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Week Ending February 6th, 2017

  1. Moana +1
  2. La La Land +1
  3. Beauty and the Beast +12
  4. Zootopia +3
  5. Rogue One: A Star Wars Story −1
  6. Hidden Figures
  7. Lord of the Rings +3
  8. Heathers +4
  9. Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them −1
  10. Fifty Shades Darker +6
  11. Moonlight −2
  12. Doctor Strange −7
  13. Deadpool +1
  14. Call Me by Your Name
  15. Arrival
  16. Split −3
  17. The Hobbit
  18. Star Wars: Episode VIII – The Last Jedi −17
  19. Star Wars: The Force Awakens −8
  20. Bright Lights: Starring Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds

The number in italics indicates how many spots a title moved up or down from the previous week. Bolded titles weren’t on the list last week.


You stayed by my side when I had no desire to live. You didn’t give me any advice. You just waited for me until I made a decision. You were that considerate even when you were younger.

I am cool, indeed.

No. You are very cool.

One Grain of Sand

So, a friend made me watch Doctor Strange recently, and it blew my mind. I wasn’t expecting it to be that good, but it was amazing. I rewatched it yesterday, and then this happened. A little post-movie scene between Strange and the Ancient One. (So beware SPOILERS if you haven’t seen the movie yet.) This is absolutely my headcanon, and I’m sticking to it.

If there was one thing in the whole world that Dr Stephen Strange had discovered was more complicated and fiddly than brain surgery, it was brain surgery via magic. Okay, so there was no real need for him to be trying to figure out just the right application of dimensional energy to the pathways in the brain to stimulate cell regeneration without breaking the natural laws, but it was his pet project. Something to work on in the momentary lulls between extra-dimensional threats.

His study at the New York Sanctum was quiet, filled only with the sounds of his own breathing and the faint rustling of the Cloak of Levitation hanging in the corner. He had books stacked up around him, some of them propped open, others discarded in piles, but the central part of his desk was clear, to make space for the complex spellwork he was trying to weave. Not to activate, but just to see if the concepts would hold together, or if the spell would collapse outright on him.

“Really, Strange, you should know better than to try and combine opposing hexagrams.”

Stephen would forever deny that the sound that escaped him was more like a shriek than anything else. It was not high-pitched and terrified squeal, more like an… alarmed but very dignified yell. A strong, if vaguely startled, kiai.

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Is your co a coworker, cohort, colover, or what? Are you two involved?

Coworker. And goodness, no. lol  He’s just hilarious. I talk about him a lot because we work graveyard and he’s like, one of the only people I ever see. 

The Hound of the Baskervilles: director’s script

I’ll try to compress both episodes into one post and that will be big. 

Alrighty so this is the wildest script out of the entire bunch, in my opinion, mostly because of one thing in the end. Many changes from the final cut, many additions, closer to the book than it turned out to be in the end. A lot of stuff. 

So we’re only the third movie in and the script already hurries to point out that everyone is old.

Mister Sherlock Holmes was having breakfast at the table. Hundreds of solved cases marked new wrinkles on his manly face, brows became darker, and temples - lighter. 

Doctor Watson was standing at the fireplace twirling a some sort of cane in his hands. The time left its marks on his as well: his hair got thinner and forehead became higher, moustache…

I’m not sure if Maslennikov had a some sort of weird appreciation for Livanov’s features with all those manly faces and all, but eyebrows getting darker? What kind of an observation is that? Was his first thought upon meeting with Livanov again “MAN those brows!!! Dat going into the script boi!!!”? It’s always the weirdest details.

By the general descriptions of everything and everybody it’s pretty clear that the script was written before the casting, since every character looks like they do in canon. Pretty jarring to read about blonde Stapleton and look at the picture of Yankovsky above the text. 

Speaking of Yankovsky.

Sir Hugo Baskerville, a knight of the age of thirty, was standing on a table topless, trying to organise a choir…  

They wanted Yankovsky to dance on a table without pants on, alright. Yeah, they later specify that he takes his trousers off after this scene, so yeah, that might’ve been…an interesting scene. I like how they keep referring to him as knight, like from all the things in the world, I don’t think this guy is worth the courtesy. 

