darkness comes alive

Where are you?

Where are you at three a.m.?
Yes, we’re back here – The Devil’s Hour
Where man turns to beast
And the fair maiden – a femme fatale

Darkness comes alive here
Whatever the words at daybreak
You never want the darkness to end
There is temptation

Sell your soul. Let it bleed dry
Until the masks return at daybreak
Where are you at three a.m.?


We tell ourselves…that we are the walking dead.

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what are your favourite batcat quotes of all time?

Catwoman to Batman

Batman (v1) #392

Batman: Dark Victory

We’ve done this dance for a long time. Too long. Aren’t you at all curious?–Batman: Hush

Forget about being a detective for once. We are who we are. That’s why this works.Batman: Hush

You are part of the night just like me. We’re not afraid of the dark. We come alive in it…we’re thrilled by it.– Catwoman (v2) #40

 ❝You’re catnip to a girl like me. Handsome, dazed, and to die for.– Batman Returns

My real prey is and will always be Batman.– Batman: The Brave and the Bold “Shadow of the Bat” 

I don’t want any silly statue lover. I want to play!Tim Sale Solo “Date Knight” 

I don’t care what the other girls say, you’re fun.” –Tim Sale Solo “Date Knight” 

You’re just another cop, aren’t you – smarter, cooler, more seductive – but a cop just the same.– Catwoman (v1) #4

Batman to Catwoman

Detective Comics (v1) #850 

Batman: The Brave and the Bold “Inside the Outsiders!”

I told her I’ve never met anyone like her. I told her I trusted her with my life, and that I felt tied to her in a way that I couldn’t explain but wouldn’t change…ever. The best liars always tell the truth. [Selina: And that was true?] Yes…just not about her. –Gotham “The Son of Gotham” 

I just do, Selina! No matter what, I believe that deep down you’re really a good person. –Catwoman (v3) #1

❝[Selina: Come and chase me, Batman] Count on it.– Catwoman (v2) #75

I don’t have much time for fun. It’s true. I never have. But you always remind me it’s possible, Selina…you… God, I really am pathetic at this, aren’t I?Catwoman (v3) #32

— “Didn’t I tell you not to get involved?” Montague’s voice finally snapped. He could feel his anger just ready to burst. His dark color thick eyebrows narrowed as his dark hues glared at them. “And look what happened?! You nearly got yourself killed!” he screamed. It was him who had the fresh wounds on his face still bright with blood. “You’re not meant for this lifestyle, stay out of it.” He warned. 

「… as expected, your usual hair looks better.」
「Because the braid will always look best on you, Leaks. But… I am more than happy with this.」
「Agreeing to my selfish request again… Thank you. 」

You know, on a re-watch, I really think that Kylo Ren originally intended to abandon the Dark Side when he faced his father on the bridge. He drops his helmet, the music swells, and he hands his lightsaber to his father.

And then the light goes.

Poe says “as long as there’s light, we’ve got a chance” and when the light goes, I think that Kylo thought the weapon was finished charging. Han has just gotten him to entertain the idea that maybe it’s not too late, maybe he can come back, and then light fades and Kylo think that it’s fired, that his mother is so much ash and dust and he helped make it that way, and how do you come back from that? His father is wrong; he can’t come back. The Dark Side is the only thing left. And so he murders his father. If there’s a place in the universe for someone who’s, in his mind, committed matricide, it’s with the Dark Side. 

Aesthetics & Sensations Of Being In Love With The Signs (Scorpio P.O.V)

Aries: Wildfire. A haphazard flame flickering in the night, consuming the sky with a bright orange glow. Drum beats as intense as the stutter in my chest. Staring at eyes that dance like wildfire. Toothy grins. Running, gravel crunching beneath our boots. Our laughter mingling and echoing throughout the earth. Burning cities. Warmth. Exchanged mischievous glances. Clashing teeth and swollen lipped kisses. The skies lit up in flickering ash. Resting my head on your shoulder. Warmth in my chest. Watching the flames swallow the city. Hot skin against hot skin. Playful teasing. Knowing we look great together. Your fingers brushing against my neck. Biting my lip when you look at me. Knowing we can build bridges and burn them together. 

Taurus: Soft and slow. Waking up to white sheets. Being engulfed in warm arms. Stretching right once I wake up. The feeling of crisp cold water going down my throat. Safety. Breathing in fresh air. Sweet forehead kisses. Light pockets of warmth spreading through my chest. Receiving gifts. The creak of an open door. Holding hands and running through crowds. Sweet smiles. The crunch of twigs beneath my feet. Morning fog covering trees that meet the sky. The sweet aroma of cookies fresh from the oven. Indulging in each other. Dim lights of a plane. Pushing up the armrest that separates us. Resting against you as the pilot tells us there are nine hours left on the flight. Watching you doze off in a heartbeat. The itchy complimentary blanket. Knowing my home is wherever you go. 

