Source: Tamara Magel

Ugh, how much do I love this space? Look at those ceiling heights! The combo of white washed brick, dark walls, a hint of beams and the giant oversized foliage is so good. I would happily snuggle up here.

Source: unknown

This is a bit of a weird one but I saw it and thought Ooooo, how moody, how dark. Dark panel walls, a hint of brass and classic white wares. It’s all very trad but it is quite effective don’t you think? Minus the double socket (talk about spoiler……).

Update - a kind reader just informed me that the image is actually from The Dean Hotel in Rhode Island and indeed it looks as though it is. The whole place looks fantastic!. Definitely worth a snoop.


Dark, Moody Interiors

It’s that time of year when I want to throw on a chunky knit sweater, curl up with a cup of coffee and sift through images of beautiful dark, moody interiors. While I’ve always been partial to white and bright spaces, the crisp fall weather has been ushering me to the dark side.

Photos via French by Design and Kathy Kuo Home