A waxing crescent Moon, brilliant Venus, and fainter Mars gathered in the fading twilight, hanging out above the western horizon just after sunset on planet Earth. Still glinting in sunlight, from low Earth orbit the International Space Station briefly joined the trio that evening. The station’s bright streak seems to leap from the Red Planet, moving toward darker skies at the top of the frame.

Image Credit & Copyright: Maxime Oudoux

The Milky Way over Crater Lake National Park is just mesmerizing. Tiffany Nguyen took this amazing photo a few weeks ago while visiting the park. Of the experience, she says, “I must’ve gotten over a dozen mosquito bites and hardly any sleep, but it’s nights like this I’ll never forget.” Photo courtesy of Tiffany Nguyen.


Dark Skies. by Gordie Broon.
Via Flickr:
Ominous clouds heading up Loch Ness.

The stars circle around the North Star on a cold winter evening in Crater Lake National Park in Oregon. Michael Bonocore captured the movement of stars in the night sky – called star trails – by combining 400 separate images. 

Photo courtesy of Michael Bonocore.