Gemini: Surprise. Excitement in uneasiness. Looking into an abyss. The pull into darkness. Adrenaline rushes. Jumping off a cliff into bright blue waters. Wind blowing at my face. Unexpected hugs and hand holding. Shoulders brushing. Driving fast. Laughter lost in the wind. Playful teasing. Coy smiles. Dizzy, zig zagged walking as our arms are wrapped around each other. Falling in grass and laughing. Eccentric humor. Surprise kisses. The nervousness that comes from trying something new. Blushes that sweep my cheeks. Feeling unnerved but in a good way. Bright stars in a black sky. Walking on tip-toes. Balancing on a tightrope. A never ending mystery. Serendipitous moments everyday.

Cancer: Crawling into bed after a long, terrible day. Arms that wrap around me, pulling me in. Comfort. The smell and feel of fresh laundry. Sweet “hushing” sounds and the words, “It’s okay. I’m here.” Kisses at the crease between my eyebrows. The feeling after a good cry. The sound of rain pattering against the window. Steam from microwavable noodles. Warm fuzzy socks. Snuggling and cuddling. Goosebumps. Your hot breath against my skin. The sparkle of firecrackers. Warmth and tingles at my toes. Movie nights. Arms wrapping around me when my back is turned to you. You burying your face in my shoulder. Watching your chest rise slowly with each sleeping breath. Unexpected compliments. Tenderness. Hushed giggles in the dead of night. Feeling anchored. Fingers brushing against skin as the other dozes off. Shy knowing smiles. Eternal comfort. 

Leo: Warmth. The one that leaves me speechless. Tingles running throughout my entire body. Sunsets. Excitement. Flaming pink skies that taint our skin the same color. Soft goosebumps. My motivator. My playful competitor. Words that give me meaning. That push me to do better. Chilly nights. Forrest fires that we set aflame just to give each other warmth. Bringing the world to ashes. Mischievous adventures. The taunt of a challenge. Long, steamy kisses in the back seat of your truck. Late night pranks. Riding on motorcycles. Driving around at night. Dressing in all black. Looking like a pair that could cut like a knife. Your movement like the flickering of a fire. Bright. Lively. Dangerous. Consuming everything in it’s wake. Knowing that if you wanted light, I’d gladly set myself on fire. 

Virgo: Home. A stable heartbeat. A bouquet of flowers. Vivid colors. Cloudy skies. Warm tea. Good advice. Silly inside jokes. My ear pressed against your chest. Cooking for each other. Chivalry. Respect. Mannerisms. Reassuring squeezes. Hot unwinding baths. Light at the end of a tunnel. Your mind balancing out my heart. Arms pulling me back from a fight. Words of reason. Your hands bandaging up my wounds. Wiping away tears. Your fingers brushing hair out of my face. Soft jaw kisses. The faint brush of lips. Warm embraces. Capturing moments in photographs. Sentimental gifts. Being truly cared about. Catching each other stealing glimpses at one another. Surprising hidden passions. You opening up more and more each day. The fluttering feeling in my stomach. Hands around waists. Fairy lights and sweet blushing. Planning trips together. Being spoiled silly. Knowing I can always go to you. A steady anchor in the sea of my unyielding emotions. 

Libra: Charmed. My breath catching in my throat. Soaking in each and every pronounced syllable you speak. Feeling entranced. Being put under a spell. Feeling swept off of my feet. Insightful debates. Admiration beaming through my features. Learning new things. The feeling of being on the edge of a new discovery. Being unable to peel my eyes away from yours. The feeling of being taken off guard. Watching your lips. Unexpected compliments. Extravagant baked goods. Sweet syrup dripping on my tongue. Rich, luxurious, exotic tastes. The smell of spices. Trust. Soft whispering. Organization. Traveling the world. Art museums. Your hand holding on side of the map, my hand holding the other. Choosing where to go next together. Expensive hotels. Couple mirror selfies. Steamy bubble baths. Perfect symmetry. The bright sun peaking through heavy curtains. Waking up engulfed in warmth. Hands around waist. Soft, slow, passionate kisses with our lips twisted into smiles. Gasping for breath. Deliberate slowness. The luxury of your skin on mine. Messy hair. One sock up, one sock down. Inside jokes. Sketchbooks and journals. Your life a way of art. Sickly sweet perfumes. Witty humor. Laughing out loud. Never ending intrigue. Knowing smirks. Aesthetic beauty. Calculated teasing. Dust softly floating in the air. Soft velvet. The distant sounds of harps. Golds and silvers. Sparkling watches and glittering jewelry. The feeling of ivory piano keys beneath my fingers. Elegant attire. Shimmering chandeliers. Smears of people in a brilliant dining hall. Fresh clean air in a balcony. You devoted attention even though the world is before us. Champagne bubbling down my throat. Watching the stars. Your warmth radiating at my side. Feeling like the finest out of the finer things in life. 

