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Dark my dear please, could a fellow tormented soul bent of suicide get a hug? Maybe a short kiss? I love u senpai but I hate myself. .....

“Claiming to be a ‘fellow’ tormented soul would be incorrect.”

Dark’s forehead twitched and creased from the movement of his eyebrows, the lack of sympathy stinging hard like shards of glass against the skin.

“Humans believe they understand true pain. They have absolutely no recollection. Pain is only a temporary sensation to you. Pain comes and goes in a natural wave and flow. Pain is a trinket of harder times that are destined to end for humans like you.”

He grunted and scoffed.

“Pain is constant for Figments like me. You will never come remotely close to what I feel. I do not get to choose my sensations, I do not get to decide to feel happy when one particular day is exceptionally bright. Never come to me expecting sympathy with your human trials. I will provide a hug for you, if that is a comfort humans desire, but I will never reach out and try to make you ease your pain, when I have bountiful of my own.”

Chegamos em um ponto que já não tinha mais para onde correr, só haviam duas opções: ir ou ir. E isso foi uma das coisas mais difíceis que cheguei a fazer, porque não contava com o fim. Ok, eu sei que alguns finais felizes não duram para sempre, mas, porra, tinha que ser logo o meu? E doeu e ainda dói, até hoje, como um machucado que não cortou só o coração, cortou a alma também. Mas o amor se esgota e nós também.
—  Nathalia Gaygher.
The Boy with the Demon Dick

***DISCLAIMER: I began this a few months ago after drinking way too much one night. I got wasted again last night and apparently decided to finish it. This is completely unedited and in no way reflects my actual skill level, this is 100% my writer brain while inebriated. There is smut in this, as horribly written as it is.***

Pairing: Sam x Reader
Word count: 656

“Sam, i told you I don’t want to suck it,” you cried when he whipped out that 11 inch dick-o-steel.

“Baby, the demon blood only goes in my body, not my dick. It’s like got a filter or some shit, like a dick blood filter,” Sam replied, touching his silly nilly willy.

“Shit,” you conceeeded opening your mouth and taking his cock into your luciously moist talking box. “Mmrmmgh,” you mumbled.

Sam shook his head and lifted his very broad shoulders in a shrug. “Didnt anyone tell you to not talk with your mouth full?”

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Taste The Rainbow

“Hey Murph …want a sweetie?” You smirk at your boyfriend, who is lounging on the sofa opposite you.

“Go on then” he smiles, opening his mouth.

“No…you have to come get it” You say popping another skittle into your mouth.

You then start leaping up and back away from Murphy, a cheeky smile across your face teasing his senses. You stick out your tongue seductively as a sweet melts there upon it. He winks at you, jumping up from the sofa, in pursuit of you. You run around the house, sticking your tongue out at him. He runs after you. You scream out, as he catches hold of your waist pulling you down to the floor. You giggle, as he tickles you into submission. He grabs your hands and holds them so you have no escape. He smirks at you as he grabs the bag of skittles and empties them into his mouth, and then winks at you. He runs his tongue down your body, making you shiver. His hands gripping yours so you cant move. You see a trail of colour spread down to your belly button. You laugh as it tickles uncontrollably as Murphy nibbles, sucks, and lips all over your body. He lets go of your hands and begins to pull of layers off your clothes. His breathing becomes more serious, deep and heated. His plants kisses along your collarbone, and down to your chest, licking your bare nipples making you squirm in delight. Your hands are in his hair, groaning out his name. His fingers trail across the edge of your underwear, teasing you through the material. Your breathing becomes sharp and shallow as his tongue traces where his fingers had been, pushing your underwear aside. His tongue plays with you, licking and sucking at your clit, before pushing his tongue inside you. You can’t control your gasps and bursts of sheer pleasure, moaning out his name. He flicks his tongue onto the most sensitive parts, holding down your legs so you can’t move. You feel your body tense, shake and a burst of knotted twisting takes over your stomach as you climax into his mouth. You scream out his name once more, and are left panting on the floor. Murphy looks up towards you and smirks, sticking out his tongue which is every colour under the sun from the skittles.

“Taste the rainbow” He smirks, winking.



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