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It took a while but I’m pretty satisfied with this ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ I wanted to do something with withered Foxy! Tumblr fucked with the quality I’m sorry :’D

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Wrong Place Wrong Time (7)

Do not reuse, edit or copy and of my work(s). ©
Part 7 of an ongoing series, enjoy :)
A fanfic for a more Mature audience due to violence and language. Read at your own risk :)

Themes=😖,🌟,💣,🎭. (☠️- Harm towards characters and Strong language.)

Summary: You end up in the wrong place at the wrong time and it has negative repercussions. Main characters include: Reader and EXO.

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Word Count: 2,676

“Jongin we –” The door swung open revealing Kyungsoo and Yixing on the other side. “What’s going on in here?” Kyungsoo frowned looking between you and Jongin. Yixing frowned too, giving you a ‘what are you playing at’ type of look. You stepped back and looked down at your feet.

“Nothing to worry your pretty little head about Soo, what do you want, you’re interrupting us.”

Kyungsoo frowned again but more so at you. “Something came up. Come on.” He turned on his heel walking away from the room. Jongin sighed rolling his eyes following behind Kyungsoo.

“I’ll be back, don’t go anywhere.” He placed the darts that he was still holding into your hand, raising his brows and disappeared down the corridor. You stood there in awkward silence, waiting for Yixing to leave, but he didn’t.

“Come on.” He said taking a hold of your wrist and pulling you lightly towards the door, but you pulled back snaking your hand out of his grip.
“What are you doing? He frowned, grabbing your wrist again and pulling you harder. But you snatched your hand away again, backing up towards the window. You were scared to be around him, he was nice enough when you didn’t know just how vicious he was and how many people he may have killed. At this point in time you didn’t know who you feared more in the house, but now you were second guessing whether or not being around Yixing was safe enough for you.
“Y/N. What are you doing?” His face went blank and his voice turned cold, he was completely different to the Yixing you were allowing yourself to get used to. “You’re not defying me…are you?”

You swallowed hard; staring at the hand he was reaching out to you, but still not taking a hold of it. He walked closer towards you his shoulders seemed as though they were broadening on impulse and his image became darker, frightened wasn’t the word to describe the way you were feeling right now. Maybe you should’ve just followed when you had the chance. He stood there, frame lurking above you and eyes piercing into the back of your skull.
“I don’t have time for this Y/N.” He breathed “I’m going to ask you again. Are you defying me?”
You shook your head robustly, stepping backwards into Jongin’s wardrobe.

“No –I just–Jongin told me to wait here.” You stuttered trying to keep your voice under control.

“What have I told you about Jongin Y/N. He’s not good company, now come on.” He reached for your hand pulling you towards the door.

“But he’ll be mad if I leave!” You whined. To be honest Jongin being angry wasn’t what you were too worried about right now, it was being alone with Yixing.

“He can’t get mad at you if you tell him I’m the one that dragged you out.” He hissed at you pulling you out of the room, you walked through the corridors and ended up in the kitchen, just the two of you alone.

“What did he say?” Yixing mumbled, he was still angry his demeanour was still dark so you stood on the opposite side of the counter from him. You shrugged your shoulders, you didn’t want to make the mistake of speaking about the boys to each other and getting the wrong person into trouble, it would only have negative repercussions for you.
“I asked you what the fuck he said Y/N?!” Yixing shouted banging his fist on the counter and staring at you through dark eyes. Your heart began to beat double its pace. Yixing was a different person when he was mad; it was as though he had been possessed by a much darker being.

“He just told me you were dangerous. That’s all” you whimpered in fear, trying to stop yourself from crying. Why was this happening to you, you were a good person, you didn’t deserve any of this.

“I’m not an idiot Y/N! Don’t treat me like one. I know that’s not all that went on in there.”

“I promise you I’m telling the truth. He said you were dangerous and you’ve killed quite a few people.” You cowered away from him scared that he would lash out at you.

“Stop hanging out with Jongin, he isn’t to be trusted.”

“And you are?” You heard someone scoff, you looked up and over to your left. It was Jongin.
Yixing snarled at him and took a step in his direction. You couldn’t believe this was the same guy that had told you to come to him if you needed anything, the same guy that had politely binned your toast for you.
“Stop acting like you’re not the most psycho out of all of us here Yixing.” Kai said grabbing a banana from the fruit bowl in the middle of the table and turning his attention to you. “I thought I told you to wait for me in my room.” Jongin scowled at you, taking a bite from the banana he had just peeled.

