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HulkWidow Exchange!

In before midnight, whew! 

Prompter: marsinvestigaytions

Prompt: “Bruce and Natasha meet under a different context but are both respectively the Hulk and Black Widow.”

Synopsis: In an alternative 2006, HYDRA is in control of everything. Natasha and Bruce are new recruits. Both think the other are actually HYDRA, but Natasha gets them on a secluded island and tells him that she’s actually working for herself. Bruce realizes she’s conning HYDRA and wants his help. Natasha persuades him to go along with it and he does — even though he knows she’s a master manipulator.

I LOVED THIS PROMPT, marsinvestigaytions! I hope you enjoy this AU meet-not-so-cute!

Full summary and dialogue transcript under the cut!

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This is the entire Community fandom right now


disney is having an expo and there is a marvel panel and theyre marketing the dr strange movie as 

“girls, cars, and explosions with astral projection" 

is what marvel said we should expect from the dr strange movie and i dont even have a proper reaction photo