The Sock Scenario

Paring: Pietro Maximoff/Reader

Tags: female reader, fluff, angst, Pietro Maximoff lives, socks

Summary: Reader’s job description says ‘sock fixer’ in fine print (who even reads the fine print?). It so happens, Pietro wears through many pairs of socks a day.

Word Count: 1,348

Posting Date:  2016-06-01

Current Date: 2017-05-13

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Jean Grey #7

Things just keep getting weirder and weirder in the Jean Grey universe, and although that isn’t entirely a good thing…it also isn’t entirely a bad thing.  If nothing else, Marvel is taking some interesting turns that actually make me want to read the next one (gasp).  First things first, Jean Grey #7 has some *horrible* art.  Like, extremely bad - even for the Jean Grey series, which I understand isn’t saying much.  My biggest wish for #8?  Decent art.

In terms of the plot…it’s crazy.  #6 was also crazy but this issue…yikes.  So, immediately we see that the “spirit” OG Jean has continued to follow her younger counterpart around, constantly nagging her in what I would consider a very OOC kind of way.  I mean, I’ve read a lot of comics with Jean Grey and this OG Jean is unlike any other version out there.  Although she seems to have ~kinda~ good intentions at the beginning (she tells Jean she’s there to stop the Phoenix) she comes across as pretty terrible.  I love Jean - the OG Jean - but at the moment, it seems Marvel really doesn’t like her so much.  Or, there’s more to the story.  Hopefully, it’s the latter.

Wanda was pretty perfect in this issue, both in terms of general adorable witchiness and in her personality.  The OG Jean trashing on her didn’t make a ton of sense, beyond the OG Jean being envious of Wanda acting as a teacher to the younger Jean…but, at the moment, OG Jean is being written as a complete bitch, so that’s that.  I’ll try to stop complaining now.

The end is where things get interesting.  OG Jean possess her younger self and comes knocking on Emma Frost’s beautiful downtown penthouse.  Emma comes down in a robe and high-heel slippers (***most accurate part of the entire issue***) and makes some jokes before the possessed younger Jean blows out the windows in her apartment and ~surprise~ the OG Jean spirit jumps from her younger self to Emma.  The issue ends with a possessed Emma and a more than normally distraught younger Jean.

So, we now semi-know that it wasn’t Emma who was messing with younger Jean and forcing her to see OG Jean when she wasn’t there…though, I guess it could still be possible?  Emma did remark that Jean’s telepathy is “underwhelming” and earlier in the issue, younger Jean says OG Jean’s appearance might be because “some super villain thinks it’s fun to drive teenagers nuts”.  So, it could, maybe, possibly still happen.  

Still, the OG Jean possessing Emma was unexpected and I hope Marvel does something interesting with it.  They’re definitely painting OG Jean as extremely petty and vindictive, so maybe they’re going to rehash the whole Scott love triangle thing (minus Scott)?  As a hard Emma/Jean shipper, I enjoy anytime they’re together in a panel…but I’d really rather not see the Scott thing again.  It’s been done before - let’s all just move on.

The Jean Grey series has really stepped its game up and I applaud Hopeless for that.  In the next issue, I’m curious to see a) why OG Jean has been so OOC and b) why she possessed Emma.

Finally, I will leave you all with these two panels - one from Jean Grey #7, illustrated by Alberto Alburquerque and one from Generations: Phoenix & Jean Grey, illustrated R.B. Silva.  

The resemblance is uncanny…  

Marvel Headcanon/Theory!

When they were transformed by the Mind Stone, the Maximoff twins got powers from other Infinity Stones. Wanda got powers of the Reality Stone and Pietro got power from the Space Stone. Don’t believe me?

Scarlet Witch/Wanda Maximoff

And if I remember correctly, in the comics, Wanda has children with the Vision, an android.

Now lets look at Pietro.

Quicksilver/Pietro Maximoff

I leave it to the fandom to decide what this means.

Hydra aren’t Nazis & Avengers isn’t racist

As an actual person of Romani/Jewish extraction…ffs, while I appreciate the problems with whitewashing characters, the Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver are not the two whose hill you want to die on.

They were raised by a cow-woman named Bova on Wudagore mountain and the Romani stuff was there just to pull in the “dark magic” stuff for Scarlet Witch, and the Magneto stuff was shoe-horned in when they were making him into a hero.

And as to getting a PoC to play the characters…no. I have no idea what some people seem to think a Romani person (or a Jew) looks like, but most of us look like whatever country’s host population looks like. There are plenty of blond haired, blue eyed Romani, and the fact that people don’t know that is more disheartening than making a couple of characters into generic Eastern European rather than go through the headache of bovine midwives and licensing headaches.

Romani aren’t some sort of weird Other that doesn’t look or talk like you. Most Romani would pass for generic white or…well, “generic eastern European”, and whatever image people have in their heads of my people are about a 100x more offensive than Elizabeth Olsen playing either a Romani or a person of generic Eastern European heritage.

And…god, both sides of my family suffered horrifically at the hands of Nazis. HYDRA are not Nazis. They worked with the Nazis because they’re a fascist cult. Red Skull is a Nazi. Hydra has had heads and splinter groups all over the globe encompassing all sorts of backgrounds, many of which comprised of members of the untermensch races that Hitler hated. 

In Marvel comics they have long gone out of their way to make it clear that HYDRA =/= Nazi, only that some members of Hydra worked for the Nazis, and Hydra itself goes back centuries and spans the globe.

