anonymous asked:

What types of mythical creatures/monsters would the Egos be?

Dark–wraith (spirit that feeds off negative energy)

Google–golem (creature made alive but created by inanimate material)

Bim–dryad (tree spirit!)

Wilford–pixie (devious and possesses the power to create illusions)

Doc–banshee (warns of impending death)

Ed–ogre (big, loud, and manly)

Silver–gnome (small creature that protects others from evil spirits)

Host–dragon (often lonely creature that keeps its hoard in a dark cave where it resides)


Wasn’t the first time….wont be the last time

tobiaswraithwall  asked:

If Norberon was a raid boss, what would his fight be like?

BUDDY I’ve thought about this for other characters but not really for him. Let me think.

I think he’d actually be a Romeo and Juliet style fight with Maulfalcon, wherein if you kill them too far apart from each other it’s essentially a wipe– if you kill Maul too fast, Norberon will just raise him back to full health as a death knight with improved abilities. If you kill Norberon too fast, Maul will enrage and just start one-shotting everything.

They need to be tanked separately from one another– 10 seconds after the initial pull they will begin to apply a stacking buff to one another that increases their damage. There is no tank swap mechanic, but Maul will frequently drop aggro (every 15 seconds) and switch to whomever has the highest threat on Norberon. He needs to be taunted by his tank before he runs over there and begins applying the buff.

Norberon’s abilities:

  • Nether Tempest: Places a whipping tempest of arcane magic at the feet of a randomly-targeted player. It remains there for 30 seconds before fading. Standard “move out of the bad” mechanic.
  • Shadowfrost Lance: His “auto attack”. 1-second cast time. Moderate shadowfrost damage to the tank. Can be interrupted/reflected and should be done whenever possible, but he spams it when not using his other abilities.
  • Arcane Explosion: Run out! 15 yard radius and 3.5 second cast time. Will probably one-shot undergeared players or flimsier classes. 
  • Dark Wraiths: Summons wraiths to inhabit [X amount of] players. They silence/pacify and do periodic ticking damage until either dispelled or the inhabited player runs through a Tempest and takes a tick of its damage. Will not target tanks.
  • Dark Rebirth: If a player dies within 15 yards of Norberon, he will after 10 seconds raise them as a buffed mind control mechanic. This can be avoided by either casting a battle rez or moving him away.

Maulfalcon’s abilities:

  • Butchery: Auto-attack with his axe. Standard melee damage in a small frontal cone. Only the tank should be in front of him, as it will not only strike anyone passing through, but for any target beyond the one with primary threat hit by it, he gains the buff ‘Axe Crazy’ for 15 seconds, increasing his damage.
  • Reflecting shout: 3 second channeled cast time. Deals moderate AoE damage in a 20 yard radius. Any spells that go off as the shout casts will be misdirected: heals will go to him, and offensive spells will be reflected to their caster. Stop casting!

  • Leaping Smash: You know that awful thing those cats in the first few pulls of Darkheart Thicket do? It’s that. It also leaves a bleed. Fuck you. 

  • Brutal Slam: Brings his shield down in a crushing blow against the tank. Meteor-style attack; other players must converge on the tank to absorb it or they will be one-shot.

  • Cannibalize: If a player dies within 15 yards of Maulfalcon, he will leap to their corpse and have a snack to heal himself for 10% of his health. As with Norberon, this takes 10 seconds to happen and can be prevented by either battle rez or moving the boss. Player’s corpse turns into a meat pile like Corpse Explosion.

Heroic difficulty probably brings in Sairen as an element somehow. Mythic probably has like abomination adds and shit all over the floor or some nonsense.