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Imaginary MCU shows (part 3): “Marvel’s Magicians”



With the success of the Ghost Rider and Blade shows, Marvel decided to take it up a notch in this “Riderverse”. Taking a cue from DC’s “Legends of Tomorrow”, the idea behind “Marvel’s Magicians” was that the cast would comprise of magicians who have appeared on either Ghost Rider or Blade. 

As a side note, the show’s title did not reference a specific magician due to the fact that there is no true protagonist on the show. The unofficial protagonist is Jennifer Kale but even that’s up for debate among the MCU fanbase.

(AN: I make references to the other parts in this series so it’s best to read part 1 and 2 to fully understand this post) 


1) Natalie Dormer as Jennifer Kale: The unofficial main protagonist of the series. She is a Rising Tide hacker who descended from Zhered-Na, an ancient Atlantean sorceress. Throughout the course of the series, she learns how to master her abilities in order to become a master sorceress. Along with Robbie Reyes and Blade, the MCU fanbase has dubbed the trio “The Unholy Trinity”.

It was only appropriate that when Marvel announced the Midnight Sons crossover event, Marvel TV hyped the event up by showcasing a teaser where Robbie, Jennifer, and Blade encountered each other in a dark alley.      

(First appeared as a recurring character on “Marvel’s Ghost Rider”. She was a friend of Daisy Johnson during her time in the Rising Tide) 

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2) Rosabell Laurenti Sellers as Victoria Montesi: A young, gifted sorceress from Italy and the leader of the Darkhold Redeemers. Victoria is on S.H.I.E.L.D.’s most wanted list after she and the other Redeemers stole the Darkhold from them. Her reasoning was that S.H.I.E.L.D. had abused the book’s power. 

(First appeared as a guest character on “Marvel’s Blade”. She discusses her theft of the Darkhold with Fitz and Simmons)

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3) Bruce Boxleitner as Modred the Mystic: An ancient sorcerer from the Middle Ages who was reawakened on accident by Team Rider. He was once a good, ambitious sorcerer who sought to use the Darkhold to help people. But after exposure to the book, his soul was corrupted, forcing the sorcerers of his time to imprison him in temporal stasis. In the present day, although still corrupt, he now works for the team as an anti-hero.

(First appeared as a guest character on “Marvel’s Ghost Rider”) 

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4) Michael Cudlitz as Sam Buchanan: An Interpol agent who becomes entangled with the occult after meeting Victoria Montesi. He was assigned to protect her after the Church of Chthon, a cult that worships the elder god and wants the book for themselves, attacked Victoria. Sam is the grunt of the group, being the only one with actual combat training and experience (aside from Mack). 

(First appeared as a guest character on “Marvel’s Blade”, the same episode Victoria Montesi appeared in) 

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5) Aaron Yoo as David Tran: A sorcerer who hails from the New York Sanctum Sanctorum. He is revealed to be the half-brother of Ruby Minh Tran, the sorceress who was assigned by Doctor Strange to watch over Robbie Reyes/Ghost Rider. David is the comic relief of the show, being the most light-hearted of the team. 

David is Zoey Simmons’ main love interest. 

(First appeared as a recurring character on “Marvel’s Ghost Rider”. He bonded with his half-sister and competed with each other to see who was the better magician) 

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6) Jessica Brown Findlay as Zoey Simmons / The Daughter of Dormammu: Jemma Simmons’ younger sister. She was an antisocial outcast among her family, deeply resenting her sister due to her many achievements (the two PhDs in particular) and her popularity. Zoey ran away from home and eventually ran into a sect of magicians separate from the Sanctum Sanctorums. There, she became a follower of the dark entity Dormammu.

Zoey was a major recurring villain on “Marvel’s Blade” but became more of an anti-hero / anti-villain on “Marvel’s Magicians”. She joins the Darkhold Redeemers when the team realized they needed an expert on Dormammu / The Dark Dimension in general. Zoey accepted but only if it meant all of her crimes would be pardoned. 

Zoey is David Tran’s main love interest. 

(First appeared as a recurring character on “Marvel’s Blade” as the tertiary antagonist of seasons 1 and 2 before leaving the show) 

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7) Alexander Skarsgard as Daimon Hellstrom / Son of Satan: A half-human/half-demon hybrid who joins the team when he learns that his father and several other demons are planning on stealing the Darkhold for their own, sinister purposes. He joins the team alongside his sister, Satana. 

