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blurb — complimenting Shawn admiring his beauty and looking at him adoringly and he gets all shy and blushy

 + blurb about Shawn telling Y/N while they’re in bed at night about how much he’s fallen for her?

merged and changed it a little, idea is still the same x (I’m also shamelessly proud of a couple of metaphors in here lol) 

“Honestly think you’re the prettiest thing I’ve ever seen”

He’s all messed up by his covers and pillow, curls a ruffled mess – greasy, hasn’t showered yet – and his skins a little blotched, blemished around his hairline and nose. 

Shawn’s lips are slightly chapped from the winter air and his constant need to chew at them, and his face is freshly awakened – features yawning and saying ‘five more minutes’

You swear he’s an angel, and the white of his sheets doesn’t help either – an actual angel. An angel who’s blushing a deep peach shade when your words meet his ears.

“Think you’re lying” Shawn goes, as insecure as ever. He pulls his duvet up over his shoulder more as he faces you, the light cracking through his curtains and illuminating his slightly greasy features. His voice is a honey coated wafer, a biscuit dipped in tea and it’s burning your tongue, but by God are you more than happy to endure the pain. 

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Rubens, river of oblivion, garden of indolence,
Pillow of cool flesh where one cannot love,
But where life moves and whirls incessantly
Like the air in the sky and the tide in the sea;

Leonardo, dark, unfathomable mirror,
In which charming angels, with sweet smiles
Full of mystery, appear in the shadow
Of the glaciers and pines that enclose their country;

Rembrandt, gloomy hospital filled with murmuring,
Ornamented only with a large crucifix,
Lit for a moment by a wintry sun,
Where from rot and ordure rise tearful prayers;

Angelo, shadowy place where Hercules’ are seen
Mingling with Christs, and rising straight up,
Powerful phantoms, which in the twilights
Rend their winding-sheets with outstretched fingers;

Boxer’s wrath, shamelessness of Fauns, you whose genius
Showed to us the beauty in a villain,
Great heart filled with pride, sickly, yellow man,
Puget, melancholy emperor of galley slaves;

Watteau, carnival where the loves of many famous hearts
Flutter capriciously like butterflies with gaudy wings;
Cool, airy settings where the candelabras’ light
Touches with madness the couples whirling in the dance

Goya, nightmare full of unknown things,
Of fetuses roasted in the midst of witches’ sabbaths,
Of old women at the mirror and of nude children,
Tightening their hose to tempt the demons;

Delacroix, lake of blood haunted by bad angels,
Shaded by a wood of fir-trees, ever green,
Where, under a gloomy sky, strange fanfares
Pass, like a stifled sigh from Weber;

These curses, these blasphemies, these lamentations,
These Te Deums, these ecstasies, these cries, these tears,
Are an echo repeated by a thousand labyrinths;
They are for mortal hearts a divine opium.

They are a cry passed on by a thousand sentinels,
An order re-echoed through a thousand megaphones;
They are a beacon lighted on a thousand citadels,
A call from hunters lost deep in the woods!

For truly, Lord, the clearest proofs
That we can give of our nobility,
Are these impassioned sobs that through the ages roll,
And die away upon the shore of your Eternity.

—  Les Phares (The Beacons), by Charles Baudelaire (1821-1867)

My headcanon for dark turtles’s names:

Dark Leonardo:Durante,nickname:Dante

Dark Raphael:Alessandro,nickname:Alex

Dark Donatello:Giovanni,nickname:Gianni

Dark Michelangelo:Niccolò,nickname:Nico

DarkLeo’s name is from Dante Alighieri (author of the Divina Commedia,Vita Nova,De vulgari eloquentia, ecc.)

DarkRaph’s name is from Alessandro Manzoni (author of Promessi Sposi,or The Betrothed in english,Marzo 1821 and 5 Maggio )

DarkDonnie’s name is from Giovanni Boccaccio (author of the Decameron )

DarkMikey’s name is from Niccolò Machiavelli (author of the Principe)