be my… assistant? My receptionist.”



Y/N tried to get back to work but J kept pacing. He got bored and restless easily, so she knew he was suffering. She took the papers away when he tried to fill them out, because she gave him a chance and he ended up doing exactly what she knew he would do. She hoped her boss wouldn’t come in, because now she had a grown man napping in her lap. It was an endearing sight no matter how annoying he was. His head was laying on her chest and she rested her chin on top of it. She noticed he did a crap job of covering his finger tattoos with the foundation. It almost made her tear up thinking about what made this man the way he is. He stirred as she placed a kiss on his head. Deciding she could no longer feel her legs, she smacked his butt. This woke him up instantly and he turned around and straddled her lap, his hand wrapped around her neck. She gave a nervous little laugh as he gave his.

“Uh, my legs are numb.”


J was currently pouting in the corner because she wouldn’t let him answer any more phone calls. He slammed himself down on the couch, and Y/N rolled her eyes as some things fell off her desk. She gave him a chance.

“Y/N’s residence. She cannot come to the phone right now, she is currently suffering on the toilet. Too much Taco Bell” She’s never wanted to kill someone that bad in her life.

Who is this? Oh, this is Jo… Last name? …Ker.”  Y/N smacked him on the back of the head and hung up the phone.

Do I work here? No… Why am I in Y/N’s office? I’m…. related yes. She’s my brother.”

“Do you think birds have penises?” Y/N tried to start conversation when she realized she really upset him. He didn’t answer, of course.

“Have you ever seen a goose penis? Disgusting.”

“Quit your job.”

“I will as soon as you quit yours. You know only 3 percent of birds have a penis? That’s interesting. I bet you wouldn’t have a penis if you were a bird.”

“You have over 50 complaints.” Y/N’s head snapped up.


“Over 50 people complained that you were, immature, rude, creepy, embryonic? Ha, that’s a new one.”

“Oh my god, J, you’re going to get me fired.”

“Which is why you should quit.” Y/N actually considered it for a moment.

“If I quit, you have to let me have complete freedom.”


“Alright, fine, I quit.” Y/N stood up and grabbed her coat. J wrapped an arm around her shoulders.

“Aw, doll. It’s cute that you think you had a choice.”

When they walked out of her office, she found her colleagues’ bodies at their desks. They were all shot and she saw J’s henchmen guarding the place. Y/N covered her mouth when she saw her boss’ body pinned to a board with knives. ‘Happy Early Retirement!’ was carved into his chest.

“Do you like it, baby?” Y/N fainted, and Jo Ker laughed as he carried her home.

Umbrella | Taron Egerton

Title: Umbrella
Author: Clara
Character: Taron Egerton
Warnings: none
Prompt: anon: “Could I request reader gets caught in the rain and Taron hands her his umbrella? Thanks!”

Originally posted by senxrfoggy

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Sugar Sweet | 5 |

word count: 5.4k

genre: lots of smut, fluff & a tiny bit of angst at the end



part 1 | part 2 | part 3 | part 4 

a/n: i’m so sorry for the wait guys! work has been stressing me lately along with some personal issues but i appreciate your guy’s patience. the next chapter will already be written out but requests will be taken care of before i post the next so please continue to be patient until then and check the schedule if you’re wondering about it.

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Things That Go Bump In The Night--Imagine #14

Anonymous asked: Can you write an imagine where you’re scared of the dark and your crush guides you to the bathroom or something. ((; Its definitely not who you think it is requesting this, hehehe.

A/N: I’m sorry you waited so long for this, my baby. I hope it pleases you. <3

I woke up with a start. Oh shit. I needed to pee really bad. I moved my hand up to rub my eyes, when I felt something warm and solid next to me. The last few hours before I fell asleep rushed back. My boyfriend was sleeping over for the first time in the small apartment I lived in alone. I smiled in the dark at the soft little snores that fell from his mouth. His arm was still wrapped around me protectively and my stomach flipped at the realization that he had fallen asleep like that. He was lying on his stomach with his left arm resting on my stomach, since I had fallen asleep on my back. I wanted to savor this moment as long as possible. 

