Dat 2 - Abu Dhabi to Venice ☀️☀️☀️

Start with the boring stuff . On the Flight to AD I booked us into the row of 4 seats in middle of plane. All went to plan until a girl sat between Bec and I . Luckily I spied a vacant seat near by and I “suggested” that she may be more comfortable sitting over there . Plan worked so 4 seats between 3 . A long and boring 13 hr flight, 4 hours to kill in AD airport which is a pretty uninteresting place at midnight . Another 6 plus hour flight to Venice and Mike scored the jack pot, 3 vacant seats next to him . Arrived at 6 am in darkness to see the sun rise on a beautiful cloudless 3 degree day in Venice. A ferry ride to our hotel, a walk about and then Scott and Jennifer arrived . Drinks all round and lunch to follow . A quick siesta followed by another walk around the myriad of streets and alley ways in Venice . My expectation had been that it would be quieter and less people in winter but it was still packed . It seemed strange that the sun was out but you still needed a coat on . Bit of zzzz’s to catch up on so turning in for a early night .