I’ve love to see a Romani superhero…but, to be honest, he’d just look like me, and I just look like a guy you’d pass on the street. One of the benefits or being my flavour of Romani and Jew in America is that I don’t stand out, I’m just another generic white guy, but I actually grew up in an area that had Neo-Nazis who would have gladly murdered me if they knew what I was.

Please, I can understand and appreciate that some of you are trying to be helpful, but as a person who actually belongs to both ethnic groups you’re championing…stop, because you’re wrong about Hydra (because I’ve read Marvel since I was a boy, and they really are NOT Nazis), and please stop assuming that Romani are some weird ethnic other.

And, btw, Romani are NOT the same as Irish Travellers, which are often the focus of TV shows like “My G**** Wedding” and such. 

Oh, and as to the G-word, I bear no ill will to Elizabeth Olsen for using it and being corrected because she STOPPED using it. It’s hard for Americans and even some other people across the world to realize it’s considered a slur when TV shows use it as their titles.

So, as a result of some recent interviews with Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston, a few details have come out regarding Age of Ultron and Thor: Ragnarok. Warning, spoilers ahead!

  • There will be a battle outside Avengers Tower between Thor and The Vision.
  • Thor has stayed on Earth since Thor: The Dark World. He will also experience some sort of personal loss, but details are unknown.
  • Thor’s Asgardian background will somehow factor in to a solution to the conflict presented by Age of Ultron. He will also regain some of his humour.
  • His Scarlet Witch induced vision will revolve around the corruption of power, and will lead to him being suspicious of the situation in Asgard.
  • Thor: Ragnarok may see Loki become an incarnation of chaos, and could also feature Sigyn, Loki’s wife in myth.

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parkjimin1  asked:

captain marvel,the maximoffs and the avengers

i’m gonna post this bc it’s going to get lost, to read them on a pc, use cdisplay. to read on a mac, comic view

captain marvel has an ongoing series 

VOLUME 7: 1 - 10 (v.2^) | 11 - 17
INFINITY*: 1 - 3 | 4 - 6
VOLUME 8: 1 - 8 

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there’s also ms. marvel which i love 

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young avengers 

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i’d also recommend 

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the maximoffs have been in both the avengers and x men since the 60’s, i don’t have any links on hand but i do have a list of scarlet witch related comics and where ever wanda is, pietro isn’t far behind. 

X-Men #4 - First appearance of Scarlet Witch (Mar 1964)
X-Men #11 - Leaves the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants (May 1965)
Avengers #16 - Joins the Avengers (May 1965)
Avengers #49 - Temporarily loses her powers after being shot (Feb 1968)
Avengers #75 - Restores her powers through magic (Apr 1970)
Avengers #81 - Beginning of feelings for Vision (Oct 1970)
Avengers #108 - Begins dating Vision (Feb 1973)
Avengers #128 - Begins her training with Agatha Harkness (Oct 1974)
Giant-Sized Avengers #4 - Marries Vision (Jun 1975)
Avengers #185 - Learns the truth about her adoption (Jul 1979)
Vision and the Scarlet Witch #4 - Magneto reveals himself as Wanda’s father (Feb 1983)
Vision and the Scarlet Witch #4 - Discovers she is pregnant (Jan 1986)
Vision and the Scarlet Witch #12 - Gives birth to sons Thomas and William (Sep 1986)
Avengers West Coast #52 - Discovers her children are not real and loses them (Dec 1989)
Avengers West Coast #56 - Becomes Dark Scarlet Witch (Mar 1990)
Avengers #1 - Joins the new Avengers line-up (Feb 1998)
Avengers #2 - Brings Wonder Man back from the dead in the form of pure ionic energy (Mar 1998)
Avengers #60 - Becomes attuned to the entity Chaos (Jul 2003)
Avengers #500 - Loses her mind (Sep 2004)
Avengers #503 - Defeated, falls into a coma (Dec 2004)
Excalibur #14 - Taken to Genosha by Magneto (Jul 2005)
House of M #1 - Creates a new reality (Aug 2005)
House of M #8 - “No more mutants” (Dec 2005)
New Avengers #26 - Wipes her own memory, flees to Wundagore (Jan 2007)
Avengers: The Children’s Crusade #2 - Discovered in Latveria, held by Doom (Nov 2010)
Avengers: The Children’s Crusade #5 - Regains her memory (Jun 2011)
Avengers: The Children’s Crusade #6 - Confirms that Tommy and Billy are her children (Aug 2011)
Avengers vs. X-Men #0 - Returns to the Avengers mansion and is turned away by Vision (May 2012)
Avengers vs. X-Men #12 - Banishes the phoenix force (Oct 2012)
Uncanny Avengers #1 - Joins the Uncanny Avengers (Oct 2012)

“Dark” Scarlet Witch by John Byrne. 1988.

Maybe someone with better eyesight than I have can tell me what notes JB wrote to Howard [Mackie]?

Thanks to Davinder2 for getting most of the words. 


Herewith, “Dark” Scarlet Witch -

After all the stuff with 

Vision & her kids Wanda 

has a nervous breakdown 

(who wouldn’t) and is 

finally turned **** ****** 

by Immortus* - which was 

his plan all along. 

- John

* Maybe this could be 

something with Magneto 

instead(?) of Immortus ***** 

that would ***** another storyline.

Can you figure out the last few?