So Jeremy McKinnon was in my city today just chilling right and I was trying to figure out where’d he be and I say to myself “oh he’ll probably go to the mall” guess who didn’t go to the mall today, this girl guess who was at the mall today, Jeremy. Brb kicking myself in the ass.

I’m ready to move to Chicago, have a ton of cats, live in a shitty studio apartment because that’s all I’ll be able to afford and eat my weight in deep dish pizza. Who’s with me?

Upcoming shows you can find me at:

  • 2/7: Turnover- Pensacola, FL
  • 3/16: La Dispute- Jacksonville, FL
  • 4/2: The Wonder Years, Modern Baseball, Real Friends, Citizen & Defeater- New Orleans, FL

So if you’re going to any of those shows hit me up! I’m traveling for two out of the three and love meeting new people. OH, and if you’re going to the New Orleans show hang out and celebrate my 20th birthday with me even though I don’t actually turn 20 until the tenth, but still come on and chill.

For our scene not being “very judgmental” we’re one of the most judgmental of all. You would think out of all people we would understand what it feels like to feel sad, broken, alone, etc. and all I see is people using an anonymous button to be mean to others. Out of all the people in this world you’re supposed to know how that feels. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gone to shows by myself because I literally have no friends and everyone at the show makes me feel left out, no one tries talking to me and people will literally stare at you like you’re some kind of freak when you’re by yourself. It’s honestly not a very welcoming environment and it’s sad that we let it become that way.

June 20th, 2013 I found out my friend killed himself. He was my backbone and I found out my backbone was no longer there, it was broken. This bond I made with this complete stranger my freshman year was gone and there was nothing left besides the memories of the past.

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