If the Dark One had learned to never underestimate short women who can channel, the Last Battle would have ended differently…

Verin Mathwin 5’ 0" / 1.52m

Moiraine Damodred 5'2"  / 1.57m

Egwene al’Vere 5'3" / 1.60m

Nynaeve al’Meara 5'4"  / 1.63m

Masterpost of My Ratchet Fics

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One More Chance Verse

One More Chance

The Vow (Sequel)

How Do You like Your Eggs? (Prequel)


As I Leave Verse

As I leave, I Leave You My Memories

Who Invited You? Verse

Who Invited You?

“You’ll always be my Munchkin.”

I Don’t Want To Be Your Friend Verse

I Don’t Want To Be Your Friend

To Whom It May Concern (Sequel)

Tainted Heart

The Imitation of Violet

Where Worlds Collide and Days are Dark

Friend Request

Of Course They’ll Love You

What Happens In Vegas

Diamonds & Pearls

So, something I was thinking about earlier when rereading some parts of the Last Battle (so spoilers). 

When Rand’s doing his mental list about people who go against the Shadow ‘a hero who will say with every breath he’s not a hero’ etcetera, one of the people he includes is Morgase. Which is interesting for a few reasons. For one, she’s the only person he includes who didn’t start out in the Two Rivers (narrative introduction wise, since everyone else is either a Two Rivers native or was in the Two Rivers for some reason at the start of the series). Two, it means Rand looked into what happened to Morgase in the time between her ‘death’ and reappearance in Caemlyn. And three, he felt what happened to her was more important to include in his list of people than Lan. 

That was something that always struck me; when Rand’s doing that mental rattle off of people going against the Shadow, Lan isn’t included. Nothing about a king who fights an unwinnable battle, nothing about that hints to Lan. Instead he references Morgase, Thom, Moiraine, Perrin, Nynaeve, Mat and Egwene. Lan’s the only character who’s from the very start of the series that isn’t included and Morgase the only character who appears later that is. That always struck me as weird, but then I had a thought earlier today. 

Morgase is the one character we know of who explicitly went through hell at the hands of one of the Forsaken and someone who served the Light (Valda). Yes, Valda was a rapist and in general an awful person, but he wasn’t a Darkfriend. He was basically the perfect example of a person who excuses their actions as being ‘righteous’ no matter what because they serve the Light. 

In some ways, Morgase needed to be thought of more than Lan when Rand’s making that list, because she didn’t break even though no one would have blamed her after all that happened to her. Rahvin’s actions didn’t break her and she even managed to escape him. Valda’s actions scarred her, but again, she didn’t break (she even had the foresight to abdicate so that she couldn’t be used against Elayne and Andor). The imprisonment and enslavement by the Shaido didn’t break her. 

Instead she kept on getting up; she was able to open her heart to love again. She was able to return to Andor and act as an advisor and an asset to Elayne. She was able to remain Morgase even in the worst of situations. Lan was in many ways raised to not break if something similar happened to him, but Morgase wasn’t. Morgase wasn’t but she still remained unbroken.

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Dude you gotta be a darkfriend, how else is literally everything you draw perfect????

HOW DARE YOU ANON, of course I’m not! It’s the Light that guides me, that’s why.
Jokes aside, I’m so happy you like my WoT things, thank you <3

I still cannot believe he would be so… so…” Egwene began in an angry mutter. Elayne never learned what she meant to say, for at that moment the door crashed open so hard that it bounced off the wall.

Elayne embraced saidar before she had stopped flinching, then felt a moment of embarrassment when the rebounding door slapped hard against Lan’s outstretched hand. A moment more, and she decided to hold on to the Source a while longer. The Warder filled the doorway with his broad shoulders, his face a thunderhead; if his blue eyes could really have given off the thunderbolts they threatened, they would have blasted Nynaeve. The glow of saidar surrounded Egwene, too, and did not fade.

Lan did not appear to see anyone but Nynaeve. “You let me believe you were returning to Tar Valon,” he rasped at her.

“You may have believed it,” she said calmly, “but I never said it.”

“Never said it? Never said it! You spoke of leaving today, and always linked your leaving with those Darkfriends being sent to Tar Valon. Always! What did you mean me to think?”

“But I never said—”

“Light, woman!” he roared. “Do not bandy words with me!”

Elayne exchanged worried looks with Egwene. This man had an iron self-control, but he was at a breaking point now. Nynaeve was one who often let her emotions rage, yet she faced him coolly, head high and eyes serene, hands still on her green silk skirts.

