darkest powers

Reasons why I shouldn't read
  • It gets expensive when you’re going through whole books in 2 days
  • I get too emotionally attached to characters
  • I have a nasty habit of reading book and favoring the character that dies
  • I become obsessed with them and nothing can stop me from reading fan fiction and re-blogging their stuff on tumblr
I actually intended for Chloe to end up with Simon, which is what you see in The Summoning. But as the characters developed, I realized that wasn’t what Chloe would want. Simon is the guy a mother would want for her daughter’s boyfriend–he’s an easy guy to be with. But Chloe needs someone who will challenge her more, push her to grow, and that’s Derek. She does the same for him, in a way she wouldn’t have done with Simon.
—  Kelley Armstrong on the progression of Chloe and Derek’s relationship [x]
How could a parent blame her child for not overcoming a mental illness? It was like pushing a reluctant student to get a passing grade. It was like blaming one with a learning disorder for not getting As.
—  The summoning, Kelley armstrong

He disappeared into the brush. I turned around. A couple minutes later, the leaves crackled as he came out.

“I’m decent,” he said. “Got my shorts on. Nothing you haven’t seen.”

My cheeks flamed at the memory, which was stupid, because seeing a guy in his boxers shouldn’t be any different than seeing him in swim trunks. I’d even seen guys in their underwear, pranking at camp by running around our cabins, and I’d laughed and hooted with the other girls. But none of the guys at camp had looked like Derek, with a muscular back, bulging biceps, and…

And that was enough of that. I looked away to scan the forest and took a few deep breaths of my own.


“You were just worried about me.”

An exhale, relieved that I understood. “Yeah.“

I turned. “Because you think I’m worth it.”

He put his fingers under my chin. “I absolutely think you’re worth it.“

"But you don’t think you are.”

His mouth opened. Shut.

“That’s what this is about, Derek. You won’t let us worry about you because you don’t think you’re worth it. But I do. I absolutely do." 

This is a page from the novel “The Darkest Powers” written by Kelley Armstrong. Art by Xaviere Daumarie (that would be me).
Before you ask, there’s no graphic novel, this was just an extra.

It’s up on the mobi website of the publisher Harper Collins: http://darkestpowers.mobi/darkestpowers/chloe/

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Is there anything I can do?”
A voice inside my head said, “Sure. Run for your life!” But it was a small warning, not even serious, really, because there was no question of running. This wasn’t a matinee monster. Even now, with hair sprouting on his arms, fingers twisted into claws, when he looked away and growled at me to leave, I knew that whatever was happening, he was still Derek.
“Is there anything I can do?”
A ridiculous question. I could imagine the response he’d make any other time —the curl of his lip, the roll of his eyes.
But after one halfhearted “go away,” he crouched there, head turned, body trembling, each breath a rasp ending in a quaver.
“Don’t.” His fingers dug into the ground, arms stiffening, then relaxing. “Go.”
“I can’t leave you here. If there’s anything I can do …”
“Don’t.” A sharp intake of breath, then he expelled the words. “Don’t go.
—  The Summoning, Kelley Armstrong