When was the original case set season-wise? It was summer in the script, the murder happened in June and Mortimer talked about dog footprints on the grass. It turned into January and snow in the final cut, which is more fitting cause what kind of shitty grass would that have been if there are clear footprints on it.

Now, when they said a lot of stuff between sir Henry and Barrymore was improvised, they meant no joke. Of course before Mikhalkov burst in, Henry was a pretty canon-looking bud. No alcohol tiny joke plot ever took place, Barrymore was even compassionate to a degree about everything. No infamous porridge and “oatmeal, sir”, which you should be pretty familiar with if you’re yodeling around this blog. None of that, just plain canon all around. Whether that was a good or a bad change is up to your own judgement. 

At one moment he thought he saw…

…a woman wondering around the swamp. Her thin silhouette in a light dress blinked behind the sickly trees and disappeared…


…a short thin blond man of 35-40, with a clean shaven bland face. 

Definitely Yankovsky right there. 

Watson managed to kinda annoy me slightly in this script, surprisingly, he kept being a dick for no reason to anyone who asked about his investigation even faintly, remained grumpy for no reason, everything for no reason. Why? There have been moments in the final cut, but they’re not as in your face as here. 

…Doctor Watson stood in front of sir Henry Baskerville in his bedroom and helped the ex-Canadian to do a tie in an English manner.

“Where are your tie pins?”

“In this box…”, sir Henry opened it and started picking a pin, “Listen, Doctor, if her name is Beryl, maybe I’d stick a beryllium pin on?”

“Vulgar!…”, Watson throwned.

“You’d have to notice the pin first.”

“Vulgar for your inner wellbeing”, Watson explained coldly, “For a gentleman’s wellbeing! Here’s your smoking, time to go down to the table…”

Henry: beryllium for beryl how bout tha-

Watson: ew. ew ew ew. what the fuck. what the fuck of a pun is that. disgusting. appalling. here, take your big boy pimp suit and fuck off. 

I was glad to know there were some extended Watson/Henry dudebro scenes originally. 

Interestingly enough, Watson was supposed to remain relatively sober after that dinner, which was obviously not the case in the final version. Quality changes, man, quality changes.  

Also a case of a needed change, Mrs. Barrymore and everything about her character. She was supposed to be canon, but Kryuchkova’s husband (Vexler, the lead cameraman of the series) was already in the hospital recovering from a heart attack, and she was pregnant, and her script was nothing but tears and drama. So she decided to fuck this all and play her role with a smile, and the irl Mikhalkov/Adabashyan dudebro tandem helped. 

Also about line distribution, here’s a picture of Mrs. Barrymore speaking to Watson about the letter, accompanied by the text where Mr. Barrymore speaks to Watson about the letter.

She found it in the end, so why not give the text to her then. 

This script loves to call itself out, here’s the text of Henry and Watson discussing Stapleton’s fit, under a picture of Henry from the final cut expressing his angsty teen self on a horse.

That’s kinda even surprising to an extent that an adaptation that had so many changes from the canon in the end is still considered very faithful to the text. 

While listening to Frankland, Watson was constantly looking for a free chair to sit on, and never found one in the end. 

The real tragedy. 

The iconic “Love, Watson…” moment is nowhere to be seen in the script either, I’m starting to get really amazed. Who comes up with this then, who improvises this on the set? Who’d thought to insert a four second long scene of Livanov explaining love like he’s the creator of this universe? Honestly, this is fascinating.

By the way, a good story for me personally: Cartwright the most unfortunate boy of the series got to arrive home after all. Of course they had to cut it. We’ve no idea where he went. Maybe he’s still wondering around the swamp, keeping the hound legend alive. Who knows, certainly not the final cut.  

Double by the way, this script had a rather vivid imagination about special effects in the USSR. 

Yes! It was a dog, giant, pitch black. But no mortal has ever seen a dog of such kind. Flames were firing from its mouth, sparks flied in its eyes, sparkling fire was playing on its face and nape.