Lan took hold of himself with an obvious effort. He appeared as stone-faced as ever, as much in control of himself—and Elayne was sure it was all on the surface.
“I’d not have known where you were off to if I had not heard that you had ordered a carriage. To take you to a ship bound for Tanchico. I do not know why the Amyrlin allowed you to leave the Tower in the first place, or why Moiraine involved you in questioning Black sisters, but you three are Accepted. Accepted, not Aes Sedai. Tanchico now is no place for anyone except a full Aes Sedai with a Warder to watch her back. I’ll not let you go into that!”

“So,” Nynaeve said lightly. “You question Moiraine’s decisions, and those of the Amyrlin Seat as well. Perhaps I’ve misunderstood Warders all along. I thought you swore to accept and obey, among other things. Lan, I do understand your concern, and I am grateful—more than grateful—but we all have tasks to perform. We are going; you must resign yourself to the fact.”

“Why? For the love of the Light, at least tell me why! Tanchico!”

“If Moiraine has not told you,” Nynaeve said gently, “perhaps she has her reasons. We must do our tasks, as you must do yours.”

Lan trembled—actually trembled!—and clamped his jaw shut angrily. When he spoke, he was strangely hesitant. “You will need someone to help you in Tanchico. Someone to keep a Taraboner street thief from slipping a knife into your back for your purse. Tanchico was that sort of city before the war began, and everything I’ve heard says it is worse now. I could… I could protect you, Nynaeve.”

Elayne’s eyebrows shot up. He could not be suggesting… He just could not be.

Nynaeve gave no sign that he had said anything out of the ordinary. “Your place is with Moiraine.”

“Moiraine.” Sweat beaded on the Warder’s hard face, and he struggled with the words. “I can… I must… Nynaeve, I… I…”

“You will remain with Moiraine,” Nynaeve said sharply, “until she releases you from your bond. You will do as I say.

Lan has an outburst. An actual outburst.

Robert Jordan, The Wheel of Time: The Shadow Rising, Page 263

Red Eagle Entertainment: Drop your lawsuit, and turn over the rights of the WoT

The Wheel of Time is one of the greatest fantasy epics of our generation, with thousands of fans all over the world. It has inspired countless readers, and has even influenced fantasy authors Brandon Sanderson, Patrick Rothfuss, and more to begin writing in the first place. Currently, Red Eagle Entertainment is in possession of the rights of the WoT, and they are the only group with the ability to turn the beloved fantasy franchise into a film or television series. In a desperate attempt to hold on to the rights, Red Eagle produced a shoddy television “pilot” that aired in the middle of the night on paid programming with absolutely no advertising whatsoever. Now, Red Eagle is suing Robert Jordan’s widow, Harriet McDougal, and stating that her claims on social media, distancing herself from the project, slandered their company’s name. The purpose of this petition is to show Red Eagle Entertainment that these actions will not be tolerated by the loyal WoT fans. We, the fans of the Wheel of Time, demand that Red Eagle Entertainment drop their foolish lawsuit against Bandersnatch Group, and return the rights of the franchise back to Harriet McDougal. In addition, we declare that the comments of Harriet McDougal did nothing to slander our view of Red Eagle Entertainment. Red Eagle’s years of mismanagement have done enough to tarnish their image in the eyes of the fans. In the timeless words of Egwene al'Vere, “I’d name you Darkfriend as well, but I suspect the Dark One would perhaps be embarrassed to associate with you.” This phrase applies to Red Eagle Entertainment now more than ever.


Please check out this site n sign the petition if you are in agreement to this… I know I will be for one… 

“Til shade is gone,
til water is gone
Into the shadow with teeth bared
Screaming defiance with the last breath
To spit in Sightblinder’s eye on the Last Day.” (or in this case Red Eagle)

concept: evil couple that genuinely love and care for each other and have a completely healthy relationship with each other and can’t be turned against each other through bribes or promises of power anymore than the good protag can be convinced to turn against their pals. Protag tries to play them against each other and it goes VERY POORLY for the protag because shockingly evil characters can have meaningful beneficial relationships too wow

It's not just me who does this, is it?
  • New character shows up in Game of Thrones: oh man please don't be killed.
  • New character shows up in Wheel of Time: oh man please don't be a Darkfriend
As far as I am concerned, you are worse than a murderer, worse than a Darkfriend. I can’t think of anything worse than you. The fact that I have to wear this thing on my wrist, to be the same as you for even an hour, sickens me. So if you think there is anything I’ll balk at doing to you, think again. You don’t want to be seen? Good. Neither do we. No one really looks at a damane, though. As long as you keep your head down the way a Leashed One is supposed to, no one will even notice you. But you had better do the best you can to make sure the rest of us aren’t noticed, either. If we are, you surely will be seen, and if that is not enough to hold you, I promise you I’ll make you curse the first kiss your mother ever gave your father. Do we understand each other?

