Yo Friends, share this easy to cook and appetizing dish called Dark Soy Sauce squids with onions.

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Mel’s Chicken Fried Rice…

Mel’s Chicken Fried Rice…

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Grilled Chicken, Rotisserie Chicken, Roasted Chicken, Poached Chicken… I almost always have some form of left over chicken in my refrigerator and one of my favorite quick meals to make with leftover chicken is my chicken fried rice. When I made this fried rice the other night I used leftover grilled chicken tenders and brown rice because that is what I had. If you don’t have any leftover…

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Soy Sauce Chicken

I made soy sauce chicken earlier this evening. I haven’t made it in about two years, definitely more than one year t the very least. I mostly made it based on instinct and memories. However, I was pretty obsessed with roasted garlic, and I regret not bringing out the full garlic flavor. I knew I should have used an entire bulb!! Well, I might have drowned it in soy sauce and dark soy sauce (老抽).

One thing I learned, however, is that while red curry powder did impart a smoky flavor, it’s overall contribution was negative and I won’t be trying it again. I am tempted to use yellow curry powder, but because my original intention was to add spiciness to the dish, next time I’ll just stick with ground dried red chili or whole dried red chili.

Another interesting thing is that the sauce became shiny and thick without adding cornstarch. Was it the sugar? I did boil it in there for approximately 27 minutes. It could also be from the oil of the chicken skin.

I don’t know why I found the sauce lacking or disappointing. It definitely didn’t taste like my mom’s from a few days ago. Did she add MSG?

Well, I don’t have pictures for view since the half chicken got devoured after setting it on the table. Will ponder over other ingredients to add or change to mimic the flavors I like and expect from soy sauce chicken.

Pad See Fooo!

I’ve been having wet dreams about the slightly fatty, sweet, and salty Thai dish known as Pad See Ew, so earlier tonight I attempted to make it myself.  Fail, fail, fail.  It turned out terribly salty and resembled nothing of the delectable treat the talented Thai culinists serve up.  So, I consulted a fabulous [Thai] friend, who happens to know the dish about Thai cooking.  

The recipe called for “dark soy sauce” and “light soy sauce”.  Me, being the perceptive Caucasian, figured this to be regular soy sauce (hey, it’s dark!) and the lower sodium counterpart.  However, per my thai-cooking consultation, this was wriggity wrong.  Dark soy sauce is actually an entirely different, thick sauce that contains molasses, giving dishes a sweeter taste.  This is precisely what my Pad See Ew was missing.  Furthermore, light soy sauce is regular soy sauce (not low sodium), meaning its thinner in consistency compared to the dark.  

My friend pointed me to the following recipe for being relatively authentic.  Despite my sad attempt earlier tonight, I plan on getting the proper ingredients and giving it another go tomorrow.  Anything for a mouthgasm… What can I say? I’m a food hussy.