Org XIII Event ~ Zexion Guide

The bad news: this is the worst event since Xemnas.  It’s ridiculously hard and is geared almost exclusively to real-money players.  The only reason I was able to beat it is because I buy VIPs when they do the Tier 5 giveaways.  Honestly, I don’t know if any F2P player can beat this one.

The good news: Zexion B is exciting, compelling content!  +1 Str for one turn??  Random target?!  I’ve been waiting a year for a RAX medal that wasn’t so OP, and finally I have it!!  The real good news?  Zexion B isn’t worth the trouble.

In the spirit of the event, you see a lot of the “Barrier Master”, a Heartless sporting the same book weapon Zexion uses.  You also see enemies you can walk right through without fighting, referencing Zexion’s clones.  All enemies are magic type, since Zexion uses magic as his method of fighting.

Mission List:

Mission 1: Kill Barrier Master ~ HDL
Lv. 25 Barrier Master* & Bunch O’ Balloons** & Shadow Witch x2
The Gigas Shadows without bars above their heads do not trigger combat.

Mission 2: One Turn ~ Magic Mirror
Lv. 50 Blue Rhapsody x5
Lv. 50 Emerald Sonata*** & Wizard x2
Lv. 50 Barrier Master* & Shadow Witch x4

Mission 3: 60 Seconds ~ Zexion
Lv. 75 Barrier Master* & Bunch O’ Balloons** & Shadow Witch x4
The Large Bodies without bars above their heads do not trigger combat.

Mission 4: Two Turns ~ HDL
Lv. 100 Barrier Master* & Wizard & Ring-A-Ding**** x2

Mission 5: Kill Barrier Master x3 ~ Zexion
Lv. 125 Barrier Master*
Lv. 125 Barrier Master*
Lv. 125 Barrier Master*
They are invisible.  One is to the right when you start, at the tip of the crossroads.  Then take the bottom right portal.  The second one is in the bottom corner beneath the portal you come out of.  Go back through the portal, to the room with the four portals where you started.  This time take the upper left.  In the middle of this room, at the top, is the Target.  Again, Neoshadows without bars above their heads do not trigger combat.

Mission 6: One Turn ~ Magic Mirror
Lv. 150 Darkball x2 & Green Requiem# x3
Lv. 150 Shadow Witch x3
Lv. 150 Ring-A-Ding****
Lv. 150 Barrier Master* & Shamanwild x2

Mission 7: 50 seconds ~ Magic Mirror
Lv. 175 Barrier Master* & Bunch O’ Balloons** & Shadow Witch x4
Again, avoid enemies with bars above their heads.  When in doubt - especially with the Darksides - hug the bottom of the screen.

Mission 8: Two Turns ~ Zexion
Lv. 200 Barrier Master* & Emerald Sonata*** & Shadow Witch & Sleep Archer##

Mission 9: Kill Barrier Master x4 ~ Hairstyles!!
Lv. 225 Barrier Master*
Lv. 225 Barrier Master*
Lv. 225 Barrier Master*
Lv. 225 Barrier Master*
At least these ones aren’t invisible.  When you start, go straight to the right.  That’s one.  Then go down and to the right a little more.  That’s two.  Head back to the center and go straight to the left.  The Behemoths won’t trigger.  Go up, that’s three.  Go down, that’s four.

Mission 10: One Turn ~ Zexion
Lv. 250 Sleep Archer## & Ice Plant x2
Lv. 250 Candy Apple x2
Lv. 250 Shadow Magician & Shadow Witch x3
Lv. 250 Barrier Master* & Wizard x2 & High Wizard

Mission 11: 75 Seconds ~ Zexion
Lv. 300 Barrier Master* & Bunch O’ Balloons** & Shadow Witch x4
Navigate rooms one and two, then hug the top of the room for rooms three and four, and finally hug the bottom for room five.

Mission 12: Two Turns ~ Zexion
Lv. 325 Possessor & Barrier Master* x2 & Shadow Magician x2
Your first medal should be a buff, like +3 Str.  Your second medal has to be an AOE cleanse.  This isn’t optional.  iB&B with Extra Attack is the absolute best thing to have for slot 1.  After that, stack your +Str and general defense down.  Then hit it with your best AOE medals and Nova.  And pray.

Mission 13: Two Turns ~ Zexion & Title: No. VI
Lv. 350 Wretched Witch### & Barrier Master* x2 & Sleep Archer## & Emerald Sonata*** & Lv. 500 Chill Blade####
Well, fuck this mission.  There’s just no realistic way to describe this.  Between the Sonata’s healing, the Barrier Master’s buffs, and the Archer’s Sleep… and +50 health bar enemies?  Just.  Ugh.

So what do you do?  Sleeping Lion is a must for this mission.  All enemies are Magic and the multipliers on SL are too good to pass up.  You need an AOE cleanse.  You need +6 Str.  You need either Extra Attack on GDD or some -60% Ground Def.  You need a crap ton of luck with traits or guilted premiums or SOMETHING because damnit this mission is hard.  I really can’t give any advice here.  This game has gotten incredibly complicated and versatile and advice just won’t cut it.  Anything I recommend is going to alienate 90% of players no matter what I say.  So I’ll just tell you what I did:

~iB&B with Extra Attack
~Tieri with DB3
~Mickey&Minnie with SC
~150% KDG with Extra Attack & AB3 Max
~150% iHT Sora with -60% Ground Def & AB4
Share: 150% iHT Sora with -60% Ground Def & AB4

I got all my AB4 procs.  I was put to sleep on the second iB&B and couldn’t use Tieri or M&M on Turn 1.  I didn’t need SC, but I did need DB3.  Though I have a lot of +2000 Def on my medals by coincidence.

A party member who didn’t have Extra Attack on iB&B did this:
~Tieri with DB3
~iKairi with SC
The rest was basically the same.

I know a lot of this probably didn’t help, I’m so sorry. >_<  I can say with sincerity, with utmost honesty, that this is the absolute worst guide I have ever written.  So many new Heartless I had to look up.  So many stupid counters and special abilities.  I am so burnt out.  Please, SENA, do NOT give me another event for like.  Two weeks.

Good luck everyone!



*+2 Gen & PSM Def, after one hit casts +5 Gen & PSM Def on all enemies
**When health is depleted, it explodes, damaging all enemies
***After hit with three medals, heals all enemies
****+2 PM Def, +1 S Def
#After hit with two medals, heals all enemies
##After hit with two medals, attacks and puts you to sleep.  Unlike other counters in this event, this one resets after it is used.
###+1 S Def
####+2 Def

Edit: Here’s a link to the guide on Reddit.  They’re usually really helpful so you should look at some of the comments if you’re having trouble!