Still, the need to pee only increased the longer I lay there. Craning my neck to look at the silhouette of the door, I shuddered at having to walk the short distance from my warm bed to the bathroom. In the dark. I flopped my head back against the pillow, groaning quietly, paralyzed by fear of the dark. 

“Unf, babe,” I heard and felt c/n whisper into my ear, scooting closer to me and wrapping me closer to his side. The warm puffs of his breath tickled my neck. Why did he have to be so goddamn sexy the second he woke up?

“How did you know I was awake?” I whispered, not turning to look at him.

He nuzzled his nose along the back of my ear before moving his lips to my ear. “Guess my body is always hyper-aware of you, even in sleep,” he said quietly, his gravelly voice thick with sleep, making me squirm. 

I didn’t answer, partly too embarrassed to admit my fear of the dark, and partly too flustered by his voice and the way his lips and nose were caressing the outline of my ear. 

“Baby, what is it?” Fuck, how was it possible for him to make me so hot and agitated so easily. He moved his lips to the skin below my ear, leaving hot, wet, sloppy kisses down my neck.

“Oh, fuck. C/n, stop!” I whined, laughing breathily and pushing him away from me. 

“Mm,” he moved back against my resistance, too strong for my feeble attempts to keep his mouth off me. He kept talking and leaving kisses, while I struggled silently to keep both my bladder and sounds of enjoyment under control. 

“Mmm,” a kiss lower on my neck.

“I’m not,” a suck on my collar bone.

“Gonna stop,” a searing lick across the middle of my neck, as he rose partly over me on his elbows. 

I squirmed, my breathing hitching. 

“Until you tell me,” an open-mouthed kiss under my tilted up chin.

“What’s wrong,” he finally broke down my resistance as I moaned at the feel of him sucking my skin into his mouth and grazing his teeth against it. 

“I’m scared of the dark,” I said through a strangled breath, defeated. 

He finally stopped torturing me with that fucking mouth of his and rose to hover over my face. Even in the dark, I could see the concern in his eyes. As well as a glint of amusement. 

“Don’t you dare laugh at me,” I warned, my voice hoarse. 

A breathy chuckle fell from his lips caressing my face. “That’s fucking adorable.”

I could feel my face heating up at his words. His thumbs caressed my cheeks, and I would’ve been actually grateful for the dark for hiding my blush but I knew he could feel it. 

Suddenly, he threw the covers off us both, moved his head down to my stomach, and left a kiss over my night shirt. 

“You are so cute, just how? How did I get so lucky to have such an adorable girl love me,” he looked up at me, shaking his head in disbelief. 

I felt his one arm under my back, and the other move under my legs. Before I could ask what he was doing I was lifted off the bed bridal style. I could feel the muscles of his biceps flex under me as I wrapped my arms around his neck. He opened the bedroom door, crossing over to the bathroom. 

“Please never be shy to ask for my help. You’re my queen. I am your king. It’s only fitting I carry you to your throne,” he said, gently setting me on the cold bathroom floor. 

He turned on the light and I almost collapsed. His hair was a mess of h/c locks tangled in different knots, and yet still managed to make him look sexy as fuck. His eyes were staring down at me with what could only be described as admiration. His lips and eyes were puffy from sleep, and the goofy grin that was plastered on his face made me weak in the knees.

“The queen has a request,” I said, my eyes flitting from his eyes down to his lips repeatedly.

“Anything for my majesty,” he said, pinning me between his body and the bathroom counter, his breath already uneven. 

I smiled, satisfied I could have such an effect on him. I grabbed a fistful of the front of his night shirt, yanking him down to my level. We were so close we were swallowing each other’s shallow breaths. 

“You finish what you started in bed,” I said, using my best seductive voice. 

A quiet moan fell from c/n’s lips as he watched my tongue wet my lips. 