(First appeared as a recurring character on “Marvel’s Ghost Rider”)

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8) Crystal Reed as Satana Hellstrom / Daughter of Satan: Alongside her brother, Satana joins Team Magicians when she learns that her father and his demon pack are planning on stealing the Darkhold. Unlike her brother, who is selfish and arrogant, Satana is humble and wants to be seen more for her human half than her demon half.  

(First appeared as a recurring character on “Marvel’s Ghost Rider”)

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9) Mark Anthony Brighton as Jericho Drumm / Brother Voodoo: A voodoo sorcerer who was initially working for Steppin Razor but left due to the heat left in the wake of Deacon Frost’s death. After fleeing London, Jericho joined the Darkhold Redeemers. 

Behind the scenes note: Despite appearing in ‘Doctor Strange’, Mark was brought back as a different character since the producers liked him. 

(AN: I can’t take credit for this cast. All credit goes to @marvelvsmarvel)

(First appeared as a guest character on Blade)

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10) Troye Sivan as William “Billy” Kaplan / Wiccan: A young sorcerer who is searching for clues regarding his mother. It’s later revealed that Billy is the time-displaced son of the Scarlet Witch and Vision. He is not supposed to be born for another 10 or so years. The event that led to him being time displaced is unclear since Billy developed amnesia after being sent back.   

Billy’s boyfriend, Teddy Altman, appears later on in season two. 

(First appeared as a guest character on “Marvel’s Ghost Rider”. He showed up in Los Angeles, suffering from amnesia)

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11) Cicely Tyson as Professor Louise Hastings: One of the few remaining sorceresses from the “Golden Era”, which was the height of the Ancient One’s reign. Professor Hastings serves as the guide and mother figure of Team Magicians. 

NOTE: Cicely only appears as a series regular in season one. She is killed by Lilith at the end of season one as a way for the team to grow without a guide. 

(First appeared as a guest character on “Marvel’s Blade”) 

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12) Tyler James Williams as Jinx: Professor Louise Hastings’ grandson. Unlike his mother, Jinx has magical abilities, although he is a rookie at best. Jinx’s first name is never revealed on the show since he prefers his privacy.  

(First appeared as a guest character on “Marvel’s Blade”) 

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13) Henry Simmons as Alphonso “Mack” MacKenzie: Back by popular demand, Henry was brought onto the show. The in-story reason is that Mack was assigned to hunt the Darkhold Redeemers down after they stole the Darkhold. He stays with the team when he encounters the alt-world counterpart of his daughter.   

(First appeared as a main character on “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.”)

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14) Jordan Rivera as Hope MacKenzie: As the catalyst to the main story in season one, Hope from the alternate Earth (dubbed “Mephisto’s Earth” since it’s a version of Earth where Mephisto reigns supreme) crossed over to the MCU Earth after a portal between worlds was opened. Unlike the MCU Hope, alt-Hope despises her father. 

In season one, it’s heavily implied that alt-Mack was a horrible person. In season two, it’s revealed alt-Mack was a hitman with little regard to human life. He also took his daughter for granted by being constantly missing in her life.  

(Technically first appeared on “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.”, but as a program) 

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1) Nazanin Boniadi as Topaz: A homeless witch with no recollection of her past. Topaz is the “Skye” of the show since she’s trying to find out where she came from and why she can’t remember anything.

It’s revealed later on that Topaz and her parents were magicians who were part of Kaecilius’ rogue zealots and that her parents were taken by Dormammu at the end of “Doctor Strange”. Topaz had left the group before then when she realized that following Dormammu would lead only to ruin.

To spare Topaz since she was the only one who felt genuine remorse, the Ancient One (in a special guest appearance by Tilda Swinton), had her memory erased.

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2) Kristin Kreuk as Carmilla Black / Scorpion: Going back to Blade season three, the existence of vampires and werewolves had been made public, leading to the Roxxon Corporation to start funding projects that involved the supernatural.

The most successful product was Subject 18 / Frankenstein’s Monster, who would later go on to be the main antagonist of Blade’s season three. The SECOND most successful product was Subject 25 aka Carmilla Black / Scorpion. She was given the same task that Subject 18 was given; hunt down supernatural threats.

But unlike Frankenstein’s Monster, she ends up joining Team Magicians as the group’s lead assassin. As the series continues, Carmilla learns what it means to be human and manages to break free from her programming. 

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1) Winona Ryder as Lilith / Mother of All Demons: Main antagonist of season one and the Midnight Sons crossover event. Lilith is an ancient demon who was one of the few survivors of the collapse of Atlantis. She had been imprisoned in the ruins until being awaken by S.H.I.E.L.D.. 

