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imsoblueforsj’s questions:

1. Which fandom do you mostly belong to?


2. Who is your ultimate bias?

T_T My mom.. LOLJK. (Sorry I’m a sarcastic asshole :c) Of course it’s my husband Park Jungsu <3 I WILL FOREVER WAIT FOR YOU BBY. <3

3. Your favourite OTP?

Eunhae.. They just need to come out already. I mean come on THEY ARE SO OBVIOUS. Plus ELF’s would probably eat alive whoever is against them & their love ^-^

4. Your story on how,when, why you started liking Kpop :D ?

Aish.. My friend who was in KFC (KOREANFANCLUB) dragged me to one of his little meetings and they were listening to kpop & I immediately got hooked on it. And that was before I saw how flawless the men were. :o

5. Favourite song and dance?

Favorite song? .. Right now I would have to say it’s a tie with every song on the Sexy, Free & Single album & Heaven by Ailee.

Favorite dance: Tie between Sorry Sorry, Sexy, Free & Single & Sherlock.c:

6. Which song makes you cry?

Every Super Junior songs cus I miss my hubby very very VERY much. </3

7. Who do you wish to be your sibling ?

Kyuhyun becus we are both evil maknaes & Heechul becus we both have anger issues and seem like divas, but really we are actually really caring people & Yesung becus we both have AMAZING dance moves.

8. Where are you from? 

California, USA, North America, Earth, Milky Way.c:

9. How old are you?


10. What is the weirdest video you’ve seen?

UHM.. In kpop, One Of A Kind, but it’s weird in a beautiful way. In just whatever music, most of Lady Gaga’s mvs. But she is my queen so they are also weird in a beautiful way.

11. Do you listen to music while going to sleep?

I do. But sadly that usually causes me to stay up longer becus it makes me want to dance. xD

Now my questions. Since I still have to finish, more like start, my homework I will copy most of the questions I answered.

1. Who is your ultimate bias?

2. Who always tries to steal your ultimate bias’s spot?

3. Would you ever tattoo your bias’s name on your body?

4. What’s your favorite kpop mv?

5. If you had a chance to live in the same house as your bias, would you?

6. Which fandom do you belong to?

7. Which song always cheers you up?

8. Who will you cry oceans for when they enlist in the army?

9. Have you ever made/eaten Korean food?

10. Which mv makes you spazz out every single time you watch it?

11. Is there a kpop group you hate?