“Y/n,” he whispered, his voice hoarse. 

Just as he was about to kiss me I shoved him out the door.

“First I need to pee,” I said as I sat on the toilet.

“You fucking tease,” his strangled voice came from the other side of the door. I knew his mannerisms so well, I knew he was running his hands through his hair and down his neck the way he always did when I teased him. 

“You’re gonna pay for that. And we’ll give a whole new meaning to the saying ‘things that go bump in the night’,” I heard him shout from the bedroom. 

I couldn’t wait. 


“Move.” You hear someone mumble behind you in an low and irritated voice.

You turn around startled by their rudeness. He was looking right at you his face  clearly annoyed. He made your nervous right away. He was good-looking, the type of good-looking guy you only see in movies or models. His features were sharp and perfect. His hair was a nice shade of brown, it wasn’t that dark or that light and you liked the way it slightly covered his eyebrows. He had on a grey cardigan and white button up underneath, with some black slacks clearly showing he had a good sense of fashion. A backpack hung lazily off his left shoulder showing he was a student just like you.

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Imagine being in a relationship with Dean and Sam acting annoyed over it but is secretly happy for you two.

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“Can you guys please just get a room already?” Sam huffed as he strode back to the passenger side of the Impala only to find the car locked. “Dean, keys.”

There was no response from his older brother who currently had his mouth occupied with yours. A hand left your waist only to come up behind him with his index finger in the air as a silent order for Sam to stop talking. You were too busy to notice the dark storm clouds beginning to appear above you. You would have already been in the car if Dean hadn’t flashed one of his teasing winks and smile your way. The jerk knew exactly what he was doing, and, public or not, he just didn’t care.

“Guys,” Sam sighed, “it’s going to start raining!” Thunder boomed across the horizon as a single rain drop fell onto Sam’s hair, and that was the last straw. When it came to his hair, he would do anything to protect it…but interrupting his brother’s happiness just wasn’t one. Dean never had much luck when it came to good days or good news. It seemed the world just hated the Winchesters, so when Dean finally found you, Sam couldn’t have been more pleased. As annoying as the constant making out was, his brother’s 24/7 smile was more important.

My Immortal

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Fandom: Teen Wolf

Pairings: Derek x Reader

Warnings: Angst, unrequited love

A/N: I was listening to ‘My Immortal’ by Evanescence and came up with this.

You sat in the darkness of your room, your eyes swollen shut from crying. There was nothing left, not with him, your best friend. You were there for him through everything, the good and the bad, always by his side no matter the choice he made.

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prompt: “Before you decide to murder me, let me explain…”

For @gavinisabanana​ <3 thanks for all your support!

“I’m gonna fucking kill you!”

Gavin’s back hits the brick wall with a resounding, painful thud. Ryan scowls down at him. He’s more angry than he’s been in a long time; heart pounding, burning ire racing through his veins, and his hands fist in the front of Gavin’s shirt, pressing him against the wall hard enough that he coughs. Struggling for air, his hands go up to grip Ryan’s wrists, trying to pry his iron grip loose.

“Ryan, wait,” he chokes out. He pushes ineffectually at his chest, but Ryan won’t be moved, his glare only intensifying as he stares down at the other man.

There’s a dark, painful looking bruise swelling around Gavin’s left eye, but he’s still got that obnoxious grin on his face. Like this is all a fucking joke to him. God, Ryan could punch him - in fact, he thinks he will. He pulls a fist back and Gavin squeaks and flinches, hunching up into himself as best he can with Ryan’s other hand still tightly gripping his shirt.

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Imagine Castiel dressing up as your favorite Chief Medical Officer

Star Trek fun, I’m not one bit sorry. 

Dean version 

Just going to tag a few people who I know appreciate both of these handsome devils: @bkwrm523 @girl-next-door-writes @feelmyroarrrr 

You grab a beer and the package salad Sam had left you in the fridge. Shuffling towards your bedroom, the boys had left on a case that you opted out of. You were hoping to get some much needed alone time with your boyfriend, Castiel.

