Adidas Yeezy 350 V2 “Earth/Oxford Tan” “Payote” HD Review
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The similarities and the differences.

The eyes, the lips, It’s the same. Not the area around the nose though. That’s a bit more shadowed, The look is more focused rather than sick.

But the oddest thing? The haircolor. The one above is with lightgreen, the other one is with darkgreen/blue.

And then I started digging. A hooded thumbnail with light-green hair. Now it’s not completely the same but brace yourselves.

Detention. Episode 2

Pretty similar pose huh?

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wandchoosesthewizard  asked:

Further questions - What are devil berries? Nurmengard - what's your version like? And with a view to the future - how does Gellert feel about being trapped there after Dumbledore defeats him?

Devil Berries is the name of a plant I invented. It is a thorny vine/rose bush so sharp you cut yourself with a mere touch. The plant is sentient and lives off the blood and magic of other beings. Its natural prey are humans, large mammals and if it grows in Asia the Swooping Evil. The plant has darkgreen bark with reddish thorns that can change their size. On the veins grow deep black berries that are working against most toxins. Gellert’s wand is made out of such a vine, which is the reason he has experimented with them so much.

Nurmengard is located on Usedom in the East Sea, It is a large fortrest, which in some ways is like a lunatic asylum. There are various types of cells. On the ground are large cells, which contain dozens of prisoners. Then there are solitary cells. The Wardens in this place are Shadow Followers and have very free reign over the prisoners. People were starved and tortured. Many lost their minds or committed suicide. I also have something not yet much used which is a labour camp called Aschenwork, where prisoners produced healing lotions and food for the army.

Gellert himself first is very furious when he was imprisoned in Nurmengard as he would have favoured death. Especially because later on the Wardens one by one became shadows, leaving Gellert in an utterly isolation. This began to slowly drive him insane. Especially once he released how severe his crimes were. However note that he still believed he acted for the right reasons. He just noticed how wrong they were.

The NextGen-Characters as colours
  • Gold: James Sirius Potter
  • Darkgreen: Albus Severus Potter
  • Pink: Lily Luna Potter
  • Orange: Hugo Weasley
  • Mint: Rose Weasley
  • Silver: Roxanne Weasley
  • Yellow: Fred Weasley jr
  • Lightgreen: Lucy Weasley
  • Olive: Molly Weasley jr
  • Claret: Dominique Weasley
  • Darkblue: Louis Weasley
  • Lightblue: Victoire Weasley
  • Purple: Teddy Lupin
  • Ochre: Scorpius Malfoy
Meeting Kim woo bin: 20140527 ♥

my second time writing what happened when I met a kpop star, please ignore my mistakes.. and I like to write in details~

well, it has been 1 year, 8 months, 15 days exactly since I first started liking him, but I never thought, not even for one second that I will meet him personally ;-;

He was in my country for more than a week, without anyone knowing! some people met him and kept it secret and some didn’t think he is a very important person (wtf~) so one day gurls met him in a korean restaurant and told everyone and that’s two days before he leftwhich is on sunday.. people thought that he will leave on monday so the news spread quickly so that fans will get a chance to meet him, all the fans gathered on monday in the airport but the airport staff lied to them and told them that he left already!

I didn’t go that day and I was regretting it until I heard that he’s still in my country the next day! I asked my parents if I can go, he said no! I was so devastated and cried so hard, then he said yes but I should take my brother with me.. so I quickly prepared myself and left. when we reached the airport I bought him a nice gift (a small canvas with local styled painting) and waited for him in the VIP lounge entrance (Me and bro where the only ones there).. I was writing my fan letter and before I finished my last sentence he entered the VIP lounge, he looked like this but without the mask (not my pic):

and when I saw him, I took several seconds to process it, then I was like “omg, thats him?!!” I stood up as he walked past me but he didn’t notice me, so I called him “woobin oppa!”.. he turned to look who called (the way he turned is exactly like this! while raising his eyebrows a little):

he was few meters away from me, I went to him and gave him the gift and said “this is a gift”.. his expression changed and said “oh, thank you!”.. we shook hands! (His hand is SO soft and his nails are pretty *dead*) then, I asked if he can take a picture with me, he said “I can’t because I’m here for filming”, I remembered the letter I was writing so I went to bring it and in that time he took his face cover thing and covered his face.. (why woobinaa? ;-; I think it’s because he looked tired) I gave him the letter and he put it in the bag (his face cover fell from his face revealing his beauty again *squeels*) then asked “um, can you give me an autograph?” he said “yeah~ I can give you an autograph~” so I went to get my notebook and marker and when I was walking to him (he covered his face again) I asked if we can’t take picture even from afar looked at me and posed for a sec to think then said he couldn’t, when I gave him my notebook and marker he said: 한국어 잘 아시네요! it means: you speak korean so well! (he was so sincere I felt his word stab me in the heart and come out from the other side then stab me again from the back XD) I thanked him and said “it’s because of you” (it’s a nice of replying to a complement).. he opened the notebook and the pen and wrote ‘To.’ then he asked “who is this for” (he wanted me to say my name) but I wasn’t processing well so I forgot my name lol.. he said “name” then said it and posed he look at me like he wanted me to spell my name and in that moment my brother -who didn’t understand our conversation because all of it was in korean- tried to take a picture and me and his manager stopped him~ then I looked back at him he was looking at me, then I remembered that I should spell my name, I said “sha as in ‘SHINee’ (stupid me)” he posed then wrote it and waited for me to continue “meem, me-im (how they say ‘m’ letter in korean)” he asked if it was an “o” letter but I said it again and he got it right, then said “sa” he repeated “sa” (SO CUTE!) then signed it he gave my notebook and marker and I thanked him couple of times told him 오빠 만나서 반가워요~(nice to meet you) he said “em” and I’m 100% sure he gave me a small smile because his eyes showed it (they are so beautiful)..

then he left.. (remembering him walking away makes my heart ache so much ;-;)

He looked handsome, manly, and cool! he was wearing a hat backwards and most of his clothes was in darkgreen.. I’m tall and my brother is SO tall but he’s still SO much taller and has a really good body (as expected from a model)! and he looked tired, maybe it’s because he isn’t having makeup on, but that made him look more manly and attractive *dead*.. He was so friendly I didn’t feel like I’m talking with someone unapproachable and I talked without feeling like I’m forcing him to do something he don’t want to~