Lilith is defeated twice in the MCU. The first time is when Jennifer Kale manages to banish her to hell at the end of season one (but not before Lilith kills Professor Louise Hastings). The second time is when she’s summoned back to Earth by her followers, only to be sent back to hell by the Midnight Sons (the combined forces of Team Rider, Team Blade, and Team Magicians). 

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2) Burn Gorman as Mephisto: Main antagonist of season two and technically, all three Riderverse shows. Although he’s appeared as a threat to all three main Riderverse shows, he steps up as the main threat in season two when he sets out to claim the Darkhold for himself.

Mephisto is technically not defeated at the end of season two. He simply stops his assault when the group makes a deal with him. Mephisto would promise to stop all the violence and give up chasing the Darkhold while Team Magician would help him get rid of his strongest competitor. Mephisto agrees to the terms and demands that the group destroys the Church of Chthon.  

The group immediately accepts the deal since they were planning on going after the Church of Chthon anyways due to the fact that they targeted Victoria Montesi. 

As a side note, Mephisto also reveals that he isn’t Daimon and Satana’s father. It’s revealed that their real father is another demon named “Marduk Krios”, who is using the Satan name. 

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3) James Cosmo as Father Michael Duffy (the human representative of Chthon): Main antagonist of season three, although he serves the True Big Bad, Chthon. He is also the secondary antagonist of seasons 1 and 2 due to the Church’s attack on Victoria Montesi. 

For his background, Father Duffy and his followers worship Chthon, the creator of the Darkhold. He is ruthless and an extremist, willing to kill anyone who even insults Chthon. The group goes after Father Duffy as part of their deal with Mephisto. 

Father Duffy is killed halfway into the season by Victoria, who shoots him in the head. However, his corpse becomes inhabited by Chthon, who takes over as the Big Bad of the season. 

Chthon is eventually sent back to hell by the group, but not before taking the Darkhold with him. This leads to the group venturing into the hell dimension, leading to season 4. 

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Secret Empire #0 Thoughts (Spoilers)

Previously: The Red Skull used Korbik (a sentient cosmic cube that sometimes takes a child’s form) to turn Captain America into a bad guy. Captain America is now a loyal agent of Hydra an evil organization that is sometimes Nazi affiliated and sometimes not depending on who is writing. Captain America planned a bunch of bad stuff behind everyone’s back.  Captain America turned on his evil master.  Red Skull desperate to make Cap stop admitted that Captain America that his new history (that we saw in extensive flashbacks over many issues) was all lies he made up. Captain America doesn’t care because he’s EEEEVIL! He kills Red Skull and sets out to take over the world… his way! This took 15 fricking issues to get to.  Meanwhile we learned that Nick Spencer should really stay off twitter.

Notes: Despite the bad reaction Spencer’s Cap run has gotten I’m actually a fan of most of Nick Spencer’s work. Superior Foes of Spider-Man is of one the best comics of the last decade and the The Fix is hilarious. His run on the two Captain America runs are really mixed bags.  The first two arcs of “Captain America: Sam Wilson” are really good but Spencer struggled trying to deal with real life politics in the later issues. As for the eeeeeevil Captain America book well… it’s better than painful fever dream of Rick Remender’s Captain America book. I’m going to try to be fair and optimistic going into this one.