Scorpio: Comfort in darkness. A city coming alive in the dead of night. The outlet seat at a coffee shop. Vanilla entering my lungs. Surprising affection. Mischievous half smirks. Licking lips. The creak of floorboards. Buzzings in my ear. Heavy breathing. Hot and fast. The ripping of fabric. Being pressed against a wall. Intense, feverish kisses. Hot skin against hot skin. Laying in bed intertwined. Your breath against my face. Intense eyes. Forgetting the world. Things passing in the blink of an eye. Catching my breath. Letting all your secrets come out. Reading in an empty library. Instant text replies. Conversations that last hours. Running your hands through my hair. New ideas.The smell of lavenders. Deep rumbles of laughter. Warmth spreading throughout my body. Being cared about by someone who otherwise cares for no one. Spooning. The sound of thunder. Trying new things. The mysterious abyss of the ocean. The wild winds in a storm. Driving fast through an empty freeway. Still, silent nights. The feeling of starting a new book. Closeness. Comfort food. Running into the darkness. Inside jokes. Impulsive decisions. Thinking with the heart. Being allowed to vent. To stress cry. Free of judgement. Being able to let down walls. Newly found optimism. The eternal reassurance of faithfulness. 

Sagittarius: Adventure. My heart thumping in my chest. My breath being caught in my throat. The smell of exotic spices. Late night road trips. Stargazing on roofs. The world freezing to watch you smile. Bright, full on grins that light up the room. Watching you instead of the stars. Your animated voice, warm and passionate, filling the night. A warm smile spreading across my lips. Driving without direction. Last minute route changes. Sweaty palms and eager eyes. Discovery. Secret hideouts. Lake water up to my knees. The sun glistening against the lake. Water dripping from your hair. Cold crisp water splashing against my face. Dancing in the rain with bare feet. Our own storybook unfolding. Loud, breathless laughter. Fresh take out food. Chasing each other in circles. Spontaneous road trips. Running and never looking back. Biking downhill with your feet off the pedals. Flirtatious neck kisses. Playful bickering. Your lips on my jaw. The nibble of teeth against skin. Being made lunch by surprise. The warm sun against my skin. Butterflies in my stomach. Leaps of faith. Cute little notes. The unexpected quiet moments. Your breath against my skin. Your surprisingly sweet affection. Arms that wrap around me like you never want to let go. You, telling me I’m the one. You, telling me you want to see the world with me. Knowing I could be anywhere with you and always feel safe. A never ending adventure.

Capricorn: Equals. Looking sharp. Hard edges. Expensive cars. Champagne bubbling down my throat. Expensive fabrics against my skin. Power, motivation, passion. An unstoppable union. Closeness without touching. Exchanged glances, a silent conversation. Knowing eyes, keen. Your hand pressed against my back. Whispered words. All eyes on us. Reassuring squeezes. The glimmer of chandeliers in warmly lit marble rooms. Warmth sweeping through my body. Intimacy waiting to be unraveled. Letting loose behind closed doors. Telling someone your problems for once. Amazing back massages. Newly found knowledge. Long conversations. Legs intertwining in bed. Slow, steamy kisses. Finding the other fallen asleep at their desk. A warm blanket wrapping around shoulders. Foggy reading glasses. The aroma of warm home made coffee. Misty mornings. Bringing each other food. Foggy windows. Dew on leaves. Fresh air. Early hikes. Pressing your thumb against your lip. Messy journals. The shutter of a camera. Trust. Knowing you level each other out. Cold mornings on top of a hill. Glistening lake water. The warmth of your side pressed against my own. Exchanging body heat. Tattered blankets wrapped around our shoulders. The sweet chirp of birds. Secrets only we know. The first breath of sunrise.

