shoutout to all the kids who can’t get rid of the toxic people in their lives because those people are their parents, or siblings, or aunts/uncles/grandparents. shoutout to all the kids who get told “families are tough” when they try to talk about the borderline/not-so-borderline abuse that goes on at home. shoutout to all the kids who feel uncomfortable, unwanted, or misplaced at home. you guys are amazing, and I’m so sorry that this is happening to you.

~Dark Niall~ Chapter two

We took off running down the street and tried not to get noticed by the cops. Yeah that really didn’t work out to well. I totally wipe out and can’t hold in the screams of pain when I feel it shoot through my ankle. Niall whips round and is instantly picking me up bridal style and starts to take of again. Police sirens behind us make me jump. They call out, “Horan! We know that’s you! Stop!” “Shit.” Niall curses under his breath. I guess I really don’t have time to ask him how the cops know Him. Then again I’m not surprised someone like Niall has been involved with the police. I’m not sure how Niall thinks he can out run a police car with a girl in his arms, but he continues booking it down the street. My question is soon answered as Niall suddenly takes a sharp turn into somebodies yard. I hear the police call after him but it’s no use. Niall at least flies through five backyards before finally setting me down against somebodies wooden fence. I’m pretty sure we’re in the garden. Oh well. Niall doesn’t say anything but he’s already gently pulling my leg up and examining my ankle. “Well I don’t think you did anything to serious” “Gee thanks doc.” I say rather rudely. “Hey now, no need to be rude I just saved your ass. Twice.” I sigh. “Thank you” I mumble. He chuckles and locks a gaze with me. “How did that cop know you?” I blurt out. Niall’s gaze drops from mine straight to the ground. “It’s not my first run in with the cops. Don’t worry I didn’t murder anybody, I just got caught stealing and smoking shit.” When he was done speaking I nodded and he finally looks up at me. I feel him start to move in again. “I think we’re safe.” I say before he can kiss me. He chuckles slightly and helps me up. He keeps his arm snaked around my waist as we make our way to a park bench. After I sat down Niall called his friends to pick us up. Soon enough a trashy car pulls up and I Niall pushes me in gently. So, I was forced to get in car with a stranger. The car is pretty full. Niall and some other guy sit next to me and someone is sitting in the passenger seat. Quite obviously someone is in the drivers seat. “Hey sexy.” The guy next to me says. He’s clearly high on something as his bloodshot eyes stare me up and down. “Hey Jeff you can just drop her off at my house tonight.” He says to the driver, Jeff, as he puts a hand far up my thigh. Before I can do anything Niall swats his hand off me. “Hands. Off.” He growled. I can feel his whole body tense next to me. “I didn’t know she was yours Horan.” “I’m not.” I spit trying to speak for myself. “Oh you’.” The guy says replacing his hand on my thigh. “I said. Hands. Off.” Niall’s voice is like sharp ice. “I wouldn’t make him made Elliott,” the guy in the passenger Seat warns. Elliott puts his hands up in defense rolling his eyes. “Just trying to have some fun” “Not with her.” Niall says threw gritted teeth. Elliott just scoffs before letting it go. I feel Niall’s arm wrap around my waist and I would argue but I’d choose Niall over Elliott groping my thigh any day. We finally pull up to a house and Niall helps me out. Its not until after his friends take off I realize this is probably his house. My feet remain planted on the ground. “Are you coming?” Niall asks. I shake my head. “I’m not going in your house.” I say trying to take a step back. “Lillie. Get in the damn house.” He says harshly. Despite his harsh tone I still don’t move though. “Its either you come in yourself, or I make you.” Again I still don’t budge. Niall comes and picks me up bridal style again and walks through his house with me struggling. Although its kind of hard to do that with a swollen ankle. He sets me down on his couch then goes and locks all of his doors. Panic settles into my stomach, knowing I’m locked in with a pothead. Great. “Stay.” He says to me then walking to his room. Of course I don’t listen to him. Instead I get up and wobble over to a window and try to open it but it doesn’t budge. That’s exactly what I wanted. I hear Niall coming back so I quickly try to stumble back to the couch. Bing the klutz I am, I trip over my own feet and fall. Again. Niall rushes to my side immediately and picks me up again. “Damn it Lillie I told you to stay.” He growls in my ear. He sets me back on the couch and hands me some clothes. “Put these on.” “I’m not staying here.” “Put them on Lillie.” “No!” I spit. “If you don’t, I’ll put them on for you.” He says smirking. I glare at him but take the clothes and head to his bathroom. I make sure to lock it before changing into nialls clothes. I walk out to him leaning against the frame making me jump. “Jesus you scared me!” I hiss at him. He chuckles. “Sorry babe, you know, you look real fit in my clothes.” I roll my eyes at him, brush past him and move towards the couch again. If I was being held captive here, I wasn’t going to let him get to me. I snuggle up on the coach but open them when I feel someone standing over me. Niall. “You’re sleeping in the bed.” He commands. “No.” I say like a stubborn child. “I’m not giving you a choice.” And with that he carefully through me over his shoulder and carried me into the bedroom. I yelled at him to put me down, but he obviously didn’t. He laid me on the bed and as soon as I tried to leap up he wrapped his arms around my waist lying with me so I couldn’t get up. So we were spooning. “You can’t keep me here.” I growl at him. “I can, but I won’t, not forever anyways.” I struggle again but his grip around me only gets tighter. I finally just stop and give up with a huff. I was only making myself tired anyways. “See you in the morning princess.” Niall says before falling asleep. Me on the other hand couldn’t fall asleep. I was wrapped up in some stranger’s arms, locked in his house and wearing his clothes. Awesome. My mind raced a million miles an hour until finally I couldn’t keep my eyes open. I slowly drifted off with the one terrifying thought on my mind, I don’t think I’m going to be able to escape him. But I’m not sure I want to.