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Planar Cosmology Part 1

There’s much debate on how to begin laying out your world. I personally believe in the start small go big method, as designing a city is a massive task. But if you know how to make a village, you use that as a district. If you put several districts together, you have a city.

However to introduce the world I’ve built, I’m going to start with its planar cosmology. I don’t recommend tackling the planes until you’ve had some experience worldbuilding, but I do recommend building a cosmology. Its very rewarding and gives you new rules to play with.

The 5e DM guide is very helpful in encouraging your own design while giving you rules to make it work. They recommend different systems and interesting ideas like being able to take The River Styx from the material plane into different hellish planes.

I have built my cosmology to do the following:
-Use all of the planes in case a player requests one in their backstory so I’m ready
-Outline clear rules on extraplanar travel
-Explain why the planes interact with each other the way they do and give a “geography” of them

The next post will outline the cosmology. This one was meant to introduce it so now we can jump in with phases and relative time so buckle up.

If you have any extraplanar questions on this or for your own let me know!