valla-91  asked:

Is it possible that you guys could update the scared of Derek tag? Or if you could just recommend any fics where Derek is threatening and/or likes manhandling Stiles that would be great. Thank you! You guys are great.

here you are

Red… by BreakingBenFanatic (1/? | 6,849 | NC17)

“Run, Run, you can’t run forever, Little Red!”


During dark, mysterious fog, Stiles Stilinski is separated from his father when they are blindly attacked by unknown attackers.

After being saved from a near death of drowning, Stiles soon finds refuge in an old, burned down house, that wasn’t really abandoned in the first place and it nearly gets him mauled (or so he thought) for trespassing by the owner- A gorgeous black haired, hazel eyed man that goes by the familiar name “Derek Hale.”… Who is also the Alpha of a group of werewolves… And something Stiles fears ever since he was Ten….

But he reluctantly suggests:

That these wolves can help get him back to his father who could either be alive or dead. Hurt or safe…

In this story, Little Red runs with the wolves and avoids the things that are truly big and bad.

“Who, Derek? Nah he’s more like a big Teddy Bear once you get to know him.”

~ I down right suck to shit at summaries, but the story is hopefully better" smfh

Stranded by princessstalehale (3/3 | 38,108 | R)

Stiles Stilinski just wanted to have one last crazy weekend with his best friend before he enters graduate school. He didn’t account for getting thrown over a boat when he tries to break up a fight, and he really didn’t think he would end up stranded on an island in the middle of nowhere. How will Stiles survive long enough to be rescued? And what happens when Stiles soon realizes that he isn’t alone on the island? 


Me when I find out someone watches teen wolf that i don’t know WHO’S YOUR FAVORITE CHARACTER? DO YOU SHIP STYDIA? WHEN DID YOU START WATCHING IT? HUH HUH HA?