7 Benches - Zen Serie - volume 1

Totally in the style of Nihon serie, this Zen serie is perfect for any dojo, temple or whatnot. This is a simple bench in plain, hard wood in beautiful dark wood colours. This will look good even in the darkest corner of your place.

This object doesn’t override anything, works fine in game, and is a complete new mesh :)

Made with Sims4Studio
Size : 623ko
Expansions : Base Game
Category : Buy > Comfort > Benches -> Price : 200§

download here

Please believe me when I tell you
I have been tearing down the walls I built around my heart
since the first night we kissed.
You slipped on the wet grass,
a thud in the empty space of night and
I have been falling for you ever since.

You love the rain
and I am the type of person who cringes
whenever anyone gets close enough
to hear my thunder but
I know if I could,
I would give you rainbows to hold onto
and crepuscular rays to always
remind you that sunbeams exist
even in the darkest of places.

I know I am always waiting on somedays,
always holding onto “what ifs”
and I would give everything
if it meant changing the inevitable
but my knees are bleeding and
I don’t remember hitting the floor this time.

All the ways you break like lightning
and crack like thunder,
all the words I wish your fingers could feel.
This is the grief we bury
and the selves we carry
and I am tired of the goodbyes,
I am tired of this war inside my bones.

—  broken thunder
June 19, 2015

Two nights ago was one of the darkest, scariest places I’ve ever been in my life.  I don’t want to go into it, but after quite a bit of panicking and spiraling and scaring Alex, I got a call from my bestest pal.  She pretty much talked me off the ledge until it was 3 am and I felt miraculously okay.  A few days later, i feel so, so free and happy because I have no more negativity or cruelty holding me down.  Things are good.  I don’t know how, but they are and I feel like I can breathe again.  More than that, I feel like my lungs are as full as they can be.

Here’s a list:

  • I’m moving out of my mom’s house in a matter of days
  • All the toxic people are out of my life
  • I really do get a fresh start
  • I get to use my dad’s car now which means my mom has 0 control over me (which is infuriating to her, as abusive dynamics are about power). Also, holla @ window/radio control.
    • As in, we both had roommates but they both dropped us and we got paired together omg
    • She understands me better than almost anyone else and there’s no one else I’d rather have by my side for my first year of college I really am SO HAPPY
    • (That was the moment I knew everything was gonna be fine)
  • I went to dinner with another really good friend tonight after work and she understands perfectly what I’m going through so we talked and laughed a lot a lot
  • Alex and I went into the city yesterday so I could treat him to brunch and he in turn treated me to some pretty macarons (mine were lavender, earl grey, and pistachio flavored).  We ate them in the park.
  • I met some friends from my college at Roo!!!!
  • R and I have decided to build a Danny Devito shrine in our dorm
  • My dad came to visit me at work and made lame jokes and let me buy him a chocolate danish
  • My bff from work gave me her zines to read and they’re beautiful and speak to my soul
  • I am going to have a birthday party and the invitations have Ezra Koenig and pizza on them :)
  • I get to dance to Twin Peaks with the love of my life tomorrow
  • You guys are SO COOL TO ME THANKS
  • I had too much coffee today but man I’m just so happy this doesn’t seem real

I got knocked way the fuck down and the right people were there to pick me back up again.  (Life’s What You Make It by Hannah Montana begins to play as her backup dancers skip into my room clapping and singing)


So yeah ha ha I was the shit where I came from. A concentrated attack knocked me down but not out. All my friends in the industry left me like toilet paper that missed the bowl.

They all left me.

I’m really too old to be spiteful but fuck man. We used to hang out. All over the world. In the darkest places.

Now you won’t return my calls. I made a career of stepping up and stepping on. I had a few enemies but I could trust them.

They showed who they were. I knew where I stood with them.

2 years has past. I climbed the fuck back on that rock. My name means something still.

But don’t ask me for a fucking job when you shit on my name to everyone and wouldn’t give me the time of day when I was out.



Six Favorite Albums tagged by rihflektor. I honestly don’t have a favorite album list and had to think about a few of these (well thanks for making me think about it, rih). Adding a 6th to this list is a challenge tho. I based the list on how I love each song in the album and how connected I am to it.

