‘Darkfur stood very still, waiting to see what Wolf would do.

Wolf, too, kept very still. His claws dug into the mud. His pelt tingled with excitement.

Darkfur twitched her tail.

Wolf lifted his muzzle and sniffed.

Slowly, Darkfur raised her foreleg and pawed his shoulder.

They touched noses.

Wolf seized her scruff in his jaws. She lashed her tail and whined, showing him her belly. He released her, and now they were rolling and tumbling in a muddy blur and fur and fangs. In and out of the Wet they chased each other, Wolf making fast little greeting snaps at her flanks, Darkfur whimpering in delight and snapping back. She leapt high, her black pelt glittering with wet, then twisted round and body-slammed him, and he chased her over the rise and down again, snuffling her fierce, strong scent, the most beautiful scent he’d ever smelt.

Now she was pawing some leaves of the Wet and they were snapping it up, then slumping together for a rest. Panting, she told him how she’s missed him, so she’s left the pack to find him. After many Lights and Darks and much sniffing and listening, she’d howled for him and thought he’d howled back, but then the Bright Beast had eaten all the scents.

Wolf shut his eyes and heard the soft wind ruffling her fur. He felt surprised and happy and sad.’ - Oath Breaker by Michelle Paver (2008)