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Fandom: TMI

OTP: Clace

Prompt: Jace after a fight with Clary

Admin: DarkerThanBlack

Requested by: Anon


It had been an argument just like any other of the many Jace and Clary have—they were both stubborn people, so they butt heads continuously, always arguing over the little things. This time, the fight had stemmed from something so small, Jace couldn’t even recall what it had been about.

She’d stormed away in the heat of the fight, just like always. Jace knew that  by now, she’d be in her room in the institute, drawing pictures of him with devil horns and mustaches. Or, if the fight was really heated, like this recent one had been, she’d fold herself up very small, knees against her chest, and cry.

Jace stood stiffly in his bedroom, tension working at his jaw. If he listened very closely, he could hear the muffled, kitten-like sobs coming from her room. With every sob he heard, he winces, knowing he is the cause.

Jace should’ve held his ground—should’ve pouted and held a grudge for days on end. He’s good at that. But by the angel, his resolve, which seemed solid, crumbled into nothing. “Dammit, Fray.” He says very softly, muscles coming lose as he shuts his door behind him, venturing the short distance down the hall.

When he reaches her door, he doesn’t knock. He pushes it open slowly, to find her curled over herself, red hair spilling around her shoulders like an untamed fire.

Jace doesn’t speak—doesn’t say a word, as he walks over to her, and falls to his knees beside her. He shoves closer to her, until they’re touching. At the feel of her soft skin against his, relief comes, along with that spark that never failed to make his heart race.

“Oh, Clary,” He sighs quietly, wrapping an arm around her shoulder. She shies away for a moment, before sighing too, and nuzzling into him, like she’s trying to merge them, as if they are two raindrops. “I’m sorry, Clary. I’m so sorry.”

Clary mumbles her own apologies, and then pauses. “We do this a lot.” she whispers. “fight, I mean.”

“We do.” Jace agrees quietly, resting his chin on her head. “But do you know what?“

“What?” She wonders, looking up at him. Her lashes are wet from previously shed tears.

Jace kisses the tip of her nose lightly. “We fight because we care about each other. Some things, Clary, are not worth the fight.” He hesitates, trying to find a way to phrase his next sentence so that it flows just right. “But some things are.” He gives he a knowing look. “And us—what we have. That is something worth fighting for.”

Clary gives him a weak smile. “Yeah?” She raises a brow.

Jace grins, kissing her head. “Yeah.” He agrees.


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Fandom: TMI

OTP: Clace

(Isabelle as a side character)

Prompt: Isabelle takes Clary shopping at Victoria’s Secret, and Jace snoops in her bags afterwards

Admin: DarkerThanBlack

Requested by: Admin


“This is insane.” Clary moans, as Isabelle drops lingerie over the door of her changeroom.

“Nonsense.” Isabelle insists happily. “I’ve seen your cotton underwear, and girl, there is nothing attractive about it. Jace will thank me later. And so will you. Trust me.”

Clary grimaces as she plucks a bra and pantie set from the floor. “This is nothing but lace!” she cries uneasily, holding it at arms-length as though it might bite her.

“Exactly.” Isabelle sounds pleased and also a little annoyed with Clary’s lack of enthusiasm. “Now hurry up and try them on! We haven’t got all day. I have a nail appointment at 1.”

“I have a nail appointment at 1.” Clary mimics in a high voice, before rolling her eyes and hesitantly tugging one of the sets on.


With three Victoria’s Secret bags in tow, and 350+ dollars spent, Isabelle finally declares she feels satisfied enough with their progress to call it in for today. Half because she really was glad with their accomplishments, and half because Jace kept texting Clary and whining about where she was. It was Saturday, usually a day spent with Jace, and no one but.

“I’m off to the Salon.” Isabelle tells Clary, once they reach the main floor of the institute. She hands clary the rest of her bags, and pats her playfully on her head. “Have fun.” She hesitates as Jace comes tip toeing into the living room. Clary hadn’t noticed him yet, but Isabelle rolls her eyes. “But not too much fun.”