“I dragged her here, have an issue?” Yixing said, inching closer towards Jongin. Jongin laughed dropping his half eaten banana on the table and running a hand through his hair.

“God Yixing, why are you so fucking annoying? Jealous because I attract more girls than you’ve had people killed? Because goodness that means I have had plenty of girls right Xing?” He laughed mockingly.
Yixing grabbed Jongin by the collar and slammed him against the fridge next to you, his face was red with rage and his knuckles had turned white from how hard he had gripped onto Jongin’s collar. Jongin smiled in Yixing’s face, licking his lips.

“Yeah go on Xing, prove to Y/N how aggressive you are. Prove me right princess.”
Just then Kyungsoo and Chanyeol walked into the kitchen. Kyungsoo wearing his usual unbothered expression.

“For fucks sake” He mumbled “Why is there always drama in this damn house. And why are you always present when it’s happening.” He shot you a dirty look before turning on his heel. “Jongin.Yixing. Board now.” He said disappearing from the room. Yixing looked at you then back to Jongin before letting go of his collar and leaving the kitchen. Jongin following closely behind.

“Are you okay Y/N? You didn’t get hurt did you?” Chanyeol rushed up to you, inspecting you for bruises.

“No I’m fine.” You mumbled shifting uncomfortably away from him. “Can you take me to see Baekhyun please?”

“Look Y/N if you want to talk I am here you know.” He said looking at you through worried eyes, the same eyes he’d been looking at you through since you’d got here.

“No I don’t want to talk; I just need to see Baekhyun please.” He let out a deep breath and nodded slowly, taking you to Baekhyun’s room.

You knocked on Baekhyun’s door, waiting for a reply.

“Come in!” You heard him call from the other side of the room. You opened the door slowly to see him in a grey tracksuit sitting at a desk and writing on some paper. “Yes?”

“Hi” You stood awkwardly at the doorway. He turned around to look at you.

“So are you going to come in and talk or not? You look slightly pathetic right now” He laughed at you showing you a row of amazingly white teeth.

 “Oh right. Sorry” You said walking in and closing the door behind. “I have an issue.” You began to take refuge on Baekhyun’s floor sitting cross legged. “I don’t know who to trust in this place. I can’t even trust Chanyeol anymore.”

“Simple. Don’t trust any of us; we’re not to be trusted.” He shrugged getting up from his seat; he came to sit opposite you on the floor crossing his legs. “It’s funny though, you say you can’t trust us, yet the first real conversation you’re having with me is about some really deep trust issue shit?” He hung his head on the side looking at you in wonder.
“Well Yixing told me I should talk to you or him if I have any questions or worries.”

“And you trusted him enough to believe in what he said?”

“Well –I mean yeah. Shouldn’t I?”

“Well I don’t know Y/N do you think that you should put your trust in 9 men that kill, steal and commit every other unlawful act under the sun? Because I know I wouldn’t.” He half laughed “If you want to you can trust us 99% but just leave that 1% open for doubt and distrust okay?”
You were finding is freakishly easy to talk to Baekhyun it felt as though you were reconnecting with a friend that you hadn’t seen for years. You felt at ease for a moment and that felt good.

“So you’re saying I shouldn’t trust you?” You asked, looking up at him.

“I don’t know, should you?” He quirked an eyebrow

“Why are you trying to make me doubt you?”

“Because you don’t know me Y/N. You wouldn’t trust someone you just met at the shop to hold your wallet while you went to find the milk aisle right? So what makes you think you should trust a guy who’s a member of an underground unit?” He had point. “Although don’t get me wrong I’m very flattered you’ve taken to me so well” He said, pulling a face and batting his eyelashes at you. You couldn’t help but laugh at his stupidity.

“I don’t know.” You sighed “I guess I just need to feel like I can trust someone to even begin to feel any type of comfort in this place.” You looked down at your hands, your nails were chipped and the varnish you had on was wearing away.

“So trust Chanyeol.” Baekhyun spoke up smiling at you softly. “Sure he turned out to be something else, something you could’ve never imagined, your heart is probably bleeding right now because of it. Yes, he kept the truth from you, but wouldn’t you if it were the other way round? Because I certainly don’t go round telling everyone I know that I’m your typical textbook baddie. But Chanyeol has never failed you as a friend, right? That’s what’s most important and that won’t change. I know he cares about you and what you think about him. This wasn’t his choice so just go easy on him a bit okay?” You rolled your eyes, although you knew that what most of Baekhyun was saying was true, you didn’t want to talk or even think about Chanyeol right now.

“Hey can I ask you a question?” You said, deciding that it was time to change the topic.

