Poker Face

As you all know, I have some very deeply rooted fantasies about Dean Ambrose and Aj Styles. I was so excited to write this and I’ve been trying to figure out how to put it together for a LONG ASS time. But here it is! Hope you like it!

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Summary: You get invited to “boys night” to play poker with AJ and Dean and some of the other wrestlers on the blue team. However, when you arrive, only AJ and Dean are there, ready to play. But not poker…

WARNINGS: Smut, 3 way smut, holy shit smut. (Also I don’t really know how to play poker. I’m sorry if I wrote it terribly. Shut up, okay? @ me.)

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Happy Finger Friday, ladies 😉

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Conflict: Part Three

Pairing: AJ Styles x Shane McMahon

Summary: AJ and Shane struggle with their feelings for each other, before and after Wrestlemania 33 (Part One is here, and here’s Part Two – This starts up again the night after they’ve had their chat in the storeroom backstage at SmackDown during the last chapter. Then it goes back in time a bit to see how they got where they are..)

Notes: I’m trying to keep to a proper timeline with the appearances on Talking Smack that will feed in later, and what-happened-when on SmackDown. The UpUpDownDown cakeness in this chapter isn’t at the right time, though – I slightly fudged when that happened to fit it in… 

Warnings: Adultery, and always typos, and some imagined talk about other wrestlers in the industry (obvs, I’m not saying Shane and AJ would really think this about these people – but they do in this fic), and some blasphemous talk, I think (I hope it doesn’t offend anyone – the fam I come from is religious, but I’m not, so… yeah)

Tagging: Peeps who were kind about the other chapters – thank you so much, for being supportive (and thank you, ALWAYS, to @llowkeys for anonning with me when I was scared to join here, and for continuing to be a darling everyday – we’re so glad you’re back, bby xxx)

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