Love Like Paradise

Stella’s P.O.V

I grabbed the last packed box from my now empty room and stood near the door frame, I was definitely going to miss this place. I spent the majority of my life here, in Florida. I moved here when I just turned five from what I remember, I spent almost nine whole years here and to be completely honest I was ready to leave. “Stella, we’re going to the car it’s time to go!” my mom echoed from down the stairs of our now empty house. My dad works for a cell phone service and they offered him a job in the UK, well I think that’s where Leeds is. So, my dad is bringing me, my mother, and my dog along with him. I was nervous to move out of the country to be honest here, I kept thinking people would make fun of me if I didn’t get their slang or understood what they said. I am scared to start school, especially in Leeds, I’ve heard they have tons of troubled kids there. I just need to get on the plane and toughen up because I can turn my life around and start fresh since no one will know me in a whole new country. The box was thrown into the van we rented and we drove off. We sat squished up in the three seats that were given, we had to drive to drop off all of our furniture and get it shipped to our house.The flight was going to be in 10 hours and I was bouncing with nerves. To pass time I turned on some tunes and fell asleep against the window. The flight was rough because I don’t like sitting in a cramped airplane not being able to move around. We got off at a very late hour and we had to call a cab to take us to this unfamiliar address we were given where we bought our new house. My dad already bought us beds and some necessities for when we got here, the people who brought them set them up for us and all we had to do when we got here was make our bed and just sleep because we are jet legged. The cab took us to a street with two story houses down both sides of the road. My house was really pretty, It was white with light blue shutters and a light wooden front door. The house had a wide staircase leading up to the door with railings on both sides, the top of the house had a small balcony, I hoped that was my room. My dad unlocked the door and we all made our way inside. The house was cute, it reminded me of the way the house was built in “The Cat In The Hat”, except without all of the colour and furniture. It was freezing inside, my dad found the power unit and turned the power on making every light in the house flicker on and you could hear the AC/Heating unit kick on. We all were tired so we decided to take a look up stairs, we made it to the top and it had a lot of space up here When you got to the top and you looked forward there were three doors. A bathroom door in the middle and two doors on either side of it. My dad walked into the left door from the bathroom and saw the huge bed that my mom picked out. “We’re in here”, he looked at her and chucked his suite case on the bed. There was a fourth room when you turned around facing opposite of the three doors, near the stair well. I walked into the door right from the bathroom, there was nothing in there besides a desk. I figured maybe my dreams came true and I got the room with the balcony, so I slowly walked over to the single door and went it. There was a huge bed in the middle up against the wall, It had some pretty light pink sheets laid at the end so I could make it. I dropped my bag and smiled, I was pretty satisfied so far with how things were going. I made the bed and there were a big pink duvet and tons of fluffy pillows. I shut my door and plopped onto the bed, I was really tired but I couldn’t help myself. I kept staring at that balcony and I let myself get the satisfaction of sluggishly going over and walking out onto it. It was about 2:00 am and it was pitch black outside besides the street lights and bright moon. I breathed in the crisp spring air, it was really cold out and I wasn’t used to this. I closed my eyes and stood there, just enjoying the new environment. I heard a loud vehicle coming and opened my eyes, there was a motorcycle that pulled up at the house right across from mine. I squinted my eyes and attempted to see my new neighbor, I saw a white man he seemed to be dressed in black and he had a dark colour hair from what I could tell. He got off of his motorcycle and walked up to his front door, he turned around and looked around. I think he felt as if he were being watched, and he was well just by me. He looked up and saw I was standing there, out on my tariff and he finally unlocked the door and went inside. I only stood out side for a few more minutes and thought it would be a good idea to sleep now.