“It’s not like you haven’t already been. Besides, asking me if you can ask me a question is already asking a question.” He stuck his tongue at you childishly and poked your knee. You stuck your tongue out in response and continued on with your question.

“Yixing is telling me to stay away from Jongin, but Jongin is telling me to stay away from Yixing and now I really don’t know who to stay away from.”

“That wasn’t a question.” Baekhyun smiled.

“Seriously!” You leaned over and pushed his shoulder. “I’m trying to get information here.”

“I’m just kidding. But seriously those two.” He rolled his eyes. “They don’t get on, so they’ll never have anything good to say about each other.”

“Why not?” You asked, inquisitiveness taking over your body.

“Wow you sure do ask a lot of question Y/N, You know curiosity killed –”

“The cat. I know. I’ve already been told today, thanks for the second heads up.” You finished his sentence.

“Wow, you’ve already been told once but continue to pry. Apparently this cat is really out looking to get killed.” He smiled at you slightly disturbingly if you were being honest to yourself.

“I can’t help it, it’s part of my job description, I’m a business woman. Now can you please tell me what I want to know?” You hurried your sentence impatiently tapping your fingers on the floor.

“Hmm.” Baekhyun smiled looking at your fingers tapping against the floor. “Fine I’ll tell you but it won’t benefit you in anyway.” He cleared his throat, his expression suddenly changing solemn.  What was it with these men and their second personalities, it was as though they were all conditioned to be happy one minute and hit an emotional low the next.

“There used to be more of us. 12 to be precise. One day we were given orders to do what we normally do, Kill, steal, kill some more, you know the usual bad boy stuff. It was like every other day we were cruising doing all the shit we had to do, when suddenly we were ambushed. It was as though we had been double crossed. Nobody knows how, Junmyeon said it must have been one of the three that are no longer with us, but we never really investigated much after they left. Two of them kind of just disappeared, no one knows where they are right now, maybe they’re dead. The third one was shot.” He paused to take a breath.
“It was that night, we had been ambushed. It was crazy. Everyone was running, shooting, just trying to get out alive really.” He laughed sadly, clearing his throat. “We all got back to the van and were about to drive off when we realised Yixing, Jongin and the ex-member weren’t there. We waited and waited, when finally Junmyeon had told us we couldn’t wait any longer. Just as we were about to pull off Jongin and Yixing came running back to the van but the other guy…he wasn’t there. Jongin had said he had been shot. We were all shocked, silent we didn’t know what to do or say. It wasn’t until I had got home I noticed Yixing shaking and crying he looked angry.” He took another breath, looking down at his hands and continued again.
“I asked him if he was okay. He told me that he swore he saw Jongin kill him. I told him he was in shock and that couldn’t have been possible Jongin wouldn’t have shot one of us, one of his brothers. But he insisted. Yixing said that the ex-member was shot in the leg and still alive, all they had to do was get him back in the van and I would deal with whatever wounds he had, but he said as he was bending down to pick up his gun to go over and help he saw Jongin drag him to a corner and shoot him. Jongin swears that didn’t happen and that he was shot by the opposition.” He stopped talking and turned his head to look at you, his expression dark making your skin crawl somewhat.

“Well who was telling the truth.” You whispered, as though you were scared to find out the answer.

Baekhyun sighed heavily, “I don’t know Y/N like I said nobody is to be trusted around here.”

“But who do you think did it” you pointed at him and waited for him to answer.

“Honestly I don’t know. I’m pretty tight with Yixing and he tells me mostly everything bothering him. But I don’t understand why Jongin would do it, him and the guy that died were practically joint at the hip, you couldn’t separate them. Either Yixing misread the context or one of them is lying. I guess we’ll never know.”

You let out a heavy breath. If you thought your life was complicated, now was definitely the time to change your mind. You couldn’t believe what you’d just heard, you honestly couldn’t see why any of them would lie, but you didn’t know them well enough to judge the situation.

Just then someone had knocked on Baekhyun’s door, making the two of you jump. When it swung open you saw Junmyeon standing on the other side with some sort of complex looking black gear on.

“Baekhyun, office. Now. And you.” He pointed directly at you.

“Come with me.”

A broad hole in the corona was the Sun’s dominant feature November 7-9, 2017, as shown in this image from NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory. The hole is easily recognizable as the dark expanse across the top of the Sun and extending down in each side. Coronal holes are magnetically open areas on the Sun that allow high-speed solar wind to gush out into space. They always appear darker in extreme ultraviolet. 