There was a whole story of delusional Maslennikov vs. actual SFX and canine experts on the set, which ended up with Maslennikov shooting an arrow up his ass or something along the lines, but yeah, definitely not happening, this setup. Let’s set a dog on fire lol k art 👊👊 sherlock holmes adaptation🎩 special effects 😱😱 baskerville hound 💀top quality 👌 © Maslennikov circa 1980s.

When a second flashback flashed and Hugo took his pants off, apparently the script says that his girl just fainted in the end. Yes, just fainted, and the guy was killed by the dog. Like pantsless “knight” Hugo was just checking out his bud who had a scar on her upper lip lying on the ground when the dog attacked. I dunno, the streaks of ketchup in the final cut suggest things did not end well for neither of them, but oh well. 

Apparently Holmes vs. Stapleton chasing scene was nowhere in existence, but instead we’d have to watch an unnecessarily graphic scene of Stapleton drowning.

 A soul tearing, dying cry from the depths of the night swamp interrupted the words of Mrs. Stapleton…

…Stapleton was drowning in the swamp. He was drowning slowly, twitching with his entire body, trying to grab the weak bushes of swamp grass. The more he fought for his life, the deeper the thick liquid was sucking him in. Bits of white fog were consuming him just as stubbornly as the swamp abyss.

Stapleton screamed loudly and beastly, and that’s why his face appeared to have the last final resemblance to his feral predecessor - Hugo Baskerville… 


well, at least the final directions are kinda cool, history repeating itself or something, more like dna is a bitch please don’t breed. 

By the way, even there in the script the dog was most definitely shot by Lestrade. I’m still fascinated by this decision, especially now when I know that this always was the original intention. 

“Precise shots of Inspector Lestrade in Devonshire”, she read out the big heading, “Is that true, Mr. Holmes?”

“Pure truth, Mrs. Hudson.”

“Is that true, Doctor Watson?”

“Sadly, yes!”

“Why “sadly”? “Times” always claims that this is the best Inspector of Scotland Yard”, the granny said with conviction.

Ah yes, the Mrs. Hudson’s crush plot. Also, Watson, fuck off and be jealous somewhere else, you couldn’t even, like, handle a pun. 

And just as the movie is about to hit the final credits, a completely unexpected turn follows. You’ve read this rather weird paragraph about Watson seeing a woman wondering around the swamps, right? Well, no wonder there, that’s Beryl, like who else would that be. Indeed, after a second hallucination like that it was her who emerged in the next scene. Then they go to Stapletons, Watson looks out the window and…sees a woman wondering round the swamps. My weirded out scare didn’t last long, that’s probably Laura Lyons? Who else might it be now, I guess it was a some sort of early exposition, why not. 

Several of those incidents come and go, it’s the climax, Beryl is safely strapped in a basement, Lyons is chilling home, Stapleton is about to drown, Holmes tries to chase him and…sees a figure of a woman wondering round the swamps in the distance. 

I tell ya this was the first actual legitimate scare I got after reading this, all this time it had a some sort of explanation, but not now, not in a situation like this. Then the flashback follows with that gal described having a scar on her upper lip, a weird detail to point out, but who am I to judge there’s a guy with no pants on. 

So literally the final minute of the movie, and it goes like:

“The fact that Stapleton stole sir Henry’s old shoe”, Doctor Watson remarked, “is a perfect evidence that we had to deal with a real dog, not with some mystic force.”

“Perhaps, yes”, Holmes replied, deep in thought.

Narrowing his eyes, the famous detective looked at the flame burning in the fireplace.

He saw a strange face of a woman - pale and mysterious, with a scar on her upper lip. The face turned away from Holmes and started disappearing in the white fog…

“Although, I don’t know, my dear Watson, I don’t know…”


They had a ghost of Hugo’s chick wondering around the place for the entire movie

Jesus man, that is so creepy when I finally realised what was going on, they had a literal ghost, even like 0.3 seconds before the final credits?? A story about some mystical evil forces being proven bullshit accompanied by ghosts and Holmes hallucinating a victim long dead even back home at safe Baker Street. “I don’t know”, jesus christ what the hell and everyone kept seeing this on the swamps and she was everywhere jesus fuck 

Like what was I supposed to assume until the end, when it comes to the Hound you expect anything but this sort of shit to occur. A ghost, man. A literal ghost. Don’t tell me this isn’t the wildest script of them all. 

