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What a handsome young man he was. He was definitely someone she would’ve bedded maybe last month, but she was much more careful with her choices in men now adays. She could read people with one touch but sometimes that small amount of insight wasn’t enough. Like now.. well.. she couldn’t read a lot about him but what little she saw sent shivers down her spine. “You really need to walk around armed, handsome?” she asked curiously, glancing over her shoulder to nod towards his sword.

       ; oh my, what a crowd!

              Had she left Columbia; this might’ve not happened. Bothered, the woman, walked around unfamiliar building. Steel, iron walls, they seem to be as she pause and leaned to the wall to listen what’s on the other side, tapping them so came after. She might just then look like a lunatic to whoever’s around and familiar here. But of course, she’ll ignore them profusely and walk, as if nothing had happened! What boldness, Elizabeth.

               Somehow it resembles the place where she had escaped with DeWitt not long time ago. Yet it doesn’t, if you look more carefully, quite be true. The woman then paused; tired of walking around empty halls with nobody to converse with, ask - And on that moment was she spotted a figure at the end, her heels clicking under the floor she walked closer to them - a tap to their shoulder lightly.

          “ I apologize for invading your space, and property without your knowledge -…”, muttering more of that last part to herself with embarrassment, and quickly gathering what was left of her, but then continued, but - could I inquire where I am? This doesn’t look like Paris, much to my dismay - but the place is quite interesting so to say least!

A brow lifted as honey pools fell upon an unfamiliar form. A different scent from everyone else. Oh, he wasn’t human. Her head gave an ever so slight tilt and her pale sienna eyes blinked slowly as her weight shifted. If there was one thing she could comment on, it was his choice of attire.. How Classy~. Plush tiers curled into a half smirk. “Well, hello~.”