  • Our story opens with a World War II flashback in of Hydra Cap in the mountains of Japan meeting with Kraken an obscure villain from Jonathan Hickman’s Secret Warriors. Hydra’s secret base looks like the Legends of the Hidden Temple set. Kraken tells Captain America that the Allie will use the Cosmic Cube (not Korbik but another one) to change reality so that Hydra doesn’t take over the world. He says they’re going to change his memories and no matter what he must not forget he’s a Hydra Agent. Of course we know all of these new World War II memories are bullshit so… they’re either illusions or maybe Kraken was manipulating Steve the whole time or… uuuugh. I am three pages in and I have a headache!
  • We now have a flow chart of characters. I know Secret War did the same thing but… hoo-boy. That’s a bad sign.
  • We cut to modern day.  Cap is at S.H.I.E.L.D command with Sharon Carter.  We learn that a Chitari (those aliens from the first Avengers movie) invasion is headed towards Earth.  But the Planetary Defense shield is down.  Wasn’t there a whole other organization called S.W.O.R.D that handled this? Where is Abigail Brand?
  • We see the Guardians of the Galaxy and The Ultimates fighting aliens in space.  I am wondering why most of the focus isn’t on this and is instead on S.H.I.E.L.D HQ?  Daniel Acuña draws pretty fight scenes. Let him do that!
  • Meanwhile a boatload of supervillians lead by Gravitron are attacking New York and the Defenders are fighting them.  Unfortunately more of the focus is on S.H.I.E.L.D headquarters. So we’re mostly watching EVIL Cap and Sharon watching all the action.
  • Meanwhile Hydra has invaded the country of Sokovia the country that Ultron completely destroyed back in Kurt Busiek’s run.  I know it’s played a role in Specer’s run but shouldn’t it just be all empty space and dead Ultron drones now?
  • The narrator is REALLY going out of his way to tell us what a brilliant strategist Hydra Cap is and how all of these couldn’t have happened by coincidence.  It’s sort of like how every three pages in Avengers Arena someone says “gee Arcade is really a clever villain now. He sure thought of everything.”
  • Back in space Quasar is eaten by a space whale.  I should be upset at the apparent death of a new superhero but like… this HAS to be a set-up for her to punch her way out of the belly of a space whale an issue or two later. Right? I mean why would you waste an opportunity for an awesome action scene?
  • I just realized that Hydra Cap planning his scheme while the heavy hitters are in space is a LOT like the plot of Infinity.  Also the whole novelty of an EVIL Captain America story would have been a lot more at home in Axis.  Remember how Tony Stark was eeeeeevil for a year and no one cared?
  • Now Nitro shows up while the Defenders are fighting and Jessica Jones throws him high into the air while he triggers an explosion that looks like a homage to the opening of Civil War.  This comic is turning into a greatest hits album of other comic crossovers.
  • The Secretary of Defense gives Captain America full control over the U.S. Military and Law Enforcement thanks to a new act of congress so everything bad from here on out is caused by an ill conceived piece of legislation… just like Civil War!
  • The defense shield is turned on locking aliens out and the Defenders get backup from the Uncanny Avengers. Things are looking up for the heroes.
  • Suddenly a heli-carrier crashes into S.H.I.E.L.D HQ and a bunch Hydra mooks show up. Only the S.H.I.E.L.D guards aren’t fighting back because Dr Faustus is brainwashing everyone.  I should have mentioned before this whole mess started that the Red Skull had psychic mindscrew powers and dude whose sole power was brainwashing people working for him.  If you really wanted to do a Captain America is EVIL story the whole cosmic cube and prolonged elaborate false history flashbacks are kind of superfluous.
  • Captain America orders the Hydra Guards and the mind controlled S.H.I.E.L.D guys to take Sharon Carter prisoner.  Sharon is not under Faustus’ control despite the fact that if I had a drink for the number of stories where Sharon Carter was mind controlled I’d be drunk.  Sharon thinks Cap is being controlled by Faustus but…

