‘Darkfur stood very still, waiting to see what Wolf would do.

Wolf, too, kept very still. His claws dug into the mud. His pelt tingled with excitement.

Darkfur twitched her tail.

Wolf lifted his muzzle and sniffed.

Slowly, Darkfur raised her foreleg and pawed his shoulder.

They touched noses.

Wolf seized her scruff in his jaws. She lashed her tail and whined, showing him her belly. He released her, and now they were rolling and tumbling in a muddy blur and fur and fangs. In and out of the Wet they chased each other, Wolf making fast little greeting snaps at her flanks, Darkfur whimpering in delight and snapping back. She leapt high, her black pelt glittering with wet, then twisted round and body-slammed him, and he chased her over the rise and down again, snuffling her fierce, strong scent, the most beautiful scent he’d ever smelt.

Now she was pawing some leaves of the Wet and they were snapping it up, then slumping together for a rest. Panting, she told him how she’s missed him, so she’s left the pack to find him. After many Lights and Darks and much sniffing and listening, she’d howled for him and thought he’d howled back, but then the Bright Beast had eaten all the scents.

Wolf shut his eyes and heard the soft wind ruffling her fur. He felt surprised and happy and sad.’ - Oath Breaker by Michelle Paver (2008)

Secrets - Rocktalon

I had been a minute since she found out she was expecting kits. She still couldn’t believe it. Her and Foxclaw would be parents! But, there was one problem. Foxclaw was from ThunderClan, and Rocktalon was from ShadowClan. They would be half-Clan kits. And she knew that half-clan kits were the one thing the Clans hated the most. She had to figure out who would be the fake father of her kits for her. She already knew that two cats from her Clan knew that she was Foxclaw’s secret mate. Her leader and best friend, Sharpstar, and her cool friend Darkfur. She was in deep thought that she didn’t even notice the cat walking up to her until too late. “Hi Rocktalon!” Said the she-cat, very loudly. Rocktalon got startled for a bit, until she realized who it was. “Hello Creamfur.” she replied. Creamfur was the ShadowClan medicine cat. She was missing one of her forelegs after she was nearly killed by a monster. “So, I think I can guess who the father is!” Creamfur said. Rocktalon became very worried. She didn’t want another cat in on her secret mate. “Really? Who?” Rocktalon asked, kinda worried. “Easy! Darkfur, of course!” Creamfur replied. Rocktalon was a little surprised, but also releived. She could just tell the Clan that they were her and Darkfur’s kits. The real question was, how would she tell Darkfur? She needed his consent before playing him like that. “Does he know yet?” Creamfur asked. Rocktalon looked at her. “No, not yet.” She replied. “Then go tell him!” The medicine cat said. Rocktalon nodded. She got up, a little uncomfortable with the thought of some kits moving around in her stomach. She spotted Darkfur shortly after she left the medicine den. She walked up to him. He had been talking to Rocktalon’s former mentor, who had retired early after cats thinking he was going insane. “Hey, Darkfur, can I speak with you?” Rocktalon asked him. Darkfur looked over at her and nodded. He said goodbye to her old mentor and padded over to Rocktalon. “What do ya need?” Darkfur asked. Rocktalon looked away then back at him. “We should talk in private.” She said. Darkfur nodded, a little wary. They went to the spot that She, him, Sharpstar, and Tornclaw, Sharpstar’s dead brother, would hang out. They sat down, Rocktalon still uncomfortable with the feeling of the kits inside her moving. “What’s so important that we had to speak in private?” Darkfur asked as they got settled. Rocktalon took a deep breath. ‘Here goes nothing.’ She thought. “I’m expecting kits.” She said. Darkfur got a surprised look in his eyes. “Um, congratulations.” He said awkwardly. Rocktalon looked at her paws. “I’m guessing that they’re Foxclaw’s correct?” Asked a voice that startled both the cats. A light gray she-cat walked out of the ferns that hid this place. “Oh, hey Sharpstar!” Rocktalon said. “So, are they his?” Sharpstar asked. “Yes.” Rocktalon said. “They are Foxclaw’s kits.” Darkfur and Sharpstar both started at her. “You know that half-clan kits is against the warrior code, right?” Darkfur asked. “Of course I know that!” Rocktalon snapped. Darkfur got a hurt look. Rocktalon sighed. “Sorry Darkfur, it’s just, cats think that you are the father.” Darkfur got very flustered and Sharpstar giggled a little. “Do I have your permission to make them believe that they’re your kits?” Rocktalon asked after they had calmed themselves down. Darkfur thought for a while, then looked up. “Yeah, you have my permission.” Rocktalon was really surprised. “Really? Why?” She asked. Darkfur looked at her and smiled. “I trust you.”