I woke up with the sun peaking through the door of my balcony, I rolled over and checked my ipod. It was 12:37 p.m. I’m glad I woke up at a decent time, I needed to go with my parents to pick up our furniture and unpack all day. I crawled out of bed and made my way to the restroom that was in my room, I” wonder why I got the big fancy room.” , I thought to myself. I searched through the house to find my parents sitting on their bed figuring out our game plan for the day. My mom saw me come in and she told me what was going on, “Stella, your dad and I ran out and bought some towels and some breakfast. You’re going to stay here while we go pick up the furniture, you get a shower and eat your food then when we get back you’ll be ready to help out.” . I gave her a half smile and nodded, I walked down the corridor and down the stair well. I looked around for the kitchen and found my mom bought Nutella and bread, I could eat this for breakfast, lunch, and dinner she knows me too well. I smiled and made my breakfast and my parents were already gone. My dog Jesso had been following me around all morning, he looked so lost. I was now in my room patting my bed for him to come up and snuggle, I loved when we snuggled because since he’s such a big dog it’s more to love. He’d been my best friend for about a year now, my dad bought him for me as a graduation gift. I’ve always loved Rottweilers, and I missed the one I had before I move to Florida. I cuddled with Jesso for about 10 minutes, and he fell asleep under my duvet. I tucked him in and opened the bathroom door to take a shower, my mom forgot to buy a shower curtain so I was forced to take a bath. I grabbed all of my shower products out of my carry-on suite case and lined them around the tub. I ran really warm water and got it. I took a pretty good bath, it took about 30 minutes and by time I was done and dressed my parents just got back. I put on some dark washed jeans, and a jumper. We backed the van up facing our house and it had a little ramp where you could walk in and out of the trunk to collect all of the things. I started getting right to work, I grabbed every box that was for the first floor. I put the boxes as they were labeled and they weren’t that heavy, my parents took the boxes to the second story except mine. I wanted to take my boxes up because I was stubborn and wanted to do it myself. It was around 4:30 p.m. now and we already have the couches, T.V’s, tables, dressers, and other heavy objects moved. We decided to take a break and have some lunch, my mom and father went up to the closest fast-food restaurant because they hadn’t quite found out where the groceries store is. I sat on the lawn with Jesso and played fetch with him. After about five minutes of him running back and fourth I got up and threw the ball a little further, he went to chase it and I chased after him. I was really bored and I wanted to just play with him. So I raced him to the ball and he obviously won, but I still told him he was a good boy and took the ball to throw it again. I was loosing track of time just running around the yard and laying in the grass with him, I heard a low chuckle that got my attention. I looked behind me expecting to see my parents, but what I did see was a boy. This boy looked a little older than me, maybe by a year or two. He had black hair and he was tan, he was much taller than me and he had some tattoos. He was rather attractive. He cleared his throat, and gave me a little smirk. I snapped back to reality and gave him a little smile. “Sorry, I’m a bit out of it. I’m Stella, I just moved here.” He chuckled and nodded his head. “I’m Zayn, I live across the street.” He pointed to his house. He scratched the back of his neck “I saw your parents leave and I decided to come over and have a chat, ya know just to get to know the new girl in town.” He winked down at me. I smiled at him. “Oh, well it’s nice to meet you Zayn. I’m going to get back to moving my things before my parents get back. See you around.” I started walking fast to the moving van before he caught my wrist tightly. “Those boxes are probably heavy let me help.” I grimaced at the pain that shot through my arm, he noticed and loosened his grip a little. I avoided eye contact with him “I’m fine, I don’t need help. You should be going now.” I pulled my arm but his grip tightened again. “Come on sexy, let me in, your parents shouldn’t be back anytime soon. We could ya know, get to know each other.” he licked his lips and pulled my arm trying to get me closer to him but as soon as he said that I heard a loud hum coming down my street, hopefully it’s my parents. Zayns head shot up and my wrist was let go. Four motorcycles pulled up at Zayns house and the people on them hopped off, they saw Zayn and started walking over. I called Jesso over and put him in the house, I was going to go in myself until I heard someone whistle as I bent down to pick up Jessos toys. I looked over at Zayn and gave him the dirtiest look I could pull. “You should be going now, your friends are here. I don’t need help, goodbye.” and with that I walked up my steps and slammed the door behind me. My heart was racing, that was not a good first impression. Not going to lie, I was scared of him, his friends were all very mean looking. They all had tattoos and looked like they all came out of prison. “God, I hope I don’t see them at school” I thought to myself. I was sitting against the door when I heard a loud banging that rattled the door I was against. I jumped up, my heart was pounding and my hands were shaking. I opened the door and there was Zayn with his eyes dark and he looked mad. I stepped back “Uhm, what do you want?” he looked beyond pissed right now and I just wanted him to go. “Look, I won’t be vulgar just I want to talk to you. You’re very.. You know what? I just don’t want you to get involved with the bad people in this town. I know all of these rats out here will be all over you by time Monday comes. They’ll see you at school and they’ll be watching you like a hawk.” His eyes were fading back to a light brown and he didn’t look that tense. “Alright, fine. I will talk to you, you have my attention. But I have to say, you seem like a bit of a rat yourself. Grabbing me and making those rude gestures.” I rolled my eyes and let myself out the door, walking past him and sitting down on the top step. He followed me with his eyes and sat next to me. “So what do you want to talk to me about?” I looked down at my bracelets that dangled around my wrist and over turned my hands so my palms were on my knees. “Stella, you look so innocent and so inexperienced. People in this town are bad, I’m in no way saying that I’m good at all but I’m giving you a fair warning here you need to watch out.” I looked up at him and locked eyes, he looked so sincere about what he was saying It took almost everything to keep my laugh from escaping my lips. Who does he think he is trying to warn me about people, is he trying to scare me? “Okay, who exactly should I look out for? People like your friends, the scary guys on the motorcycles with tattoos and look like they’ve all killed people.” I started giggling until he grabbed my jaw and stared me straight in the eyes. “Stella, I am not joking. You need to look out for people exactly like my friends and I. We have killed people and we don’t play around.” Just when my laughing stopped and my heart started racing again my parents pulled up. My mom hopped out of the car “STELLA!” I looked over at her and Zayn and I both stood up, he smirked and chuckled. “Y-yes mom?” I was scared of Zayn and I felt like I was caught doing something wrong she looked like a totally different person. She was walking right up to Zayn her face was turning a dark shade of red. “Go. Away. Now.” she demanded and he opened his mouth to talk “I was ju-” he was cut off “GO!” she screamed. I jumped back and he laughed and walked off. Before he crossed the street he looked back and gave me a wink before jogging over to his motorcycle and speeding down the street.