Clary brushes bright red, and shoos Isabelle out the door, turning to sag against it, when she catches Jace mid-sneek.

“Jace.” She mumbles, opening her arms for a hug, when she remembers the bags of sexy lingerie she clutches, filled with what felt like her dirtiest secrets.

His eyebrows hike  up his forehead when he sees what she’s attempting to hide. “Victoria’s Secret, hmm?”  he chuckles darkly, approaching her slowly, like a lion might circle an innocent lamb, wearing the face of a villain.

She turns an even more noticeable shade of scarlet. “N-No.” She stammers. “I m-mean it’s n-nothing. P-Promise.”

Jace dives for one of the bags before Clary has time to react, and she cries out in protest. “Jace! Don’t be a pervert!” she demands nervously, as he carefully removes the pink tissue paper, grinning in delight.

He ignores her, of course, and slowly pulls out the sexiest number she’d purchased that day. It was red, and black, and…well, between the bra and thong, there wasn’t much material. Lots of lace, and bows. Plus it was a push up.

He chuckles wickedly, waving it at her. “Well, Clary,” he says casually. “I can’t say I regret Isabelle kidnapping you today.”

She lunges after it, but he holds it up above his head, too high for short Clarissa Fray to reach. Despite knowing she’s too short, she tries to jump anyways, and fails miserably, crossing her arms over her chest. “Ass.” She mutters, refusing to look at him.

He stoops down to kiss her cheek. “Don’t pout.” He mumbles, setting the bra and pantie set back in the bag, and removing the rest of the stuff from her  grip, not to peek at its contents, but rather to relieve her of the burden, as if they weighed anything more than she could handle. “I’ll go put these bags away, and then we can watch a movie. I ordered pizza.”

Clary softens. Damn you, Jace Lightwood, she thinks wearily, can’t you just let me brood for five seconds?

Apparently not, which, Clary had to admit, was adorable.

“That sounds awesome.” She sighs, her tense posture relaxing, and blush fading, heartbeat calming.

He leans down, as if he might kiss her, and then swivels his head to the right, being a tease, leaning down in her ear, and whispering in a breathy tone, sending shivers down her spine, “and then after that, you can model what you bought today.”


Send me a prompt, (picture or word) containing your fandom and your otp, and I’ll do my best to write a short fic on them! I do Supernatural,  Maximum Ride, Twilight, Hush Hush, Fallen, TVD, Fruits Basket, The Hunger Games, High School Host Club, The Summoning Series, and The Mortal Instruments.  (If your fandom is not listed above, please inbox me what it is—not all my fandoms are listed above! )

Fandom: TMI

OTP: Malec/a little Clace

Prompt: Malec babystitting Clace’s kids

Requested by: Anon


“Thanks again.” Clary says passionately, rocking a sleeping 2 year old Maxxi in her arms. She looked completely gorgeous, Magnus had to admit, that his style had to be rubbing off on her. That sexy red lace dress with the keyhole back was simply stunning on her pale skin and red hair. No to mention the tastefully high strappy black heels. Jace must have some serious self-restraint to not be drooling over her. Though, Magnus did catch him sneek a glance at her every once and a while, and then lick his lips, probably thinking very naughty things.

“No problem.” Alec gives her a warm smile. “You and Jace need a night off. This crazy little one can be a handful, I’m sure.”

Jace nods, eyes huge, giving the you-don’t-know-the-half-of-it look. Clary offers Maxxi to them and Magnus makes an easy cradle in his arms for Clary to tuck Maxxi into.

“Well…” Jace shrugs. “I guess we’re off. Remember, Magnus…” he gives his brother-in-law a firm look. “keep your potions on a high shelf, and no candy before bed.”

“And don’t let her sleep with you. We’re trying to break that habit.” Clary adds.