  • Computer World - Look, it’s Kraftwerk. Do I really need to explain this one?
  • Body Love - I just really love Klaus Schulze’s works because It fills your mind with images of sci-fi/fantasy adventures and shows you both the darkest and beautiful places in the universe specially this one. This has been a long time favorite. It will empty your mind and make you feel relaxed and you know what else you can feel with the album’s cover and title ;)
  • A Kiss in the Dreamhouse - Siouxsie’s music feels like it’s always taking you to a journey into an uncharted, sophisticated and artistic world. For me, the band and Siouxsie herself is a work of art and I feel the same with this album and each and every song in it.
  • Tin Drum - I just have this strange spiritual connection to it where you can feel it’s overall seriousness. It takes you back in the past, leaves you there like it’s up to you how you will understand your surroundings. The political and asian imagery in the album makes me feel at home and more aware of the current political state of my country.
  • Crystal Castles - I often imagine myself in a plastic playhouse with all these cheap toys sadly dancing along to the songs and dying when the album ends.
  • Metamatic - And like Kraftwerk, I don’t really have that much explanation to this one other than… well… It’s aesthetic. (Depeche Mode’s Violator and Neubauten’s Kollaps is battling for this slot in my head then I just saw John Foxx there in the corner and was like, yep, he needs to be here)

And… Idk who to tag. I’m honestly afraid to tag anyone 😰 do it if you want it guys!

anonymous asked:

Hi, could you please post this message so the suicidal anon whose question you just answered might see it? I have been in your position. I spent months in an inpatient unit in early 2014 because I, too, was suicidal and couldn't imagine living with pain anymore. I was afraid of going to hell if I killed myself, but I still thought I was going to. I have decided by now, and read enough, and thought it out enough, and prayed enough, to really feel sure in saying that God would not send to hell a

Christian who died by suicide. I really don’t think He would. He loves you so much and the Bible speaks often about pain and how He can lift us out of even the darkest of places. So many verses correlated completely with how I was feeling when I was suicidal and I don’t think God would condemn a person to whom the Bible itself seems to speak. I think His unending, unfathomable love just tells us that he would love even the suicidal, and love us so tenderly, and so completely, knowing our pain.

So I don’t think you’d go to Hell. However, God’s love is SO great and so full and so unfailing that it *in and of itself* is reason for you to stay. I understand your pain, I went through it, too, but God lifted me out of it. I just thought of Him all the time, treated myself with the love I know He holds for me, prayed and went to church and read and talked to the pastor in the hospital, and you would not believe the healing and warmth I felt. I really wouldn’t say this if I didn’t believe it,

but PLEASE do not give up on your life right now. So much of the Bible is for the forsaken, those whose spirits are broken, and so on. God is writing for YOU, my dear, and He knows exactly how to provide healing for you. Please keep connecting with the faithful around you and the spirit within you. I PROMISE God will never leave you. You have so much joy you have not found yet. God is thinking, “I can’t wait to see his/her reaction to all the joy that I have planned.”


Thank you for taking the time to write this. It really is beautiful. What an amazing testimony you have. You have a kind heart for sharing. I pray it helps anyone suicidal who reads it. God bless

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What do you look for in a lover?

‘    an intellectual. someone who is unafraid to question anything and everything. someone who knows the meaning of individuality, someone who is resourceful and self-dependent. someone who has a properly functioning brain. intelligence. they do not have to be head of cancer research at johns hopkins per se, but having an interest in gaining knowledge and studying things, books, music, people, what have you is imperative to me.  

contribute something to the planet. do not be utterly useless.

and be someone strong. i like scars, whether they are on the body or on the mind or both. someone who has been through trauma and thus, knows what it is like to march on from it and heal themselves. they do not have to have survived an apocalypse, but just being able to understand that all fear is temporary and happiness can be found in the darkest of places means something.  strength and fearlessness are very attractive qualities as a whole. 

and lastly, someone who knows that ‘love’, like everything else, does not last forever.

hi also sorry 2 bother again but i have this dire need for ships where one of them is v rude and v harsh and an awful person like epitome of fucked up and the other one is a sweet sweet sunflower that has found itself in the darkest of places w this asshole but rEFUSES TO LEAVE THEM BC OOPS THEY’RE HEART EYES NOW???

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My bias is Sehun but my bias wrecker is Lay!! He's such a little cutie all the time, i can't even describe how much i love him. His dimple is so cute, but he's also so funny and quirky. Most of all he's so lovely, he really tries to take care of all his members (and i love how he's kept in touch with Luhan <3).


His dimples give light in the darkest places as well as his personality.


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i cant with him..

-Admin Sienna