Aquarius: Ease. A love that sneaks up on me. Whispered jokes during class. Board games. Potted cacti. The feeling of grass in between my fingers. Singing loudly and obnoxiously to the music in your car. Conversations that go on forever. Inside jokes. Rolling the windows down. The wind in my hair. The feeling of, “where have you been my whole life?” Being able to say anything without judgement. Being taken care of for once. The crunch of salad between my teeth. The sun on your face. Ease in a crowded room. Feeling relaxed. Blue skies. Letting my guard down. Playing with your hair. Summers that last forever. The sudden realization that I’ve fallen in love. Watching them as if the world has gone in slow motion. Exchanged smirks when something funny happens. Prank calls and secret handshakes. Music festivals. Sweaty palms. Me, smiling so hard that my cheeks hurt. Our laughter mingling in the air. The swift movement of you pressing your lips to mine. Surprise, my smile dropping from my face. My body tensing and freezing. My eyes closing and me kissing you back. Being swallowed by a pool of relaxed nerves all over again. Feeling right. Teeth clashing when we begin to laugh again. My heart thumping loud in my chest. Bright, eager eyes. My lips tingling. Learning a new dance together. Making vines. Nudging shoulders. Shaking heads in good humor. Finally understanding why people marry their best friends. 

Pisces: Coziness. Looking out for someone. Warm hugs. Mutual protection. Resting head on the other’s lap. Cute, upside down kisses. Blowing bubbles. Being pushed in a shopping cart. Milk tea. Colorful straws. Pastel skies. The feel of warm sheets fresh from the dryer and the smell laundry detergent. Lavender gardens. Glitter. Pink rose petals against my fingertips. Painting on each other’s bodies. Goosebumps when you touch me. Tracing the lines of your limbs. Cracked paint. Holding hands. Adorable grins and blushes that sweep cheeks. Dressing up as ghosts and walking around grocery stores at night. Getting breakfast together. Accidentally pouring too much syrup. Driving and watching the sunrise. You, blowing air into my ear. Tickling each other. Fairy lights. Our laughter ringing in the air. Floor mattresses. Spinning together. Singing on the top of our lungs. The color blue. Chlorinated pools and wide open oceans. The softness and subtleties of life. Falling in love with simplicity. 

Dark mascara dripping down my face, only fools could ever feel this way. Send my message into outer space, wonder if it’s gonna float your way. I can’t compete with the stars in the sky. I’m invisible, invisible. I open the window to clear out my mind, but it’s difficult, so difficult. Houston, I know there’s a problem here. Must be a hole in the atmosphere. Baby, I wanna be closer to love. Patience, darling, wait for the night. Darkness comes and love comes alive. I’ve been right here dreaming of you. Waiting for my man on the moon, moon.
—  Man On The Moon by Britney Spears


I can feel it in the air.

No one enters The Dark North and comes back alive. Breathing, yes, but how can a breath be considered life? When your soul is covered in ice, and your body has known true darkness, how can you be alive? They say that beyond The Pass, with its long forgotten borders, Death makes it’s home. They say Death is as cold as it is dark: the darkness of night and the cold of winter are one and the same. Just as Death has no mercy, The Dark North is unforgiving. Death watches from its domain, hidden by the howling wind and the freezing rain. You’d best listen to the stories your mother told you as you drifted to sleep. Stay in your village, little human. Stay in the warmth, stay in the light.


And it’s filled with despair.

Beware, little human. The Dark North is perilous, and it is forbidden to your kind. Death has no mercy, even for the brave and the bold. Death mocks you from its throne made of ice and snow. Far past the reaches of North’s Peak, far from the safety of flaming torches and polished steel. Here, fire is a false promise, and you are no more than a moth drawn to it’s flame. Here, steel can shatter as easily as the bones beneath your skin…There is no hope for you, little human. Do not enter The Dark North. You will not come back alive.


It will be the last thing you do.

Not sure if Tumblr ate the rest of my ask but, three things!

1. I’m reading Chasing Suns as well so I’m wondering if it’s Cam or Stella that looks like someone McNamara. I forgot which one it was ^^’ I may want to draw her as a thank you gift to you <3

2. What zodiac sign would Stella be?

3. There’s a song called Stars In The Night (it’s WWE wrestler Paige’s entrance theme) & I was wondering if you took the title from there. If not, the first two to lines go really well with the last few chapters: “Tear the stars out from the sky; darkness falls, I come alive”

That is all. You’re awesome. Shutting up now!

Stella is the one that looks like Katherine McNamara <3 If you draw her I will probably cry tears of joy forever lololol 

Zodiac sign… Pieces! <3 Her birthday is February 19th <3

I haven’t listened to that song actually. Lol I’ll have to check it out sometime. I got the title from both Stella and Noctis’s names actually. Stella in latin means Star (aka why gentiana calls her “My Star”) and Noctis’s name means night! :D