Folks, it’s time for serious talk. We need to make Legend of Iya happen. The unadulterated pixel beauty of this game is without equal. Every area and enemy design that I’ve seen oozes love and creativity. Iya is a passion project 10 years in the making, and now its creator is putting his professional life on hold for one year in order to make the big push and finish his baby. This game needs to exist. It’s so pretty that it’s heartbreaking to think that there’s even a possibility that it might not be complete.  Go to to the Kickstart page now:


Watch the videos. Marvel at the art. Listen to the creator talk about what its’ like to have tinkered with the same project since he was 10 years old. It’s inspirational stuff. The $75,000 goal is modest. There aren’t any stretch goals. $15 nets you a DRM free copy of the finished product, so backing the title is really little more than a preorder. Get to it folks!

And for goodness sakes folks, vote for this badboy on Steam Greenlight too. We have to do EVERYTHING we can to make sure darkfalzx is gets as much exposure as possible - and we all know that presence on Steam can make all the difference for an indie game.

It should go without saying … but please reblog this. Share it with everyone that you know who would want to play a gorgeous sidescroller like Iya. Word of mouth is what makes any Kickstarter campaign a success.


Legend of Iya Trailer 2 Now with 100% more Philter! Try the game’s demo here: http://bit.ly/14xE8Li http://bit.ly/14KLO0G OR from my personal dropbox: http://bit.ly/14xE91A If playing the demo puts you in a generous mood - support me on Kickstarter: http://kck.st/12CdU9i

Kickstarter Spotlight: Interview with Legend of Iya's Creator

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About once a week I peruse Kickstarter looking for an awesome RPG or Tabletop game to add to my collection. This week Legend of Iya (LOI) caught my eye. It’s a Metroidvania game with fantastic Legend of Mana-esque…

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Legend of Iya Kickstarter Trailer This is the trailer for my campaign to kickstarter the crap out of LOI. http://kck.st/12CdU9i Please support the project here. http://bit.ly/11PmVlz Steam Greenlight link!