“I got used to seeing him waiting for me at the end of corridors, or sitting at the edge of my bed when I fell asleep at night. When he didn’t appear, I sometimes found myself looking for him or wondering why he hadn’t come, and that frightened me most of all.”
Leigh Bardugo, Siege and Storm

it’s a shame alina didn’t choose the darkling in the end because can you imagine an absolute crack-headcanon scenario, in which inej and kaz meet darklina and are both super star-struck - inej because she’s meeting a saint and kaz because “hi, mr. darkling, i’m kaz brekker. big fan, been following your work for a while.”

No but when the guy in a book smirks or “grins widely” at his love interest like fuck me and pick me up off the floor because I just swooned


dark & creepy characters in literature halloween edition.

the darkling, the grisha trilogy

“How could he be so cruel and still so human?”

any suggestions?

Me when I get a little too invested in fictional characters

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favorite book couples → [7/?] Alina Starkov & Aleksander Morozova

                                      ☼  It’s hard when we argue
                                                     We’re both stubborn