So here we go, the Hound of the Baskervilles. Pretty dark undertones it had, I suppose. Helps to sleep at night. 

TITLE: Movie Night
AUTHOR: Bucky-Take-The-Wheel
ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine Watching a Scary Movie with the Scarecrow, but instead of him studying your fear, he instead opts to cuddle you until you stop crying and screaming
RATING: PG13 (Swearing)
NOTES/WARNINGS: My first time writing For Johnthan Crane, so probaly pretty suckish, But I do Hope you all enjoy! :)

Your not sure which part of you thought this was a good idea, Hell, your pretty sure this may be one of the stupidest things you’ve gotten yourself into.

You were Watching a Horror Movie with a Well known criminal whom’s M.O just so happens to be the psychology of fear.

So It was to be understood as to why you were beginning to regret your decision.

That’s not to say that you and the good Doctor weren’t on good terms, your not quite sure how you got to the point of befriending him, but in all you seemed to get along oddly well, maybe even too well?

Oh Yes, the Doctor was certainly and interesting guy, But at the rate this movie was beginning to scare you, you were pretty sure you may just end up his next experiment.

“Are you feeling well Ms.[L/N]?” He asked calmly, as he turned to face you.

Not turning to face him, you answered nervously, trying as hard as you can not to give him the idea you were dead terrified. “Oh, yeah, I’m fine.”

He stared momentarily at you, as if trying to spot something that would tell him otherwise, Before turning his attention back to the screen, an almost unnoticeable smirk forming on his face.

Oh yes, he was well aware of the fear that was forming in you.

You carefully pulled a blanket around yourself, hoping that the warmth of it would take your attention of the frightening scene that you were viewing.

You found yourself beginning to shake slightly, much to your better judgment.

The Movie had been far scarier then you had first anticipated, The a Jump scare catching you off guard causing you to admit a quite shriek.

“Scared?” Johnathan asked, his first unnoticeable smirk, becoming less so as he turned back to you.

“I’m Fine Johnathan.” You answered almost to quickly, turning away from him, not wanting to give him the pleasure of knowing how scared you were.

If he knew how scared you were, you had no idea how he would react, he wasn’t exactly the most mentally sane guy, especially when it came to someone’s fear, would he use his fear toxin on you? Or something even worse perhaps? The thought of it made you even more scared.

Johnathan never took his eyes off of you after that little shriek of yours seemingly studying your every reaction to the film.

While you on the other hand were trying to calm down your breathing, you wouldn’t lie, you had a thing for the notorious scarecrow, much to your better judgment, and his eyes on you were, was terrifying in more then one way

The movie was at it’s climax now, and every moment was filled to the brim with fright and fear, which was making it all the more difficult to not to shriek again.

As it was drawing to a close, you thought maybe, just maybe you had managed to get away with not crying or screaming again, the movie opted to once again surprise you with a sudden jump scare, this one being far worse then all the rest.

You let out a blood curtailing scream, seemingly even managing to surprise Johnathan, as you launched the blanket over your head, holding it onto you tightly, shaking nervously with anticipation.

And then, Silence.

All you could see was darkness, seeing as you were concealed tightly in your blanket, as the movie credits began to roll.

Why was he being so quite? Was he going to do something, or perhaps he was just enjoying the fact that you were scared?

You had no idea what was to come.

Suddenly you felt something wrap around your shaking form.

You wondered what was happening? Was he tying you up or something? No, It felt more gentle then that, Could…Could he be holding you?

You must have been imaging it, but it felt very much like he was holding you, much to your shock.

“Do attempt to calm down, It would be a shame to have you die of shock from such a poor attempt at scaring an audience.” He finally stated, his voice brimming with sarcasm, as he broke the frightful silence.

You had no idea how you would even respond, he wasn’t indulging in your fear, or making it worse with his toxins, he was comforting you, Maybe you were just as crazy as he was.

“While your scream was loud, I don’t think you managed to make your self deaf.” He drolled, obviously remarking on your silence.

“U-Uhm…” You managed to state, as you slowly and carefully moved the blanket, to pop your head out, to look at the Doctor.

