I love it when jisoo doesn’t have his makeup on and had his natural healthy sun kissed bare-face on. He does look amazing with makeup. But his bare-face man………. Its a whole new level of beauty. Its feels so raw….. Its just so attractive aNd hot. I dont know how to but it into words but it cleansed my soul. Its almost feels like for the first time in a very very long time i can breathe fresh air……………… what a blessing.

Sleep? I like that.

Literally, “beauty sleep” here’s why:

  1. Goodbye dark circles! I think during my college years I went through concealer a lot faster then now. Talk about expensive!
  2. Better Skin, yup like I said beauty sleep. I love these pimples! Said, no one ever. So get some sleep. Also, your skin pretty  much goes into repair mode, the skin renews itself giving you a natural “facelift”.
  3. Waking up grumpy just isn’t a good way to start your day. You’ll get easily annoyed by everything and in return your attractiveness will go down about 50%. Sleep and you’ll be in a better mood!
  4. Perhaps you’ve decided to learn French but can’t remember anything you learned in class because of lack of sleep or that milk you forgot to buy at the grocery store while buying everything else…Indeed Sleep helps with memory.
  5. You’ll live t to see another (day) Fashion show. Sleep helps you live longer.
  6. You’ll get inflamed with lack of sleep:
    Inflammation is linked to heart disease, stroke, diabetes, arthritis, and premature aging. ewww!
  7. You’ll be more creative! All those memory’s and ideas you had will be there for you to recreate in whatever artistic way it may be.
  8. You’re sleep is linked to your metabolism so it’s possible to have a healthier weight. I feel like in return this is because you’ll have the energy to be active which then helps you with the inflammation, etc etc you get the point.
  9. Depression, I never thought about it till I read it but it makes so much sense. Imagine waking up grumpy everyday and being lethargic and because of that not eating right etc etc..It’ll literally affect your whole life. 

Live like a #boss and get some sleep!

Source: www.health.com