Image Credit:NASA/GSFC/Solar Dynamics Observatory


30 Day Coloring Challenge- Create a coloring for gifs. Specifically file size reduction. {13/30}

anonymous asked:

I really liked the line 'the dark side of the king' from your question about enforcers. would you maybe be willing to talk some more about Gavin and Ryan being terrible doing Geoff's dirty work??

The Fake’s might joke that Geoff is a pushover, too adoring of his crew-mates to really lay down the law as boss, but in reality there are few men more feared than Ramsey. Few legends with more ruthless reputations, more stories of heartless brutality; for those outside his limited family Ramsey is nothing less than an unmitigated horror.

Still, there are certain things Geoff can’t be seen to be involved in, things he must stay above, be diplomatic about. Times when an issue needs to be taken care of without the blowback, when there must be violence without inevitable retribution; ferreting out moles, persuading recalcitrant informants, dealing with a problem who belongs to a gang the FAHC are supposed to be allied with.

It’s easy enough to think that in a crew with a reputation as terrible as the FAHC there is little need for a designated ‘bad guy’. They’re all the bad guys, just ask the citizens of Los Santos, just look at the bodies in the morgue, track down the ruins of all who have thought to oppose them. There isn’t a single member with clean hands, isn’t one who didn’t choose this, who isn’t having the time of their life every singe day morality be damned. And yet there are still jobs Geoff wouldn’t push any of them into, deeds too dark to be forced onto even the most loyal. In those cases that call for abhorrent action Geoff can’t take on himself there is one pair he tends to turn to.

Few would truly be surprised to hear that Ryan is one of the two who tick this box, but that his partner in absolute depravity is Gavin would catch some unaware. There are, of course, members of the crew more suited to being paired with Ryan for all out violence, and those more apt to accompany Gavin for subtlety, but together the pair of them are unrivalled in their gruesome innovation, their unflinching dedication.  

There is being willing to do the dirty work, and then there is enjoying it. Excelling at it. Relishing in the snap of bones and panicked pleading, in the creativity of cruelty, the intricate art of fear. They are violent and terrible, all wrath and retribution like the stories of old, they are a reckoning. Unlike most others there isn’t even a moment when either of them regret. Not a single hesitation before doing whatever must be done, no matter how terrible, how brutally unforgivable. No threat is too dark, no act is too far, no reaction too extreme. In this there are no lines to cross, no moral code to offend or gods to obey. And worst of all, they enjoy it. They have fun, entertain each other, safe in the knowledge that out of sight of the rest of the crew, with none but Geoff really knowing what exactly they are up to, there is no judgement. No one who matters will think differently of them for unapologetic iniquity when they are each other’s only witness and their ruin matches up oh so well.

Gavin is delightfully petty, can whip out flippant comments and passing jokes from months or even years ago in his monologue, twist them into some pithy one liner on the fly, like a hollywood villain without any cheesy dialogue to detract from the menace. He knows just how to frame their attack, laying out exactly what infraction has brought on Ramsey’s ire and building an awful sense of suspense as he delightedly meanders around what they are going to do about it.

It’s not something that should be appealing, it’s awful really, bitterly cruel, but it makes Ryan’s sense of melodrama sing. Ryan who could have chosen any mask in the world but went directly for a blackened skull. Who drops his already deep voice two octaves when he purrs out threats and has a terrible habit of laying wait in dark corners until he spots the perfect moment to loom in sight. Ryan who’s never crumbled in the face of desperate begging, never seen grovelling as anything but undignified, who can’t help but appreciate the way it merely makes Gavin turn up his nose, roll his eyes, toss Ryan increasingly incredulous looks; Christ isn’t this one pathetic?

They share enough languages to communicate in privacy no matter the situation but even without planning they are synchronised enough to work in tandem, playing into each others proclivities, teasing chatter as much for their own genuine amusement as it is for taunting their prey. There are no hard and fast rules to their partnership- sometimes Ryan’s feeling particularly chatty and sometimes Gavin’s itching to pull out his lovely gold knives- but more often than not Gavin wheedles his way into the mind of their victim before Ryan quite literally pulls them apart. Just as Gavin strokes Ryan’s ego when he leans in and pleasantly explains all the horrific things the Vagabond has done, Ryan pander’s to Gavin’s ever vicious whim; drags things out, slows them down, get’s disgustingly creative.