“And Your back.” He stated with a small smirk.

You could tell he was definitely enjoying this, but in a seemingly different manner then he would with his experiments.

“W-What are you doing?” You nervously asked, trying to look at him, but his snarky smirk putting you off slightly.

“I do Believe, I’m comforting you.” He replied as if it was the most obvious thing in the world.

“Well I can plainly see that.” You retorted with a frown, as you looked down at his arms, with were still wrapped gently around you, validating you thoughts. “Why are you comforting me?”

“Would you prefer me to take a different approach?” He asked with a smirk as he eyed a drawer, from which he had stocked with needles and fear toxin.

“A-ah, no thank you.” You squeaked out nervously, really not wanting to deal with the darker side of the Doctor.

He let out a slightly dark chuckle as he pulled you onto his chest, seemingly content with the situation.

It wasn’t as if you could complain, this is something you had only dreamed about, you are the criminally insane doctor, cuddling on a coach, But it wasn’t exactly something you had thought would ever actually happen.

You only sighed, taking a ‘fuck it’ mentality, as you just excepted the odd situation, as you adjusted yourself under the blanket, to move your arms around his neck, finding a comfortable position.

“See, Isn’t that better?” He asked calmly, knowing full well that your were confused as could be.

You didn’t respond, only moving your head to his shoulder, snuggling into it, as you found yourself falling asleep in the relaxing position.

“Sleep well Ms.[L/N]”

The End

I just rewatched Flatline for the first time since it aired and I can’t believe I waited so long to give it a second watch.  Series 8 promised a darker Doctor, but it didn’t warn any of us that it would also deliver a darker Clara.

Rewatching it now, it so beautifully sets up the events of series 9, especially the last three episodes.  This was the first episode where Clara could so easily be described as the Doctor’s (or Magician’s) apprentice, and we see that play to its conclusion in series 9 where she really does take off in a stolen Tardis, him having just given her his rules for being the Doctor, but this episode also sets up for the revelation of the Hybrid.  Throughout the episode the Doctor is extremely impressed with how brilliantly Clara is doing, admitting so (without knowing she could even hear him) with what he thought would be his dying breath.  But when she confronts him about it at the end of the episode (and poor Rigsy trying to say goodbye but awkwardly caught up in the Doctor and Clara’s near-inability to realize anyone else is around), he delivers that memorable line, “You were an exceptional Doctor, Clara.  Goodness had nothing to do with it.”  Neither half of this statement invalidates the other, but even more importantly, it doesn’t just reflect on her but also on him.  He was enthralled with her the entire time, and this is him not only acknowledging the darkness in her and recognizing it as the same within himself, but admitting that he likes it.  Her darkness captivates him.

It’s also in this episode that Missy, looking in on the final scene, says she chose Clara well.  The events of Hell Bent and the revelation of the Hybrid directly thematically follow the events of Flatline.  We know that Clara and the Doctor are the two halves of the Hybrid because they care nothing for the universe in the face of losing each other, they would each destroy time and space and everything in it for the other.  And it isn’t only a desperation to never lose each other that fuels it, but that they are both rather dark characters.  Of course they’re also extremely caring, emotional beings who risk their lives everyday to protect people they hardly know or even entire worlds of people they will never meet.  But as much as they are drawn to each other’s goodness, they are equally drawn to each other’s darkness, for they share both.

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so i was just wondering, since you have that massive selection of fic recs, do you know of any BAMF rose fics or things like bad wolf!rose or time lady rose? thank you for your time!!

Hi! I’ve read and know of quite a few actually :D. This got long so I’m putting it under a read more and dividing the list into three categories.

First: Bad Wolf Rose fics

Warning: telling you that these are BW fics is a little spoilery for some fics (gif not mine)

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“The violence has forced so many people to lead entire lives underground; schools, hospitals, [and] homes are all below ground level. Our home is on the second floor and only last Thursday the building was hit by shelling. Fear is dictating our lives, but while I’m alive I choose to live above ground.” Read more from Doctor E., a surgeon working in northern Homs, Syria: http://www.doctorswithoutborders.org/article/syria-endless-night-getting-darker-and-darker