Chanter from Aion

Cosplayer: Enayla
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Tumblr: http://enayla.tumblr.com
DarkainMX (Vincent E. Milum Jr.)
DA: http://darkainmx.deviantart.com

Original photo: http://elliria.deviantart.com/art/Aion-Reach-350508616?q=gallery%3Aelliria%2F32489970&qo=3


A couple photos from my Morrigan cosplay that I dragged out to ALA. My best friend and I first put this together a few years ago for SDCC, but basically haven’t touched it ever since until a few weeks ago. I rebuilt the armor and the necklace. She remade the corset (there’s like, 900 fucking studs) and gloves and then added buttons to the sleeves.

Honestly, we still have stuff to do, but it turned out way more awesome this time around.

Oh and I wore my faux crow skull necklace for fun. I should probably paint that thing…

Pic courtesy of DarkainMX on Cospix
Cosplay by Cat Lady Cosplay

One set of costumes we made for ourselves that we our most proud of are the Sera Myu Uranus and Neptune.  They were made for our performance group Last Chance Myu, so not only did we work very hard making them, but we spent a lot of time with them with our best friends.  A lot of wonderful memories we made wearing our Myu costumes.  So when they were too big on us, it was so very bittersweet to sell them.  The good news is they both ended up in very good hands.  Here is a picture of the lovely Bizria Cosplay (https://www.facebook.com/BizriaCosplay) in Yaten’s Neptune.  Photo by http://darkainmx.deviantart.com/