There’s always been something distinctly animalistic in Gavin, the way he slinks like a predator, grins wide enough to bare his teeth, the way he can’t help toying with his food, but in this he isn’t Gavin Free, the Fake’s happy-go-lucky wrecking ball of chaos, isn’t the Golden Boy, Ramsey’s unbelievably persuasive frontman; this is another creature all together. On these jobs Gavin is no less the showman, still all insidious cunning and attention-grabbing flash, but for once he does nothing to disguise his own decay. Doesn’t inject false emotion where none exists, doesn’t manufacture empathy, won’t even pretend to give a solitary shit about anything outside his own world, his life, his people. Amusement as chilling as it is cold-blooded, crushing any hope that he might be the tempering force, that the presence of the glittering Golden Boy will reign in the Vagabond.

And Ryan, good grief Ryan. The Vagabond already has so very many tortured tales attached to his name, already inspires so much fear, but people do like to hope his reputation is inflated. Like to think the man behind the mask can’t truly be as terrible as they say, must suffer the same bouts of  guilt and mercy as anyone else. Think the Vagabond’s greatest secret is the fact that at the end of the day he is just a man. The look in their eyes when they realise they are wrong, realise that while the skull may be a mask Ryan has always been the monster, is the stuff nightmares are made of. The Vagabond isn’t soft on a good day, but in this role he is ruthless. It would, perhaps, be a relief if he were cold, detached. Would be an easier pill to swallow if he acted with his usual air of professionalism, but this? This is Ryan in his element. This is the Vagabond having fun.

It’s a tossup who’s better off; the victims who die slow and painful or the ones who get to live. The ones who spill their secrets, who suffer their punishments, and in the end are left to crawl free. Those who never really stop thinking about bloodstained teeth and razor-blade smirks, distressingly fond banter and cold flat eyes. None of them come back right, none of them return the same way they left, have suffered terror beyond words, experienced horrors they will never be capable of explaining. Most wind up leaving the city, even a passing mention of the Fake AH Crew enough to send them shaking, the possibility of another run in utterly intolerable, but those who stay only serve to further boost the duos reputation.

It’s one thing for anyone with half a brain to fear the Vagabond, it’s quite another for well-known crooks to literally flee when he appears, spike classic fear-mongering rumours with far more truthful tales of vicious depravity, go to absurd lengths to steer clear of the FAHC at any cost. In the same vein the denizens of Los Santos can only say Gavin’s name with increased reverence after  a mere wink tossed at some thug playing muscle in the background of a meeting has the man throwing up all over himself. Can only be more impressed when a slow smile and whispered comment has another back-peddling so fast the Fake’s make off with way more than they were owed.

Which, of course, suits Geoff just fine, reaping the boons of the pet horrors he keeps in his pocket for a rainy day; rare, but undeniably memorable. To see the three of them at work is a sight to behold, Ramsey strolling along flanked by his most wicked miscreants, one the darkened menace of death incarnate, the other almost alight with his own glittering hubris, not a scrap of restraint or morality between them. They are apocalypse, are inevitable disaster, the end of all things good and holy and with an unseen signal they peel off, leave their grinning king to walk alone as they melt back into the night, set free once more to hunt.



As you might have heard, VANS is not only heading down to this year’s Babes Ride Out West Coast event, but also contributing blank decks for all the BRO Artists to customize!  Born in Warsaw, Poland, Long Beach based artist Alicja Polachek’s artwork centers primarily around her love and interest in lettering, typography and sign painting. Working mainly in gold leaf, glass and paints, Polachek enjoys combining non-traditional materials into her works to give it a modern twist. We’re absolutely loving her gilded painted board and chat with her to find out more about what inspires her and how she came up with her customized board for this year’s BRO West Coast event.  

Photographs courtesy of the artist. | Interview by Anya Violet

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how to make matching backgrounds for character aesthetics

I have had a lot of requests lately about how I make my character aesthetics. So here is a brief explanation of my process. To do this type of edit all you need is just basic editing skills and an original image that already has an light/white-ish background.This is my first tutorial so sorry if things aren’t super clear. Please message me if you have any questions! 

Here is my process to turn 

     THIS                                                into                                         THIS 

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Here’s a lil tutorial on shading with pointalism/stippling!

I apologize for the written stuff in the images being difficult to read, so I will put the captioning under the keep reading.

-Mod L

First image: "Practicing shading isn’t too difficult! Each box=different color Pens(arrow then pointing at pens) Darker side(arrow pointing at D) Lighter side(arrow pointing at L) *much patience is needed for this”

Second image: “darker side=more dots, lighter side =less dots. Its best to start on darker side and gradually put less dots.”

Third image: “Continue w/ each color! Lighter pigments need more dots for darker part of shading. Keep practicing to get better!”

Fourth image: "Here’s a close-up”