“Watch her closely near stairs and sharp corners or objects.” Jace continues, looking worried.

“she likes when you read her a story before bed.” Clary nods quickly.

“Relax.” Alec says, starting to shoo them out. “We’ll take good care of her, and we’ll call you if we have any questions.”

“Have fun, you two.” Magnus calls. “But not too much fun—one mini Jace Lightwood is enough!”

Alec closes the door behind them, and turns back to Magnus, only to see Maxxi is now wide awake, staring around her with huge green eyes.

“Mommy? Daddy?” She wonders, gazing around in confusion. Her bottom lip starts to tremble.

“No!” Alec says urgently, rushing up to her. “Don’t cry, Maxxi, it’s okay. Shh. It’s all okay. Mommy and Daddy will be home soon.” He soothes. “Uncle Maggy and Uncle Al are going to watch you.”

“We’re going to have lots of fun,” Magnus assures her, setting her down.

Maxxi blinks her pretty eyes at them both, and then frowns. “But do you have icecream?” She challenges.

“Of course we do, Maxxi.” Alec rolls his eyes.

“Then okay,” She grins, revealing her small, square teeth. “We’ll have fun! Let’s play hide and go seek!”

Magnus groans internally. “sure. you and uncle Al can hide first. I’ll count to 10.” Magnus smiles.

Maxxi giggles as Alec runs past her, scooping her up with one hand. He bolts upstairs, and into their bedroom, where he gestures to the king bed. “Shhh.” He reminds her, tucking her underneath it before army-crawling beside her.

“Coming!” Magnus calls from downstairs.

They both remain very quiet as Magnus’s footsteps pad up towards them. When they see the toes of his designer boots, Alec and Maxxi share a grin.

“Hmm…I wonder where they could be…” Magnus grins wickedly. He pretends to look around, even though he can see Maxxi’s long blonde hair spilling out from underneath the side of his bed.

Maxxi lets out a shrill giggle of delight and Alec claps a hand over her mouth. “Shh.” He urges, unable to hide a smile himself.

Magnus uses a swift gesture with his wrist, lifting the bed from the ground, and revealing his husband and niece, with Alec’s body folded over Maxxi’s, her blonde head barely visable.

When Maxxi realizes she’s been found, she giggles, and scrambles out from under Alec, running to hug Magnus’s legs. “Found you!” she claims happily, tugging on his shirt, indicating she wanted up.

Alec climbs out from under the bed so Magnus can set it down. Maxxi’s uncle ‘Maggy’ (proof she couldn’t pronounce the gnus any better than she could say ‘lec’ in Alec’s name, therefor he’s adapted the nickname Uncle Al) scoops her up onto his shoulders, where her dimpled fists grab onto handfuls of his hair like reins.

“Go horsy!” She commands, bouncing up and down, her chubby cheeks inflated with a large smile.

“Go where?” Magnus wonders, sliding his hand through Alec’s.

Maxxi frowns, clearly have not expected that question at all. Then she brightens. “Uncle Al,” She bats her dark lashes (inherited from Clary) “we have icecream now?”

Alec sighs. “Will you go crazy?” he wonders, already knowing the answer. Also like Clary, Maxxi didn’t handle sugar too well. Her tiny body went into hyper-mode whenever given large doses.

Maxxi nods solemnly, like she’s promising she’ll behave. “Yes.” She says in her pretty soprano voice.

Magnus chuckles. “Awesome.” He decides. “Let’s go get icecream, then.”

Send me a prompt, (picture or word) containing your fandom and your otp, and I’ll do my best to write a short fic on them! I do Supernatural,  Maximum Ride, Twilight, Hush Hush, Fallen, TVD, Fruits Basket, The Hunger Games, High School Host Club, The Summoning Series, and The Mortal Instruments.  (If your fandom is not listed above, please inbox me what it is—not all my fandoms are listed above! )