darkleer cosplay


As was true of the bellicose world we know, there came to be twelve heroes on this peaceful planet. These heroes too had twelve ancestors whose fortunes were entwined with theirs. These twenty-four figures of legend were not of this world but sent from the sky, delivered from a reality not yet conceived.

Marquise Spinneret Mindfang (x) Executor Darkleer (x) The Grand Highblood (x) Orphaner Dualscar (x) Her Imperious Condescension (x)

The Signless (x) The Psiioniic (x) The Disciple (x)

Photographer (x)


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External image

♉: I pretend I am big and str0ng. I lead failure 0f rev0ultion.

♊: Live battery. Sh0uld be d0uble pitied. Condesce’s little bitch.

♋: I preach 0f imp0ssible w0rld. F00lish idi0t. Deserved death I g0t.

♌: I write even stupider stories. And draw ugly pictures. Ab0ut f00lish idi0t.

♍: Idi0ts m0m? What the fuck is a m0m.

♎: I am so g00d at being a legislacerat0r. That I died 0n first case. Very rad.

♏: Wh0 is a bigger bitch. Me or fish hitler. Alternia will never kn0w.

♐: Huge creep. Very much live up t0 my name.

♑: H0nk. H0nk h0nk h0nk. All I d0 is h0nk.

♒: Ultimate cry baby. Cant tell j0ke. Huge l0ser.

♓: 0h my c0d. I l0ve bad puns. I l0ve killing. I am despised by all. And it is fintastic.