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Have you found the link for dark? If so please post it up I've been looking for it too. Thanks so much love xxx

I don’t understand why this didn’t go out earlier but here is the link : Dark

Sadly you have to make an account for the website but it’s really easy and there are other good fanfics there. & you’re welcome babe :)


“Why would you do this?” there were tears running down his face, his eyes were muddled with so much pain. He looked so lost, so afraid, so tortured. 

He looked around the room, at all the broken vases, the overturned chairs, the broken walls and then something snapped. It was so soft you could hear it echo around the room. Slowly he let his hands sink into his hair before he tugged on it, letting go a loud aggravated yell. 

I reached out to him but he flinched back, tripping over his feet and falling on the ground with a small thud. He curled into himself, sobbing into his knees. “I don’t get it, I trusted you (Y/N). I trusted you…” He whimpered.

He didn’t flinch away when I went to him again, instead he collapsed into my chest, burying his head into my neck as he sobbed. I held onto him tighter, rocking slightly. “Why (Y/N), tell me why?" 

I couldn’t answer him. He was sick and he needed to get better. He was addicted and he couldn’t walk away from it. How can you tell someone you love that you needed to leave them because you were the reason they did this to themselves. You can’t, you don’t.

"I don’t love you anymore." 

I felt him freeze within my grasp, and very stiffly he looked up at me and said, "You love me, you just don’t love what I’ve become." 

A few tears fell from my eyes. I didn’t want to leave him but I had too, it was the only way he was going to get better. I felt the rough pad of his thumb brush away my tears before he laid back down on my chest.

"It’s alright, I will always love you no matter how tormented you are.” he whispered into me.


Which boy did you imagine?