  •  A Hydra guy is just standing there and has this slackjawed look like “I can’t believe this shit.”  I’m going to pretend he’s Bob from Deadpool. Bob’s presence is the most entertaining thing about this book so far.
  • I could be reading “The Button” right now.  That comic has Batman fighting Professor Zoom AND Flash fighting Samurai Robots… Samurai Robots!  And it doesn’t have walls and walls of exposition text…
  • Iron Men Riri Williams and Force Ghost Tony Stark (it’s a long story) discover someone has sabotaged the planetary defense shield and Hydra guys attack them. Just as it looks like we’re going to get a good fight it cuts away.
  • On Space Skype Captain America reveals to Captain Marvel that wave after wave of Chitari are coming and he’s keeping them walled off outside with fierce alien warriors to their doom.  Cue Cliffhanger #1.
  • Tony Stark and Riri Williams just beat up all the Hydra Guys OFF CAMERA!  We’ve got like a bazillion action scenes going on and NONE of them are given any time to breath under these unending walls of exposition text.
  • Hey it’s HELMUT ZEMO!  Which Zemo is it… the morally complex anti-villian/anti-hero from Thunderbolts? Is it the Cobra Commander-esc idiot from Avengers Undercover? A combination of the two? I don’t know because he has all of three panels in this issue.
  • Zemo and a guy named Blackout (not the Ghost Rider Villian) have stolen the book of Darkhold.  Does anyone remember Darkhold: Pages from the Book of Sins?  It was like this early 90s quasi-horror comic about this cursed book whose pages granted evil monkey paw wishes and the people who made those wishes usually turned into monsters. Plus there was an evil dwarf.  Like that you should be revamping that into something so if you wanted Peter Dinklage to be a villain in a Marvel movie.  Oh and there were people called The Darkhold Redeemers who were trying to stop the Dwarf and one of them was a lesbian and this was like long before LGTB representation was anywhere near common in comics.  Dude I want a Darkhold Redeemers comic.
  • So Zemo and an obscure Avengers villian named Blackout (who looks like the poor man’s Electro) use the Darkhold to banish New York City isolating it under a Dark Force dimension dome.  It’s like when the Hand sealed off Hell’s Kitchen in Shadowland but bigger.  ANOTHER crossover callback.  Cliffhanger #2.
  • Tony deducts that the next target of attack is going to be Washington DC he calls for The Avengers (several teams worth), The Champions, and Spider-Man (who I guess wasn’t in New York.)  We get some big epic hero arrival poses that would look great if they weren’t crammed into TINY… TINY panels.
  • Back in Washington an army of Hydra Helicarriers loom ominously over the White House. Hey do you remember the C-Plot from Fear Itself.  When Skadi’s Army attacked Washington but no-one cared because the rest of the book was about fighting monsters with Evil Thor Hammers? ANOTHER CALLBACK!
  • This the B-side of a Marvel Comics Crossovers Greatest Hits Album. Side A is about 70% tracks from Secret War, the Worthy stuff from Fear Itself and a trio of tracks from Civil War, Secret Invasion, and House of M. that were popular at the time but doesn’t hold up.
  • The nicest thing I can say about this comic is that Daniel Acuña’s art is really good and if anything this is one of the best looking bad comics I’ve ever read.
  • Despite the involvement of Hydra and the 40s flashback EVIL Cap doesn’t really come across as a Nazi at all and just a generic “take over the world” badguy.  On one hand that kind of seems to be Marvel backing away from the obvious “Cap is a Nazi” angle that was making people uncomfortable and angry and yet on the other hand it’s also backing away from the “America is more messed up than we thought” allegory that could actually make a point this time.  Spencer isn’t the guy to be doing that kind of project though.  Not sure who I could see doing that and making such a gut punch work. Grant Morrison or Kyle Baker maybe?
  • If this is any indication it’s going to be a loooooong six months.  Maybe I should be polishing off my “Rikki Barnes: The Winter Soldier” pitch.

On the chance that AOS doesn’t get renewed or if it gets one last season, I do hope that ABC greenlights “Marvel’s Ghost Rider” to take AOS’ place as ABC’s main Marvel show. 


1) His arc was basically a backdoor pilot for his show. Established his backstory and left the audience wanting more from this character. Robbie was one of those characters who you wanted to see explored more but not necessarily confined to a show where he’s not the lead (like how people wanted a Punisher spin-off after appearing in DD season 2). 

2) Plus, a GR show could establish a Riderverse within the MCU, like how CW has the Arrowverse. Ghost Rider could easily lead to Blade, the Darkhold Redeemers / Kamar-Taj, and Man-Thing. There’s a LOT of supernatural Marvel that hasn’t been tapped yet and a Riderverse could be a fun way to do so. 

3) There’s the added benefit of GR not being held to the movies because, aside from Doctor Strange, the Avengers and GOTG have nothing to do with the supernatural. 

4) If GR gets greenlit to take AOS’s place, I can definitely see Chloe Bennet jumping over to GR as the main female lead. Henry Simmons could also come on the show since he briefly took over the GR spirit. 

5) A big complaint that AOS got in season one was that there were no major Marvel superheroes appearing on the show. Sure, we got Deathlok and Lady Sif and later on, Skye was revealed to be Quake, but a lot of people wanted one of the top Marvel players on the show, like how CW features Green Arrow, Flash, and now Supergirl. Ghost Rider is not necessarily an A-list Marvel hero but he’s definitely well-known. I mean, he has two (albeit shitty) movies, obviously there’s fan demand for this character. 

6) Ayyyeee, Hispanic/Latinx representation. Along with Gabe, I’m pretty sure most of the main cast will be Hispanic/Latinx. That alone would generate a lot of positive buzz. Plus, if Mack and Daisy appear on the show as series regulars, that’s just more POC representation.

7) QuakeRider can live.  

Also, yes, Inhumans is there but I’m not sure if it’s going to be one of those shows that gets like 22-23 episodes per season. That’s definitely a wait-and-see situation.