Nynaeve al’Meara, The Great Hunt, Chapter 45

you know I just might feel slightly bad for the sul’dam because DAMN NYNAEVE ISN’T PLAYING FOR A SECOND WITH SLAVERS

Best liveblog tags of The Great Hunt:

oh jiminy 

blood feeds blood blood calls blood blood drunkdials blood 

I was hoping for something scary and super cool Fain is more like… the guy you go to great lengths not to sit near on the bus 

what if an inn caught fire??? wouldn’t that be a shame???


wHAT wot liveblog more like WHAT liveblog amirite

the Daughter of the Night has to be around here SOMEWHERE I say pointing at any new female character without a legit backstory 

how long is it going to be before they twig probs until Rand says 'pardon me Selene but did you just murder our eighth grandchild? WERE THE LAST SEVEN EVEN ACCIDENTS’ 

because there is still nothing funnier to me than a man turning into a volcano

also how about you smoke Rand all the cool kids r doing it u can use saidin & smoke with us cool kids


putting biology units to good use: the liveblog

aw heck I AM getting emotionally involved in these books I didn’t plan to get emotionally involved ARGH

heavens above the whole next generation of Aes Sedai will all love Rand every single one

maybe I just don’t like him because he’s better at juggling than I am I could potentially be that shallow


Urien And His Mullet Pal Urien you’re wearing your hair like a bogan’s five year old please don’t do that 

'Human After All’ plays softly in the distance

THE INN CAUGHT FIRE IT IS MOMENTS LIKE THIS THAT I LIVE FOR SWEET BABY YES THANK YOU DARKFRIENDS THANK YOU TROLLOCS INN FIRE THAT’S RIGHT THE INN CAUGHT FIREEEEEEEEEEEE runs around the room giving people high fives does three cartwheels in a row plays 'We Are The Champions’ on repeat puts on sunglasses and signs own copy of The Great Hunt that’s right folks the inn is on fire 

and every gift the day bears is labelled 'To: Totallysic’ and is wrapped in beautiful paper paper depicting merrily burning inns

the way I am pronouncing these names in my head is so hideously Aussie is there a pronunciation meme for this fandom BAR-THANEES DAEMODREAD’ is about it

I would love to see WoT done as an 80’s teen roadtrip coming of age movie

cool aiel girls for prime minister 2015 now I have met the cool Aiel girls I don’t ever want to leave their immediate presence TEACH ME TO BE LIKE YOU 

did somebody say… UNIVERSITY AU


I don’t know what’s going on but I love it

Much ado about southpaws

So, just as left handedness was, until recently, seen as the mark of the devil, a sign of demon possession etc, I, a proud leftie, as this is basically uncharted territory, have come to the conclusion that it is, also, an issue in the Wheel of Time universe. 

Left handed people are much more likely to be accused of being darkfriends, marked by the Dark One himself, or in case of men, likely to channel. The superstition has no actual basis, except in the famous Age of Legends lefties:

Lews Therin Thelamon, Lews Therin Kinslayer, who famously wrote with his left hand (Originally right-handed, Ilyenna Sunhair saw him accidentally do something with his left hand and was overjoyed at ‘another leftie’ so he taught himself to write with his left hand and just. Kept doing it)

Elan Morin Tedronai, Ishamael the Betrayer of Hope, who wielded a sword with his right hand but also wrote with his left. Aslo he could write two different things at the same time with different hands, write mirrored etc (Originally indeed left-handed, trained himself to be ambidextrous and simply didn’t tell anyone his right hand wasn’t a sword hand because he’s a little shit and a smartass)

Saine Tarasind, Mesaana, another (in)famous leftie

Moghedien, originally a rightie, never used the same hand to write in front of two different people.

Joar Addam Nessosin, Asmodean, also born a rightie, learned to be ambidextrous because of music and just didn’t bother taking a pencil with a more distant hand. Just like with Moghedien, it was remembered that he used his left hand to write rather than both.

It just so happened that about 25% of False dragons were also lefties, which is what people instantly focused on. 

Mazrim Taim despises swords because he is so painfully left handed he can barely even hold one in his right.