I’ve always thought Taim was a darkfriend from his first meeting with Rand.

How else could he have held off the taint for so long?

And no matter what Rand thinks his ta’veren pull did, Taim swore to follow him way too quick once Rand told him no compacts.



What are the three oaths which bind Darkfriends?


1) I shall obey all commands given by those placed above me in service to the Great Lord. 2) I shall prepare for the day of the Great Lord’s return. 3) I swear not to betray the Great Lord, to keep my secrets until the hour of my death. It should be noted that these were taken straight from Robert Jordan’s notes, where he had added “May vary the wording a little.”

Life Lessons from the Children of the Light # 8

The most common sign of being a Darkfriend is suspicious behaviour. This may include, but is not limited to; not making eye contact, making eye contact, unusual hair or eye colour, strange clothing, accents, a willingness to stand up for oneself, confidence, meekness, laughter, or weeping under interrogation.

man, I really hate all these darkfriends. like, they’re so annoying and ruin everything all the time. always so secretive and deceptive about everything. they can never be straightforward with their intentions. don’t forget the fact that they’re evil and stupid. we should just find and kill all of them.

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Genuinely upset for my character in a Wheel of Time tabletop. She’s a self-loathing darkfriend, who is in love with a Tairen girl and a Child of the Light. 

She’s come to grips with the fact that she must die to be free of the Dark. So she wrote a note that she’s going to give to the member of the party that she has spent a good few nights sitting up and talking about nature with. He’s also the only member of the party besides her that can open a portal to Tel’aran’rhiod.

She is very upset about all of this, but to defend her loved ones, she knows death is her only option, but she must betray the Dark beforehand. 

“Best Darkfriends Forever”. Is your loved one displaying signs of Darkness? Have they recently begun torturing other Channelers? Making frequent trips to Shayol Ghul? Are you concerned their soul may belong to the Dark One? Learn how to tell if your Best Friend has turned Darkfriend in this supportive help book by Brown Sister Kerina Sedai.

Wheel of Time GO:

  • hunt down Darkfriends to get the Good Loot
  • trollocs everywhere
  • make Nynaeve tug her braid in exasperation to get a good reward
  • when Egwene appears you fall at her feet and cry tears of joy, which gives you +1 to all attributes for the day
  • lose all your money to Mat
  • trollocs everywhere
  • Bubbles of Evil are events that happen once a month and the results are fucking chaotic. “Raining fish last month,” you mutter, “and this month, my cutlery is trying to kill me.”
  • you get lost in the wilderness. sometimes, you think you spot Elyas.
  • a rare Lan Mandragoran appears on-screen. you screenshot and post to tumblr while crying actual tears.
  • trollocs everywhere
  • it’s the middle of the night and Lanfear appears in your room, asking where Lews Therin is

WoT fandom: do your thing. tell me all of your fantastic ideas!

It's not just me who does this, is it?
  • New character shows up in Game of Thrones:oh man please don't be killed.
  • New character shows up in Wheel of Time:oh man please don't be a Darkfriend
As far as I am concerned, you are worse than a murderer, worse than a Darkfriend. I can’t think of anything worse than you. The fact that I have to wear this thing on my wrist, to be the same as you for even an hour, sickens me. So if you think there is anything I’ll balk at doing to you, think again. You don’t want to be seen? Good. Neither do we. No one really looks at a damane, though. As long as you keep your head down the way a Leashed One is supposed to, no one will even notice you. But you had better do the best you can to make sure the rest of us aren’t noticed, either. If we are, you surely will be seen, and if that is not enough to hold you, I promise you I’ll make you curse the first kiss your mother ever gave your father. Do we understand each other?

Nynaeve al’Meara, The Great Hunt, Chapter 45

you know I just might feel slightly bad for the sul’dam because DAMN NYNAEVE ISN’T PLAYING FOR A SECOND WITH SLAVERS