Pushing open the door to your bedroom, you nearly drop the beer in your hand. Castiel was standing there with his back to you, his usual get up replaced with a dark blue long sleeved shirt and black pants tucked into black boots.

He turns to you, his hands behind his back with a satisfied smirk on his face. Your eyes widen at the silver Starfleet insignia on the shirt. Cas walks toward you, his hands still behind his back as he steps in front of you.

“Hello, darlin’.”  

His voice comes out in a deep southern drawl that has you wet in an instant.

“What are you doing?” you practically whimper under his gaze.

“I understand you have a thing, as Dean put it, for Leonard McCoy. Chief Medical Officer of the USS Enterprise,” Castiel brought his hand to your waist pulling you against him.

With the salad and beer still in your hands, he takes them from you walking away to put them on the desk. You quickly shut the door behind you and when you turn Cas is right in front of you holding up a replica tricorder to your body.

“I detect a high level of arousal, Commander Y/N,” the angel’s voice tries to sound serious, but there is a hint of playfulness in his tone.

“Well Doctor, do you think you can do something about that?”

Castiel’s eyes narrow, he hands over the tricorder and pulls you to the bed. He pushes you down gently onto the bed, smirking as his body lingers over yours. Cas thrusts his hips into you, causing you to moan out in pleasure. Your reaction causes him to chuckle, raising his eyebrow as he starts to unbuckle his belt.

“Sweetheart, you’re in good hands.” 

Author : Mel
Gif given by : @bigdaddymongoose
A/N : I’m really having fun writing based on gifs. Especially with this one.

Groaning as he came to, Dean opened his eyes, but was met with darkness. “What the-” He tried to move his hands, but was met with the cold steel of handcuffs. He smirked softly to himself remembering the girl he had left with. He moved to shift his legs, but found he had cuffs around his ankles as well. “Well, good morning to you too, sweetheart.” He smiled.

His smile faded when he realized, there was not a single sound to indicate anyone else was there.

“Sweetheart?” He moved his head, straining to hear any sound. Was he wrong, was he no longer in his motel room? “Sammy!?” He called out, hoping he wasn’t captured somewhere. Wouldn’t be the first time some hot chick turned out to be supernatural. “SAMMY!”

“Dean?” He could hear his brother behind a door before knocking. “Dean is everything okay?”

“What the fuck is going on Sam!?” Dean was a bit panicked. He didn’t like being restrained like this. “Sammy!?”

Hearing the panic is Dean’s voice, Sam picked the lock quick, but when he opened the door, he had to stifle a laugh.


“I’m here, Dean.” Sam was smiling as he walked closer to his brother. He reached around and untied the blindfold. Dean groaned, turning his head away from the light to let his eyes adjust. “I’m not suppose to laugh, right?” Sam was grinning.

“The fuck are you talking about..” Dean turned his head back, and looked down at himself. “Son of a bitch!” His hands and feet were cuffed to the bed frame. He was completely naked except for a flesh light around his cock, and written across his chest in bright red lipstick was ‘Asshole’. “Wipe that smile off your face Samuel, and help me get these cuffs off.” Dean growled.

Sam chuckled, and started to pick the lock of the cuffs on Dean’s right wrist before moving around the bed to do the other. “How long were you like this?”

“Fuck if I know..” Honestly, Dean couldn’t remember much of last night. He vaguely remembered a girl, a fun girl, a little kinkier than he was use to apparently.

As Sam worked on freeing his left wrist, Dean reached down to move the flesh light. “Don’t fucking look at me like that, Sam. It’s not mine. Which is really fucking grossing me out right now.” As he gave it a tug, his face paled. “You better be kidding me…”

“What?” Sam freed his brothers left hand, and moved to do his foot.

“Crazy bitch glued it on!”

Sam couldn’t hold back anymore, and burst out laughing.