darkest places

I seen the darkest places in your eyes,
I seen the pain you numb away,
As I ask I know you lie for you scary inside,
Your flaw imperfections made you beautiful in my eyes,
We connected seven months we stay.

Til February would only be a memory,
The stars dance in the way you spoke,
The conventions so deep to forget about thee,
Every girl I speak and have fun with is a joke,
Wasting my time as I practice my rhymes,
To one day she comes back an I capture her with my words or be surprise she lie, find me a dime.

More fishes in the sea to find,
This poem was to be towards you,
It was kind but I find off topic oh why,
Here’s my heart I give to you I need it back,
Be by the tree I carve out aftermath impact.

—  Nokushikuzi2 a.m.
Happy 37th Birthday to my favorite painfully obvious yet still closeted bisexual.

Happy Birthday to that young child who was made to grow up so fast. 

Happy Birthday to that genius who made an EMF reader out of an old Walkman. 

Happy Birthday to the man whose soul shine so bright even in the darkest of places. 

Happy Birthday to the man who is seen as the embodiment of humanity. 

Happy Birthday to the man who can act as brother, guardian, and friend all at once.

Happy Birthday to the guilt ridden mind of a hero who has seen battles enough for two lifetimes.

Happy Birthday to the broken hearted man who has faced so many losses and yet still finds a way to smile. 

Happy Birthday to the man who has made bad decisions for the sake of saving what he had left in the world. 

Happy Birthday to the man who sees himself as nothing but is everything to the holiest of creatures. 

Happy Birthday to the man that sings to classic rock tunes by can get down to some Taylor Swift. 

Happy Birthday to the man who is smooth as can be with the ladies but fumbles like a blushing idiot with the fellas. 

Happy Birthday to a man who looks a his best friend like the world disappears around them. 

Happy Birthday to the man who is still so young at heart. 

Happy Birthday Dean Winchester. 

Love ya man.